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     Weekly horoscope  ___________

You'll get along just fine with an old romantic interest at the beginning of this week. The joy of communication and your ability to express yourself is found in the first energies of the week. As the week progresses you may start an inner quest to understand if you are really helping or hindering others. You may feel put upon and want some relief or help. Romance is more earthy at this time with Venus in Capricorn and you may want to relate to others in a caring sense of service. This week is a good time for a medial check-up. Rendezvousing with a lover at a favorite spot is appealing so consider making arrangements for a weekend getaway.

This week lucky numbers are:
7, 84, 80, 69, 93


From the deep rumblings of the earth, the power is coming this week to lead you to a more centered state of being. Make every effort to open up to your potential as a mate and as a friend. You feel yourself drawn into those final moments of letting go of a situation and consider carefully what your role is going to be in your career. Home versus work come into mind as you make some important choices. Romance has a deeper expression. You will have many commitments to meet but you will also want to go out and have some fun. Meet your highest priorities then save the rest for another day if your reputation won't suffer!

This week lucky numbers are:
19, 59, 68, 6, 64

All work and no play made Jack a poor boy. The only good poor-boy is a sandwich in New Orleans so making efforts to increase income and one's contentment with work is the focus of the energy. You may feel that others are not appreciating your efforts or not being as supportive as they could be. If you want to achieve a certain goal, set a reasonable time limit, and then break down the task into manageable steps. This will keep you motivated and focused. Romantic notions come to face some harsh realities as you ask -- is it love or is it convenience?

This week lucky numbers are:
70, 40, 25, 2, 8

The middle of the week will bring answers concerning your security and your feelings about love. You may feel that you need to discuss your own inner values with a close friend or loved one. You have the power of communication on your side early in the week. Make an effort to look into educational opportunities and perhaps job enhancement or job training. You have a special connection that is becoming more honest as the days pass. You will be getting into your daily activities because the routine action proves soothing. Looking at and comparing exercise equipment is a fun diversion particularly if you want to develop a fitness regimen.

This week lucky numbers are:
69, 48, 6, 71, 28

Love what you value and value what you love is the message for you this week. You may find yourself looking for love in all the wrong places only to find that there is no place like home. It is time to leave OZ and go home to the comforts that you knew when you were younger. An attachment becomes more of a burden than an asset as you are forced to make some choices. Relating with others on both an intel­lectual and emotional level will make your interactions seem more significant. You will want to do something special for a spouse or mate and he or she returns the favor.

This week lucky numbers are:
13, 56, 23, 22, 18

The movement of Jupiter through your sign must be difficult and you may find that middle of next week you face some hard choices. The need for comfort is understandable but the denial of self is not a good solution to finding joy. Make an effort to do something nice for yourself at this time. The rules of life sometimes have to be broken. Put yourself first and others will relate. The door that you just heard slam was the past; get ready to open up the next door to the future. You will decide to make a change in your life and ends and family are surprised and possibly shocked. Don't defend your decision unless you feel you have to.

This week lucky numbers are:
38, 91, 54, 48, 6

The hidden forces at work right now are very powerful. You may think that there is an angel on your shoulder as it seems that what was once negative is turning into a positive experience. Work becomes more interesting as you start to appropriately set some boundaries for those folks who have been taking advantage of your good nature. Charm will take you far this week but attention to detail will make the difference. You begin a long journey into self exploration this week. Some thoughts about what a romance would be like with someone who is already a good professional partner would appear. Although being together could fulfill your dreams it might not last. Rethink the matter.

This week lucky numbers are:
97, 63, 37, 25, 75

The first of the week demonstrates some tense moments but as the week progresses you will feel more in control and in the center of the reality that makes you more content. The love and concern of friends can touch you deeply at this time. Open up and share with a trusted companion or friend your deep desire to make changes and believe that you will achieve your goals. A call from far away leaves you with a sense of surprise and a knowing that all will turn out well. You're ready to play fairy godmother or godfather to those around you and you're not averse to them doing the same for you. It is time to get together by all means and do your mutual best!

This week lucky numbers are:
65, 91, 24, 25, 16

Little things mean a lot this week. You can share your needs and wants with another. Health concerns need to be addressed and if you are considering a visit for a check-up the energy is good at this time for positive results. A choice of a good nutritionist or new exercise plan will improve your outlook and your world an hundred percent. You need to be up and moving in order to achieve your greatest contentment. Say NO to a demanding friend or relative. You will be introduced into a philosophy that's so different from what you know that you have to really think about how it would apply to everyday living. Your beloved will want to spoil you - be careful.

This week lucky numbers are:
73, 38, 83, 5, 40

The power lifts you to higher levels this week. New endeavors in your health and wellness are successful. You will want to better both your employment situation and your finances. Analyze your talents and skills critically to come up with the best ways to improve your chances of getting ahead. You make that great mind-body connection that gets you back into the groove of life. The excellent Venus aspects give you an edge on life at this time. Your earthy nature is one of leading others to the path of success at this time. Fun comes as week ends. Shifting energies take you along a different path this week and you feel more of a flow than a confrontation and tension. The opening moments of the week speak volumes of your ability to face the dragons of life and defeat them. Though you may have difficulty with making decisions about career opportunities mostly because your mate has several objections some of which you find self serving. Keep the issue on the table and persist. Only new contacts will create a worthy opportunity for you to make the most of your creative problem solving. Children can bring you pleasure.

This week lucky numbers are:
13, 84, 46, 62, 56

The movement of energy into Sagittarius gives you a new opportunity to face some relationship issues. You may feel that decision time is here but are not quite sure what your decision should be. Since your intuition is working overtime follow your heart when deciding about a new partnership or legal affair. Contracts will go in your favor but watch for sudden flares of energy in your work environment. Stay in control and you will rule the week. Don't rely on intuition alone to help you resolve a domestic versus career responsibility issue. It is very important to use your analytical skills both rationally and intuitively for the best results.

This week lucky numbers are:
72, 92, 89, 40, 63

Natives of Pisces are very likely to be impacted by the moon in Gemini, as the signs are similar in many ways. Fortunately, natives of this sign are very good conversationalists, although unfortunately for natives of this sign, they often have time management problems, which will only be made worse today.
This week lucky numbers are:
52, 43, 15, 60, 30

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