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     Weekly horoscope  ___________

A five letter word sums up your current concern. If we spell it out slowly, we may also prove that your problem is not as big as you fear. M is for mystery. You have never fully understood quite why your finances fluctuate as they do. O is for opportunity. What you face may seem like pressure but it's actually a chance to solve that mystery. N is for new - as in this week's New Moon in Aries and the new start that it will soon offer you. E is for everything you need and the notion that if, you truly need it there must be a way to get it. Y is for you and your talent. Put all this together and you'll soon make money!

This week lucky numbers are:
28, 10, 87, 50, 9

Some of you are contemplating a change of residence. Others are keen to alter some key factor in their domestic set up. Few born under your sign can put their hands on their hearts and say that all is fine on the home front. In theory, this week, you should be able to ignore these difficulties and get on with the rest of your life. In practice? Almost certainly, you need to do something. An arrangement has to be changed, a new plan has to be explored, some hope of an eventual change has to be raised. That's all fine provided you don't let Jupiter's influence inspire you to do something overly extreme or sudden.

This week lucky numbers are:
85, 52, 17, 95, 1

One clever decision does not turn you into an infallible expert any more than one regrettable choice makes you a fool. We all have our moments of deep insight and our moments of wild impulse. Problems only arise when we try to convince ourselves that all our moments fall into the same category - or when others look at us and appear to make such a judgement. You have no right to dismiss every word a certain person is now saying and they have no right to do this to you. This week's link from Mercury to Uranus suggests coming changes will force a big, positive rethink in a key area of your world.

This week lucky numbers are:
14, 29, 92, 18, 1

You may not (yet) be ecstatically happy but you should be starting to feel more comfortable and less insecure. The awkward planetary factors which have lately been eroding your confidence and intensifying your need for re-assurance have already begun to diminish. This week, further improvements in the cosmic climate will provide an even greater sense of strength. Whether your key concerns are financial or emotional, there's plenty to look forward to. As you approach the new Moon in your opposite sign, we see you finally beginning to conquer an old fear and stop others pushing you around.

This week lucky numbers are:
91, 22, 95, 60, 42

Mercury has joined Venus in Leo. Were it not for the Sun's sharp links to Jupiter and Saturn, I'd predict a week full of nothing but joy and success. These flies in the cosmic ointment however, suggest too much of a good thing. A glowing, attractive opportunity lies before you. There seems though, no way to take full advantage of it without creating trouble, tension or paying some other kind of heavy price. Should you make a tough sacrifice you later resent or risk a tempting indulgence regardless of the consequences? It's an academic question! Just remember though, if you can't be good... be careful!

This week lucky numbers are:
96, 37, 31, 55, 81

The ancient textbooks do not agree about everything but they all insist that people born under your sign are level headed, wise and restrained. Which is odd really. If we didn't know better, we might ascribe your recent behaviour to a wild, impetuous character with a devil-may-care streak. Maybe it's just a temporary consequence of having both Uranus and Jupiter antagonistically aligned to your ruler or maybe there IS a method to your madness. Just in case though, draw a deep breath before you make a big move this week. You don't want to destroy a reputation it has taken your sign thousands of years to earn!

This week lucky numbers are:
14, 67, 54, 94, 74

Its only in our moments of darkness that we recognize the true light of our lives. While golden rays are streaming in through every window, it's easy to mistake a mirror for a magical source of sunshine. Most of the things that seemingly bring us joy however, are simply shiny surfaces - as useful as whatever they reflect. Be glad this week, of the shadow which is currently being cast over a part of your world. If it's obliging you to appreciate the only thing in your life that's really worth praising and preserving, it's doing you a most enormous favour. Venus insists you're being offered help not hardship.

This week lucky numbers are:
30, 79, 31, 46, 4

The trouble with being determined to make something happen by hook or by crook is that this furious, relentless commitment can prevent you from recognizing a much easier way to attain your objective. Like a boxer who has been in training for a big showdown with an infamous opponent, you're psyched up for a showdown. What you don't know is that, despite his terrifying reputation, your challenger has a weak jaw and a wobbly knee. All you have to do is land one little punch in the right place. Forget your notion of some enormous struggle this week. Victory is going to be quicker than you imagine.

This week lucky numbers are:
29, 34, 94, 2, 58


Recent events have taken you so far, so fast that you're hardly sure where you stand with regard to anyone or anything any more. You suspect you're on the threshold of one of the most rewarding eras of your life. You fear though, that you may be about to encounter some enormous obstacle, make a big mistake or experience some great disappointment. The very fact that you have this concern makes it very unlikely that things will go so far wrong. If you think back on past problems, they have all arisen through over confidence! You are taking a step into the great unknown... but it's an exceedingly positive one.

This week lucky numbers are:
20, 21, 48, 53, 7

History books are full of tales of derring do. This leaves us with the impression that to be a great leader, you need to be forever making brave, controversial moves. This is partly though because history books, like newspapers, need a story to tell. Dog bites man is hardly news. 'Man bites dog' is good for the front page. Likewise. 'Queen conquers enemy' is more exciting than 'Queen spends years negotiating with neighboring lands in a successful bid to preserve the status quo without needless bloodshed' Saturn's link to Venus suggests a fine week; provided you aim to serve prosperity not posterity.

This week lucky numbers are:
46, 68, 8, 80, 42

There's no such thing as a perfect plan. Every dream has its downside, every clever contribution has its critics. You can't just drop your current big idea because a certain someone doesn't like it. You can modify the notion so that it more easily accommodates this person's need. You can also adjust the way you talk about it so as to make it somehow less contentious. In essence though, you know what has to happen and why... and the planets insist you're completely correct. This week's astrological links suggest you need diplomacy and sensitivity... but you also need the courage of your convictions.

This week lucky numbers are:
14, 56, 6, 12, 30

You are currently emerging from a process very similar to that which the goats are just embarking on. Recent events have made you keenly aware of a certain weakness or lack of insight. You've been humbled - and have taken sincere steps to improve matters. As a result, you are now being 'brought back up' to a position of true strength. This is a far cry from the superficial type of strength that most people aspire to. It is power fuelled by wisdom not arrogance. Saturn's link to Neptune suggests you'll become very wise and powerful indeed this week.

This week lucky numbers are:
71, 90, 62, 22, 3

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