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     Monthly horoscope >> March 2019  ___________

March 2019 still leaves the heavenly primacy for Mars, the steward Aries. The antagonistic position of Eris will weaken the position of Aries and may interfere with new relationships, but determination and confidence will allow you to overcome these obstacles. Moreover, the sun remains a faithful helper to Aries, providing you with enough vital energy to solve any immediate problems that arise, regardless of how difficult they might be. Remember your strengths: planning, and the ability to move forward, change tactics as necessary, and maintain a positive outlook. Look forward confidently and know there is a reason to smile even if black clouds hover on the horizon—you are ready for anything. The nobility of Aries will reach its apotheosis during this first month of spring.

In the first portion of March 2019, Aries may at times feel as if someone is watching them, and in some situations, this feeling will be quite real. Look around—your actions may have attracted the attention of some important figure. Look for people of power, those who see motives not in speeches but in deeds. Give preference to the laconic people in your life; even if they are not particularly exciting, you will very quickly understand how important these connections are. Additionally, do not exert too much energy on attempting to understand and count on other people. The stars reveal that these attempts are futile. You can only make assumptions and be at the ready. Act as you normally would and do not bend under the circumstances or the positions of others.

In the second part of March 2019, significant changes may occur in the life of Aries. You may create a wave of events that will lead to the desired result. During this time, listen to relatives, though avoid indulging them in everything. Avoid conflict, and if you do not know how to resolve a controversial situation, leave it alone. Try not to rely on others; you may find solutions on your own and, even if they aren’t the most optimal, they will allow you to move towards the end goal. If you have your own business, do not let competitors go down; if you work in an organization, work twice as hard and get what you want. In terms of personal relationships, surprise those you want to be happy with and do not ask for too much in return.

March 2019 will be a good period in many ways for Taurus, though you may have to take a pay cut in order to do righteous work; the moon, an activator of Taurus, will still be under the influence of the sun, which excludes negativity in matters of principle. As for everyday situations, try to listen to intuition as often as possible. This period can be cardinal and surprisingly calm, considering that many things will be happening around you. Remember that you decide how much value the world around you has. Do not hesitate to abandon your decisions in favor of others; this time period will require something more than just penetrative pressure, especially in relationships, where new horizons may open up. Avoid breaking promises and acting dishonestly.

The first portion of March 2019 f will be the most sensual period of the month. You’ll likely make an important decision with your significant other. This is the special value of the first days of the month: You and the most important people in your life will be on the same page about things. Do not be afraid of your own feelings and do not be afraid to be alone because of them; however, when spending time with other people, try to only be with those whom you really know. Do not rush to conclusions, especially if it concerns a material issue. Decisions made from the heart will support your mind’s logic, even if you do not understand it at first. Do not allow yourself too much, work in a familiar rhythm, and avoid unnecessary risk.

The second decade of March 2019 will allow Taurus to shift focus toward professional activities, where all their skills will be needed. If you have your own business, don’t abandon previous decisions just because others acted differently and succeeded. Time is working for you now, so hurrying can do much more harm than erroneous judgment. Be strict but fair with your personnel and show great flexibility with your partners, but try to find out as much as possible about their motives in advance. Trust people, but know that you may have to adapt. Taurus who work in an organization will find it easier—they will immediately see a goal and a simple way to achieve it. Be sure not to rush into personal relationships, either, despite an abundance of opportunities and options. Clearly define what you want and make a choice, otherwise, you will be left alone.

March 2019 will be one of the few periods of the year when Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, will not take a negative stance. Better yet, solar energy will be strengthened, and the favorable position of the moon will help you better understand yourself and those around you. At this time, you are advised not to think ahead, but simply to work towards the intended goal one step at a time, doing everything necessary to achieve it. It’s important to act in a timely manner, for a well-chosen moment can be your most valuable weapon. Of course, you still have language, empathy, charisma, and other qualities on your side; but be careful—not all situations can be won by the power of persuasion alone. The first month of spring is an excellent period for business development and the conclusion of a family union.

The first part of March 2019 will be the most peaceful period of the month for Gemini. Any existing conflicts will remain in the past. But do not let your guard down and relax; you still have work to do, including work on yourself. This applies primarily to those Gemini who have decided to change jobs or start a business. The period will bring success to these ventures, so do not be lazy, and, if necessary, study from cover to cover and learn new things to help in your endeavors. That being said, do not abandon relatives and friends, for they may well make for a great team. Consider all possible options, but again, do so with minimal risk. Be prepared to exhibit both stamina and patience during this time.

The second portion of the month will add dynamics to the life of Gemini; here you will have to be active on a larger scale. This is the perfect time for those who have started a renovation or construction project. If you have your own business, look carefully around as you might be missing something. This period will bring awareness; you will see something important in the most ordinary, everyday things. This does not apply to personal relations, though, where everything will be much more straightforward. Be sure to ask for clarification if you don’t understand something. In the middle of the month, unexpected contacts with foreign representatives are possible; do not look for these connections, but be prepared for them to happen on their own. Regarding finances, it is better to be frugal now.

March 2019 will be a period full of surprises for Cancer. The majority of Cancer’s attention will focus on personal relationships, including those with old friends and close relatives. The first spring month won’t require much of your efforts, though at certain moments it will be difficult to make a choice. During this period, do not neglect or abandon your friends and family for people you’ve just met. You can push your ambitions ahead, but don’t forget your self-control; this simple strategy will help you avoid difficulties and missed opportunities, including in your career. The stars recommend putting yourself in crowded places more often this month.

The first part of March 2019 will give Cancer the opportunity to permanently rectify their loneliness. But remember to take your time—everything will turn out by itself. Though you might not always agree, it’s sometimes good to exude confidence you might not truly have. Little tricks like this sometimes allow you to make the last step toward seemingly unachievable goals. Pay special attention to all career prospects, especially if you own a business. Do not doubt yourself, but perhaps question your employees; this is a good time to arrange unexpected reviews and, possibly, solve a personnel issue. Within the family hearth, be soft and strive to go with the flow as often as possible.

The second portion of March 2019 will differ from the beginning of the month in that you will have to be more attentive to the words you use. Keep your ears on high alert, but do not rush to share learned information. If information involves business decisions, then be sure to consult with those you trust most. The middle of the month will be a successful time for couples who have decided to implement some large-scale joint solution. This is also a good time to purchase and register land. If there is a conflict in the family circle, contact the older generation for advice. Be kind and indulgent, but remember that to grant forgiveness is a sign of strength. Adapt to those situations you cannot change. It is not at all necessary for you to benefit from all the circumstances that have turned up—someone will tell you how easy it is to enjoy what is happening.

March 2019 will be a difficult period due to an overabundance of opportunities for Leo. The sun, continuing to occupy a dominant position on the celestial tape and remaining an activator of this sign, will supply you with the necessary vital energy. You will be required to compromise, especially in financial terms; an unexpected investment of a substantial amount is likely and will be difficult. There will not be a right or wrong option, but a revision of the assumed strategy may be required. Be prepared to pay attention if you work on a team. The stars recommend taking your time and staying in the usual rhythm of life. For some, this period can be especially vivid and memorable.

The first portion of March 2019 will provide Leo with the opportunity to prove themselves in unexpected ways. It will not be dynamic, but this isn’t a negative thing. Stay aware and take action no matter what, but be sure to consider the new circumstances. Team up with someone who will help you achieve your goals more easily. With regard to your career, avoid the spotlight, but be sure to take the opportunity to increase your income if it arises, especially if there’s an available leadership position. This is a good time to plan your business or think about changing jobs, but do not rush to implement such ideas. The beginning of March is a time for the accumulation of forces, the collection of resources, and the precise calculation of all possible consequences. The more you work now, the more enchanting your success will be later.

The second part of the month will be a more active period than the first, but again, there is a chance to overdo it; be sure to control yourself. Do not allow your peers to rush into opportunities. This applies to personal relations as well. Do not rush to conclusions and be careful, otherwise, you will fall into a difficult situation. Stay on the same wavelength as your friends, but know that it sometimes it’s best to stay home and relax. Perhaps the middle of the month will teach you something important, although it’s more likely that someone will teach you, so don’t ignore new acquaintances. This is not the best time for financial investments, but do not deny your loved ones their small desires. Be kinder and let your nobility take over. For family-oriented Leos, this period is ideal for important acquisitions; decisions should be made as a result of lengthy discussions with your partner.

March 2019 will be a bright and dynamic period for Virgo, but caution will be necessary when making important decisions. Mercury, the ruler, and activator of Virgo will be in a less favorable position for most of the year, but its negativity will be almost completely blocked during March. As a result, life forces will be enough to resolve any problematic situations, and there will be plenty of time to enjoy handiwork and satisfy your innermost desires. The period will be uniquely sensual, so even in the most pragmatic moments, listen to your emotions and intuition. With regard to your career, some rearranging and new acquaintances are likely. A whole series of important events can occur in your personal relationships; not all of them will differ greatly but do not underestimate their importance to you and your environment.

The first portion of the month will be the apotheosis of vigorous activity. Workaholics will now be at the climax of events, while others will have to adjust their plans to the changed rhythm. There will be no difficulties for you during this time, but don’t limit yourself to conservative methods. If you face a challenge, solve it creatively, connect colleagues, and act outside the box. If you work in an organization, cooperate with other employees. If you have your own business, though, do not rely too much on third-party opinions; remain true to yourself and your ideals. Weigh the pros and cons before starting a new relationship. Now is perhaps a good time to move slowly and direct all your strength and enthusiasm towards raising income.

The second part of March 2019 will allow you to relax a bit. The dynamics on the working front will decrease and you will be able to dedicate more time to family and personal matters in the most organic way. It is important not to build far-reaching plans and instead solve problems as they come. If you are involved in a conflict, take an active part in the analysis—it will be faster and safer for everyone. At a certain moment, it may seem that things are not going the way you want; the help of a faithful friend will help you see the situation from a different angle. In truth, everything will turn out even better than you planned. In your romantic relationship, do not stop at the first step, be sincere, and don’t rush into opening your own heart to another person. You will have time to do this, but you need to get to know your partner better first.

March 2019 will be a time of innovation and important discoveries for Libra. Mars, the source of problems for this sign, and the sun, responsible for fears, will harden in a superposition; that is, their position will not be the most favorable. However, they will be balanced by the position of Eris, the ruler of Libra. As a result, March will be a great time for making short-term decisions. Plan less, act more; stop being a strategist and become a tactician. In personal relationships, do not put pressure on your loved ones; let them come to any necessary conclusions on their own. And if this does not work out, then think about your position—perhaps you are being too demanding. This character trait will be beneficial to you in your career. Do not let your employees down, and if you work in an organization, be scrupulous.

The first portion of the month will be an extraordinary and positive time for Libra. The beginning of the month is ideal for planning family budgets and managing expenses. It is better to hold off on investing in large projects, although now is the time to buy a car or start home improvement projects that have long awaited your attention. With regard to personal relationships, be yourself no matter what; it is important to keep a positive attitude and enjoy the situations and people around you. An interesting offer might present itself for family-oriented Libras. Those who have their own business should expect news. Those who work in an office setting do not need to change anything in themselves—it is better to subject the world around them to metamorphosis.

The second part of March 2019 will allow Libra to feel even better about the people nearby since your empathy will be at its peak. Only you can decide how to use this unique gift, but don’t ignore it. In your career, pay as much attention as possible to details—double-check everything. If you have your own business, be technical side and exhibit tight control, if necessary. Impeccable discipline and responsibility will help you achieve your goals. If you work in an organization, you will have less control, but work just as diligently—Do not leave early, do not fall for persuasion. Now is the time to stay focused and act clearly. There is a significant chance that management will pay attention to you.

March 2019 will be largely a landmark period for Scorpio. Because luck will be on your side, all internal reserves will focus on solving actual problems. But the advantageous circumstances, due to the favorable location of Mars, is only half the story, and your actions will call the shots. You will build on your past successes. Think about the prospects at work and call meetings if you can. This is a good time to reorient yourself with production, technical equipment, and personnel changes. If you work in a company, be sure to take a new position to increase your income if you can. Regarding personal relationships, rush things only if you are tired of waiting. Pressure is welcome, but not in a situation when you must solve a family issue.

The first part of March 2019 will help Scorpio understand multiple things at once. First, you suddenly understand why something did not work out before. This realization will not be important for your financial success now, but the knowledge gained will be beneficial in the future. Second, some mystery will be revealed at work that will make for great changes. Third, there is the likelihood that you’ll make an important acquaintance who will be associated with a potential business partnership. This means that Scorpios who have their own business should remain alert at all times. If you work in a company, listen more and speak less, but do not distance yourself from those who gravitate towards you. Their motives may not be the most sincere, but if you have similar goals, nothing prevents you from becoming allies. In terms of personal relationships, be wary of giving in to passion.

The second portion of the month will give Scorpio the opportunity to reconsider positions and, if necessary, to quickly correct them. The middle of the month will be the most dynamic, so be prepared to use all your concentration and talents. This is the perfect time to invest but trust only those you know personally. Do not make important decisions alone, but be radical when necessary. Many will not support you due to their own self-interest or narrow-mindedness, although they will later acknowledge your knowledge. If you work in a company, show maximum activity, and if an opportunity arises, share your plans with management. Be patient, but decisive. This is not the best time to change jobs or start a new business, but it is an ideal time to give rise to a new life; the stars approve of those family-oriented Scorpios with big plans.

March 2019 continues to delight Sagittarius with new opportunities, since Eris, the activator of this sign, remains in full coherence with the Sun-Earth axis. Add in the favorable location of the moon and the result is positive circumstances for personal and familial relationships and friendships. Overall, this is not a good time for financial investments, though circumstances will vary. Remember that you have very specific goals, and don’t be bothered by changing circumstances. If you doubt your own abilities, now is a good time to review your own position; this will solidify your views and make it more difficult to be swayed later. The beginning of spring is a good time for business, but do not rely on untested projects; carry out repeated tests before drawing conclusions; no one will intentionally deceive you, but there is a chance of a technical error, so be aware.

The first part of March 2019 will help Sagittarius find their destination. You will begin to see, hear, and understand more than usual. If you are an entrepreneur, this is an excellent opportunity to arrange a meeting with business partners and confirm their intentions. You shouldn’t be afraid of cardinal measures; any missed opportunities will be revisited later on. If you work in a company, act more freely, but be sure to complete the tasks at hand. You may not be noticed for this work, but you will notice something interesting that allows you to purposefully stay in the workplace. Regarding personal relationships, do not be afraid to make important decisions and don’t shift the responsibility to someone else. Be as independent as possible—it will help ultimately help you succeed.

The second portion of the month will be slightly different from the first. More efforts will be needed from Sagittarius now, but the results will be much larger. Do not make a choice in favor of large investment projects—think these things through carefully. Do not be afraid to miss a good bargain. Others need you now more than you need yourself, and in business, you should not hesitate to take charge and dictate. Just be sure to do it unobtrusively. In the middle of March, your family members can count on good news, especially for those who are temporarily separated from their partners. Be wary, but do not neglect the signs of fate or lose a positive attitude. You will succeed, you just need to prepare well. Sagittarius who are not burdened with serious relationships should not force thing, as it is better to stay close to home during this period.

March 2019 will be a successful time for Capricorn, but, under the influence of planetary aspects, the emphasis should be placed not on coincidence, but on your own decisions and their results. Mars, who has taken a favorable position on the celestial tape, will help you when you lack strength, and the moon will prompt correct decisions regarding personal relationships. March is a good time for small deeds and overcoming yourself, your fears, and internal limitations. Try working on physical improvement, as this is a good time for monetary investments and starting your own business. In general, significant changes are likely to occur in your work life, and those who work in an organization should grasp any opportunity that arises, even if the end result is unpredictable. Consistency and carefully considered decisions are encouraged in romantic relationships.

The first part of the month will give Capricorns what they have long wanted. This will be something different for each individual but will foster a sense of freedom. You will be free to make decisions. For example, if you have your own business, you will be free to dismiss a careless employee; but instead of rushing to do so, try to understand the reasons behind the behavior, and perhaps find a different solution to the problem. Additionally, the beginning of the month is not the best period for personnel changes—technical modernization is what you need. In the family realm, be attentive to those who require your care. If a conflict arises, try to distance yourself from it, for it is better not to act as the referee between two parties during this time. You will need to carefully assess your current position and make a decision, perhaps with respect to the people around you.

The second part of the month will provide even more opportunities, but you should not act spontaneously. Your best weapon will be experience and the memory of past successes and failures; build on who you were and who you are. If you work in a company, be more active if you want to get a new position. An additional source of income might present itself much easier than you thought. Those Capricorns who have their own business are advised to focus on what they have but to think carefully with team members about their future plans. The middle of the month promises to be romantic, providing interesting opportunities for lonely Capricorns. Everything will depend on what you decide when you’re ready to decide.

March 2019 will bring special success to Aquarians, and the period promises to be especially successful those in love. The Aquarius activator, Neptune, will take a good position and enter into coherence with the sun, which dominates the celestial band throughout the cycle. As a result, Aquarius will receive a powerful charge of vital energy and several vectors of its application at once. This is a good time for investments, large purchases, and other significant financial decisions; additionally, new partnerships and alliances are possible in the business realm. This does not mean that personal relationships are fading into the background, although you will spend significantly more time focusing on work. Those close to you will adapt their schedules to yours, and your romantic partner will try to arrange a surprise for you (and succeed!).

The first part of the month will come with a rapid development of events. Starting with the first day of the month, you will have to constantly solve problems, help someone, analyze information, and make decisions. Enjoy it, because every step you take will change the world around you. Move forward with a smile on your face and do not allow the envious to influence your actions. Be aware that some people will really begin to envy you during this time, but for you, it will have only the most positive results. First, some friends will open up to you. Second, you will convince someone of something and literally change their view of the world. Third, you will escape a conflict and strengthen your position and honor. Be sure to avoid arrogance and cling to your responsibilities. Spend time with your family.

The second portion of March 2019 will be slightly different from the beginning of the month. Circumstances will provide far fewer clues and you may sometimes have to act intuitively, but you will always find the best possible solutions to problems. If you have your own business, slow down and let middle managers solve issues offline—perhaps one of them will pleasantly surprise you. Be harsh with colleagues and do not allow liberties that can lead to negligence. If you work for a company, do not allow yourself to get too comfortable with your boss. Soon everything will change, and you will understand why this strategy was necessary.

March 2019 will help Pisces determine life guidelines and how to behave in a fundamentally new situation. You will be supported by Venus, your activator, and Jupiter, the ruler of your zodiac sign, will be responsible for the dynamic changes. In the end, everything will lead to better results, though initially, it may all seem rather spontaneous and incomprehensible to you. Try not to think too much and do your own thing. This advice is especially important for those Pisces who work in major companies. It’s unlikely you’ll have to drastically change something in the workplace, but as far as additional and alternative sources of income are concerned, you won’t be limited. If you have your own business, do not neglect the advice that you receive. And with regard to personal relationships, your effort will be rewarded threefold if you try harder and do better.

The first part of March 2019 for Pisces will be the most difficult period of the month. Do not worry, though; you will be made to understand the history of events you have experienced. In fact, much will be determined by your past merits, but something will occur that is an unpredictable accident. Regarding personal health, the period carries no particular risks, so as often as possible get out into nature. This is especially true of office workers and those who work from home. Working during this period will benefit you, but it is important that work does not overlap into the family sphere; if you have a choice, choose family over work. You will have the chance to raise your income, and the secret of success will be revealed to you by your close friends. The family-oriented Pisces will experience stability at the beginning of the month.

The second portion of March 2019 will be financially successful. If you’ve had any recurring thoughts on this subject, it is time to act on them. The middle of the month will be devoted to self-improvement and personal relationships. With regard to your career, everything should remain stable. Do not worry if you suddenly cease to understand your romantic partner during this time period; this is a temporary and even necessary stage of the relationship, and you will realize its full value later. For now, though, be willing to compromise. This is a good time for rest and relaxation. For those Pisces with children, pay special attention to their hobbies and be willing to adjust your adult perspective.

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