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     Weekly horoscope  ___________

How much can you accomplish this week? How much will go wrong? How much will go well? How much will seem, no matter what you do, as if it just isn't enough? Four questions. One answer. "A lot." Astrologers consider this time to be a mixed blessing. It facilitates plenty yet it also brings forth a sense of insecurity. Though people born under your sign are famous for their confidence, they can become deeply self critical under an influence like this. Happily, it is only for a few weeks, once every couple of years that such a situation arises. We are now right in the middle of just such a phase. In times of uncertainty, attitude is everything. Have faith in yourself and stop worrying about whether or not in some theoretical, other world, you could "do better".

This week lucky numbers are:
43, 68, 76, 6, 98


You have been plotting an escape for some while. You have been secretly digging a tunnel with a teaspoon or planning some other, unlikely way to leave a "place of incarceration." You feel trapped. You don't really believe that you will ever get away from whatever - or whoever - is hemming you in. Still though, you keep entertaining far fetched plans. You are not just going to "give in." Planetary tendency, this week, increases the pressure. Expect soon, to be given a foolproof, failsafe route to a wider horizon. But you may decide then, that the sense of choice was all you were lacking. Perhaps, now you have it, you don't mind remaining where you were!

This week lucky numbers are:
1, 67, 88, 23, 22


Two or three times a year, for two or three weeks at a time, an amazing optical illusion takes place. Mercury appears to change direction. Though no planet can actually, physically travel backwards, they can all, when conditions are right, give the impression of doing so. Even when you fully understand the science behind it, it is still a wonder to behold. How can you not read meaning into this. Mercury, now, is all but standing still. By the end of the week it will be visibly retracing its recent steps. That's funny. Isn't it pretty much what you are starting to do too? You are retreating from a minor battle in the hope that this will help you, eventually, win a more important war. And you are right. It will.

This week lucky numbers are:
83, 68, 61, 89, 58

That's enough. Really it is. More than enough. A little too much, in fact. You don't want any more. You don't need any more. And you don't have to put up with any more. Really you don't. You are up to your eyes and beyond in a mess. You keep trying your best to clear it up. As fast as you do, along comes someone or something with a new contribution to the confusion. They don't conveniently dump their barrowful of bother in a quiet corner of your world. They tip the contents all over the area that you have just worked so hard to clear up. You just smile sweetly and say "Oh dear, what a pity. Never mind. I probably needed to go over all that again anyhow." Next time it happens, blow your top. Demand that other people sort it out - properly - NOW. To your amazement and relief, they will.

This week lucky numbers are:
64, 58, 48, 14, 80


A new era has begun. It is one you have been waiting for. It is one you have worked hard to bring into being. Why then, do you feel less than ecstatic? What is eroding your enthusiasm or causing you to doubt your direction? It could just be that you are going through a natural process of adjustment. Whenever theory turns to reality, there is always confusion and surprise. Plans, no matter how well made, never quite match the demands of situations as they actually arise. Or it could be that in your eagerness to start a fresh phase, you have overlooked the importance of some old habit or connection. IF you have dropped an involvement too hastily, there will soon be a chance to renew it. But you may want to let more time pass before you make a big decision, either way.

This week lucky numbers are:
48, 9, 90, 55, 84

Something is beginning to baffle you. You are dealing with a situation that makes no sense, no matter how hard you try to figure it out. This, on its own, is not so unusual. Life is full of paradoxes and contradictions. You have a special talent for noticing these and then just shrugging your shoulders. The current absurdity though, involves a set of circumstances that used to be stable and logical. You don't understand why they have changed and you regret the fact that they appear to have done so. Life was much easier when you had rhyme and reason in this area of your life. The chaos will become orderly again before too long... and it will happen all the sooner if you relax a little now. Don't waste time asking for explanations that nobody is yet in a position to give!

This week lucky numbers are:
77, 51, 63, 44, 21

You will reach an agreement this week. It will be a proper agreement, not an awkward compromise. Even so, you will tend to feel more disappointed than delighted. You have been half enjoying the negotiation process. It has enabled you to play with ideas and options. It has given you something to concentrate on and to pit yourself against. Now that you have an acceptable solution to the ongoing problem, what are you going to give your extra energy to? For a day or two, this sense of feeling 'inexplicably lost' may cause some discomfort. Until, that is, you remember how much more enjoyable life can be when it isn't full of strife and insecurity. Soon, there will be a chance to do something that isn't at all essential or urgent but which brings forth much genuine pleasure.

This week lucky numbers are:
77, 47, 16, 76, 6

Finally, you stop feeling like a person who is trying to run up an escalator which is going down. At last, you get a sense of easy momentum and encouraging progress. You also though, get a moment of revelation. A penny is about to drop. A 'eureka moment' is about to arise. For months, you have been wrestling with a complex situation. You have been trying to find a smart route round a daunting obstacle. You have left no stone unturned in your search for an ingenious plan. Still though, you have not found one. Nor are you likely to! The obvious answer, the one that has been staring you in the face all along, is the only one you can apply. For a moment or so, you'll find this bothersome. Then, you will start to feel very pleased.

This week lucky numbers are:
22, 87, 19, 82, 93

Food manufacturers work hard to ensure that the quality of their product is consistent. Every biscuit must be identical. Whether you buy your burger in Birmingham or Brazil, it must taste the same. When psychologists encounter this peculiar obsession with uniformity in individuals they explain it as the action of a person who feels powerless, struggling to create an illusion of control. We live in a world full of variety and spontaneity. That seems scary when it seems to be working against us but the way to make it ok is not to force people and things to bend to our will. It involves learning to relax and appreciate the nuances that make people different to one another - and life different for us all, each day. Don't fight for victory this week. Strive, instead, for understanding.

This week lucky numbers are:
33, 2, 18, 11, 92

Everyone has a different idea about what summer is supposed to be like. Your own thoughts have altered in recent years - and they may alter once more within the next couple of weeks. Potentially, you have a wonderful time in store. Venus forms a conjunction to your ruler, implying an experience of comfort, closeness, warmth and joy. All this though, may just make its way into your life as the result of highly unconventional process. Your current circumstances are not exactly ordinary. You are not sure what you think about a certain situation but others seem sure that it is wrong. They may yet change their minds. Prepare to make a heartwarming discovery which ensures a productive, fruitful journey to the start of a brand new life.

This week lucky numbers are:
33, 29, 44, 35, 68

Like a bridge over troubled water..." you can create a constructive connection between two distinctly separate worlds this week. Or, at least, you can provide and maintain a degree of neutrality. Beware the temptation to take sides - or to sympathise more with one side of a story than another. Force yourself to be fair, objective and gloriously detached from the colourful detail of a certain drama. You may feel "involved" but if you want to be a force for good, you must ignore your emotional responses and focus, instead, on the unique position that you hold. You are the only person who can mediate a truce - or facilitate truly constructive dialogue. Everyone will ultimately benefit from you playing such a role - including (once the stress and pressure has worn off) yourself!

This week lucky numbers are:
70, 23, 65, 83, 30

What is invaluable to you may be utterly worthless to someone else and vice versa. The faster you get used to such differences the better. Some people will support you while others wait and see. Be grateful. Say a resounding 'YES' when someone suggests a fun night out on the town, and remember it. Those in authority may target you soon, so beware of traffic cops, government officials and your boss. Travel will initiate new friendships or love connections. A little rest will do wonders. Slowly but surely you are beginning to pick up momentum. Reliability will be what keeps you ahead. Social activity attended by the end of this week will turn out to be better than anticipated.

This week lucky numbers are:
43, 93, 57, 72, 87

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