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Pandit Rajkumar Sharma’s prediction on Saturn’s
changing of Zodiac house on 15th November 2011 –
 Miraculous events very much possible.


Dinesh Saadh, Mumbai date: 13/11/2011

Series of agitation and movements against the ruling party in our nation has become a matter of great concern not only for politicians but for astrologers as well.

Graha gochar and stars of political leaders have a very important role to play in the forthcoming favorable or unfavorable situations.

Speaking on this subject world renowned astrologer and financial prediction maker Shri Pandit Rajkumar Sharma says “It is a matter of worry for general public, congress leaders and ruling party as well, whether the government can complete its term?

On 15th November 2011, Saturn is changing its placement. According to Indian Astrology, the effects of Planet Saturn are vital. Saturn is looked upon as the judge. It is said that Saturn is merciless and a planet of misfortune. But Saturn also rewards the legitimate deeds and punishes otherwise.

The downfall of Raja Harishchandra, Raja Vikramaditya and Ravana can be attributed to the change of Planet Saturn.

Sonia Gandhi: Smt. Soniya Gandhi’s Gemini Zodiac and Cancer Ascendent’s horoscope (kundli) has a great condition (maha dasha) of Mercury. In which Shani (Saturn) will enter the fourth position. The forth position represents Mind, Mother, Heart, Mental happiness and psychological interests. When Saturn enters the fourth house, it might become harmful for her mother. Smt Sonia Gandhi might have some ailment from the upper part of her physic possibly which can be related to her chest. Due to which, she would have less attention on leadership and might handover the party’s leadership and responsibility on to Rahul Gandhi. This situation may arise before 22 May 2012. The planetary circumstances show concerns about her health and so it can be said that it’s necessary to be alert as it can be the best solution.

Rahul Gandhi: As per Rahul Gandhi’s horoscope (kundli) Cancer Ascendent, scorpio zodiac, planet Moon’s great condition shows interest in fulfilling mothers dreams. Planet Moon sitting on the workplace and Venus and Saturn in (laabhensh) clearly indicate as becoming an interesting prime minister. But more than this, in the coming 2 and half years, his achievement will be as the Chair person of UPA and as a leader to strengthen the organization.

Mamta Banerjee: as per her horoscope Tauras Ascendent, from 26 January 2006 will have a great condition (Mahadasha) of planet Saturn. Due to which there would be Saturn Sargottam ie; a planet which will deliver many benefits. In this the fifth house Saturn will make her firm and she will be UPA’s strongest supporter. It can also be seen that before 17 January 2016 she might get support from few parties and she would reach upto the level of prime minister.


SuShri. Mayavati: As per her horoscope, Capricon zodiac, Capricon Ascendent, Planet Saturn on her workplace and on top of it, Lagnadhipati Saturn, which has its great condition (Maha Dasha) till 14 February 2016. This will make her stronger. In the forthcoming Uttar Pradesh elections, there’s a probability that again this time, she would get victory.


During the Punjab state elections, there will be massive struggle between the Akali party and Congress party. In which, to gain power, Congress’s strength, which would be behind by a few figures, still with external support of few legislatures would take away Akali party’s existence from Punjab.


In the current time, India’s fight against corruption's leader

 Anna Hazare and his team's planetary transitions plus the kundli predictions clear some points which say that disputes between the team will keep on increasing. Due to which Anna might will expel some of the main members from the team. During the soft time, it’s completely possible that the Lokpal bill will be passed. Due to which, it seems that not only tensions between Anna Hazare and Congress party will decrease but also sweetness in their relations will increase. But because of mistakes from few aspirant members eventually team Anna would become weak.


Again for the third time, BJP in Madhya Pradesh would return back with a victory under the leadership of Shivraj Singh Chauhan. And once again it seems that he would be a strong claimant to make the prime minister position graceful. On the other side, state government under the leadership of Ashok Gahlot, might fall weak. On the basis of the changes in state government’s crises, the Congress Government will become weak during the next one year and BJP again would become strong and return its power.

Its also expected that the Mumbai Municipal elections would also be interesting. In the forthcoming Elections, it looks promising that with the help of new supporters BJP and Shiv Sena union will have a chance to be stable. In this, Raj Thackerey might also favor BJP-Shiv Sena union.


As per all the relevant planetary positions, it results that America and Europe’s financial status will fall down, an impact of which will also be seen in India’s Financial Affairs. No Political parties will be successful hold back the inflation issues.


Shri. Pandit Rajkumar Sharma, who has till now done right forecasting, some time ago had predicted about the current political situations, which is proven to be true.  Apart from India, he also has thousands of international disciples, who seek advices on their matters like political life, corporate house, their businesses, profit and losses and (gun gaan gaate hai)


You can visit Pt. Rajkumar Sharma online on or to meet him call 9892264733 and 022-26733297 to get satisfactory answers.




Political Prediction:


According to the date of birthday of Mr.Chidambaran he is got Dhanu rashi and presently he got 5 stars placed in the lagna, Sun, Saturn, Moon, Venus and Mercury. On top of that Guru’s shadashak yog can put him in trouble any time. Though he is going through Guru Mahadasha. But Guru in his horoscope is Nicham. Therefore there are more troubles ahead. He may have to quit as Union Cabinet Minister and he can be in Investigated by CBI.

check the video on political prediction came true

Political Prediction on Amar Singh

Once again Pandiji's Prediction have come true. He had predicted on 28/08/11 that Mr Amar Singh will be in Jail, and now he is behind the bar.

According to the horoscope of Mr.Amar Singh he may be arrested with in next 15 to 20 days and may have many political problems within next 5 to 6 month .One year is very bad for him. With all this tension he health will detroiter.(On 29 of August 2011 Panditji had predicted that Mr. Amar Singh ex Samaj wadi  Leader can be in trouble and may be behind bar within next 40 days. These days are very Crucial for him. I pray for him.)

Born 27 January 1956 (age 55)
Azamgarh,Tarwan Uttar Pradesh, India

Political party:- Rashtriya Lok Manch

Spouse:- Pankaja Kumari Singh & Children 2 daughters

Institute :-St. Xavier's College, Kolkata
University College of Law, Kolkata Profession Politician Religion Islam.

Anna Hazare


As per Pandit RajKumar Sharma’s prediction on channel Sahara Samay Mumbai in program  TAARON KE TEVAR Anna shall end the historic fast today between 5.30pm to 10.30pm.


To view this article please click here

Note -: Predicted on 25/7/2011 at 1 pm

On the day of Akshay tritiya Pandit Raj Kumar Sharma had predicted that this new year Vikrami Sambat 2068. There will be bundle of problems for political personalities. People who have done illegal and unethical activities or fraudulently made money would be in trouble, even people like Prime Minister, Finance Minister, and Home Minister can be in trouble and you may see them standing in the Supreme Court, which have come true. This prediction has surprised the World yet another feather in the cap of Pandit Raj Kumar Sharma.  

 To view this videos


Will Congress be able to survive ?

Predicted on 20th Oct 2010

According to the present placement of stars like Saturn in Virgo, Venus in Libra along with Mars & Mercury,Rahu in Saggitarius,Ketu in Gemini & Jupiter in Pisces, so how would be the political scenario in the country & the inter-national political scenario.
Bihar has assembly elections & where there are 243 assembly seats. Elections are taking place between 21st Oct 2010 – 20th Nov 2010.The counting would take place on 24th Nov 2010 (2 + 4 = 6) & Saturn is sitting in the 6th house presently. So there would lots of chaos & lots of volatility; there’s no clear picture on the whole. There are 505000000 voters in the sate & more than 50 % voting is expected.

1.The major fight is between Mr.Laloo Prasad Yadav & Mr.Nitish Kumar. When we look at the horoscope of Mr.Laloo Prasad; he’s fighting elections along with Shri Ram Vilas Paswan & some local leaders.Mr.Nitish Kumar is fighting elections with the coalition of BJP.When we look at the horoscope of both the big leaders of Bihar; Lalooji has edge over Mr.Nitish Kumar & NDA.Though I don’t see any single party coming in majority but it looks like Congress would support Mr.Laloo Prasad Yadav & Mr. Ram Vilas Paswan to form the government in Bihar. If by any chance Mr.Nitish Kumar makes it then the government of Mr.Nitish Kumar would not survive for more than a year.Rahu maha dasha would help Mr.Laloo Prasad Yadav to come in power as the Chief Minister of Bihar.


2.In Maharashtra there can be a change of leadership between 12th Oct 2010 – 12th Dec 2010 as the present Chief Minister Mr.Ashok Shankar Rao Chavan who’s born on 28th Oct 1958 is going through the maha dasha of Rahu & on top of that Saturn’s 28 days vish yog have started, which can create problems for his political position. So Mr.Ashok Chavan should be very careful as presently Rahu is sitting in the 3rd house of his horoscope & in the 12th house of his horoscope by birth. Therefore, political instability is clearly indicated in his horoscope.      


3.IN KDMC (Kalyan Dombivili Municipal Corporation) elections Mr. Raj Thackeray can have an edge over Shiv Sena & possibly take over KDMC along with the help of some independent corporators.


Disclaimer: Pt. Raj Kumar Sharma & will not be responsible for any change in the predictions as the above predictions are done according to the placement of stars in different sun – signs.






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