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     Monthly horoscope >> February 2017  ___________

For people born under the sign of Aries, February 2017 will be a time of truly great achievements. Some may deem enthusiasm irrelevant here, but you must understand that a lot does not depend on our acts alone, but also on our perceptions of what is going on. At the current stage, aside from the sun, the primary benefactor of Aries, Venus and Saturn, who do not usually feel positive emotions towards representatives of this sign, will also play on his side. It turns out that Aries is literally surrounded by positivity, and he has no choice but to achieve what he wants! Aries is inherently one of the most dynamic signs, because he is fueled by the inexhaustible energy of the sun. In other words, you might have extremely good luck, especially in the area of personal relationships. To a large extent the situation concerns single Arians, those who are on the lookout. The work sphere will not lag behind the "romantic front" in terms of prospects. At the same time, it should be pointed out that, due to the position of Pluto, who is configured extremely negatively in relation to Aries, the emergence of difficult situations is likely, but only on one condition: if Aries is lazy and blatantly inert.

For Taurus February 2017 will be a progressive month, especially when it comes to work. Venus, the heavenly helper of this sign, will take up a favorable stance, and the moon, the second most important benefactor of Taurus, will provide him with high-quality and comprehensive support. Pluto, who often puts obstacles in the way of representatives of this sign, will endeavor to get in Taurus' way, but it is unlikely that his efforts will result in anything. Overall, we are dealing with a temporary stage, characterized by powerful potential development which on the one hand will be due to your personal motivation, and on the other, being supported by your celestial benefactors. It is important to understand that the situation could develop unpredictably, but if you have a clear plan (and you must have a clear plan!), you have nothing to fear. The likelihood of the emergence of obstacles which you are not able to overcome is minimal. At the current stage you just need to look for an alternative path; this will let you meet your objectives as quickly and clearly as possible. However, you should remember that Saturn, your main "astral foe" will turn any of your victories to your disadvantage if he just gets the chance. Something similar will occur only in the event that your motives are "impure" and your methods transgress moral boundaries.

People born under the sign of Gemini are approaching quite an important stage in their lives, and for many, February 2017 really could be fateful. During this time it is important to pay special attention to those who are dear to you. But you should not forget about your own desires either, because even with all our altruism, we as individuals are shaped precisely by our individual aspirations, and this is important. Saturn, the primary celestial benefactor and the protector of Gemini, will be as strong as ever this month. Venus and Jupiter, who usually don't have any warm feelings towards representatives of this Zodiac sign, will now be neutral at the very least. At most, Geminis will be able to boast of the comprehensive support of all the heavenly objects. This does not mean, of course, that everything will be decided without you. You will also need to work, although, as mentioned initially, the sphere of personal relationships, and not the work sphere, needs to come to the foreground. Those who are outgoing will definitely benefit more, whereas those who are more reserved will have to try twice as hard. On the other hand, this is not difficulty per se, but only a nuance that you will have take into account in order to achieve the most productive results. However, the position of Mercury this month will not be so favorable, so by no means should you take any unnecessary risks. Don't make any contracts you are not certain about; don't trust people you hardly know, especially if they are blatantly vying for your attention.

In February 2017 Jupiter will be most favorable towards Cancer. This planet is inherently his main celestial helper, and at the current stage it will be strong, just like the moon, the second most important helper of Cancer. Overall, these planetary combinations, with due regard for general astral horoscopes, indicate that February could be an extremely successful time for you, but you will have to make an effort, especially in the work sphere. At this stage it will be even more fair than the widely known assertion that the more we put in, the more we will eventually get out. This month it will be necessary for Cancer not just to put in, but also to "get out" in good time too. This means that profit (in the most general sense) will be permanent; that is, financial "bonuses" will be evenly distributed across the whole month. This means that you can expect a time when days of hard work will alternate with days of rest and relaxation, when your activity must be minimal. Unfortunately, Mars will show blatantly negative emotions towards representatives of this Zodiac sign, but all the negativity of the red planet (which is potential, first and foremost) could counteract all your perseverance. If you are cowardly and shy away from danger, there is no victory in sight for you.

For Leo the second winter month of 2017 could seem to be an extremely difficult time. It is likely that at the very beginning of February you will suddenly be faced with a whole lot of problems and concerns, such that you will instinctively prepare yourself for difficulty. In actual fact it will clearly not always be real, and the reason for that is the "alliance" of Pluto and Uranus. These two planets will not be able to cause you direct damage, but their combined efforts will prove to be enough to create the appearance of an absolutely chaotic and unpredictable set of circumstances. By no means should you back down, and don't doubt your own strength. This is quite a traditional strategy of the heavenly bodies who can't defeat you "head on", and who for that reason try the most cunning tricks. At this stage the work sphere and the "romantic front" will be as balanced as they can be. You will not have to put emphasis on either of these areas. Sometimes there will be controversial situations, but you will be able to cope with them even without external help, although you should not reject support - not because you need it, but because it just wouldn't be polite. If a person sincerely longs to help you, you just might offend them with your decline. However, under no circumstances should you confuse sincerity with self-interest and self-seeking; no matter how well they are disguised, they are always easy to discern. The influence of Pluto could obstruct the objectivity of your perception, so think twice before you reach a conclusion.

The second month of 2017 will be quite a successful stage of life for Virgo, in which it will not be necessary to take anything special into account, aside from a few nuances which emerge. It is likely that in February you will arrive at important conclusions relating to your future life. Despite the fact that the stars herald a time that is full of numerous developments, far from all of these developments will really be necessary for you. Mercury, your primary celestial benefactor, will give way to Venus, and there is nothing bad about this. On the contrary, at this stage the "heavenly priestess" will possess much more clear and multifaceted energy, so this kind of "castling" will only result in advantages. Vital energy with boil within you and, wanting to acting rashly, it will seem that now the most important thing is to move forward, without any breaks, without "pit-stops" and unnecessary delays. In actual fact, everything will unfold in a slightly different way. Many processes will now be hidden from you, and you will need to make an effort to identify them. But those developments which seem clear will have just as much significance, that is, you should not spend all your strength and attention on realizing one specific task, but you should act in many areas at once. Neptune will try to obstruct you, creating all kinds of new opportunities which will actually prove to be illusory. Be attentive and don't hesitate to ask for help when you need it.

In February 2017 amidst the celestial objects of the solar system two incredibly powerful - and most importantly - versatile benefactors will be designated for Libras. These are Venus and Jupiter. The total energy of these planets guarantees that every negative situation will be overcome, but this will be with your active participation, of course. As regards the work sphere, one most important trend must be pointed out: at the current stage of life, those Libras who are able to act quickly will benefit. That being said, at certain moments even quality can be sacrificed for speed, but only within objectively permissible limits. For many Libras this will be a real test, because those born under this sign are used to acting at a steady rate, without unnecessary breaks, but without any real "galloping" either. This cannot be called a test, in fact, it is unlikely to be that difficult, although Libras will be required, at the very least, to have a creative approach and the ability to orientate themselves quickly under changing conditions. In general the highest level of adaptability will come in really handy here, especially considering the position of Mars, who could cause several situations to be unsolvable without a "forceful approach". In such moments you must act extremely cautiously, as the risk of losing your position is great.

Saturn, the primary celestial benefactor of Scorpio will be unbelievably strong in February 2017, and naturally this promises you good fortune in your affairs. Mars, the second most important astral helper of your sign, will also, figuratively speaking, be on a roll. Overall such a situation guarantees a necessary likelihood of success in the area of personal relationships and the work sphere alike. Incidentally, it is precisely the work sphere that it is logical to focus the lion's share of your efforts on. Here the emergence of the most curious situations is likely, largely in connection with your colleagues. It is possible that you will have to cooperate with people who you just can't stand, but this will bring you new achievements and, no less importantly, new allies who you had never even thought about before. Do your best to be aware of what is going on around you, as communication and efficiency of thinking will come to the forefront. This does not only concern work and finance - on the romantic front it will also be necessary to act quite quickly, in order to not miss an opportunity. By the way, the position of the moon, who never entertains particularly positive feelings for your sign, suggests that excessive "lethargy" could result in the collapse of your plans. Under no circumstances should you "twiddle your thumbs", as this will kill any shining starts.

For people born under the Zodiac sign of Sagittarius, in February 2017 the position of Venus will have special significance, perfectly in line with the position of Jupiter. The combination of strong celestial benefactors provides the opportunity to realize the most audacious and unusual projects. At this stage risk could really be a good thing, and in certain situations it will make sense to bet on daring ventures. Of course this must all be done with careful consideration appropriate for each situation. Personal relationships are unlikely to cause you significant conflicts, and overall there will not be so much dynamics, but it will also not be required of you. In this sense February will allow you to take a good rest, to gather your strength for new accomplishments. It is so admirable when a house is really a stronghold, a fortress where there is always a fire burning and whose walls are insurmountable to enemies. In the area of work, it is more logical to focus on positions which previously seemed uninteresting to you, perhaps even quite impractical. In this sense February will allow you to experiment, and even to make mistakes a few times without any harm to your business. However, the position of Mercury will not make a contribution. It is better not to spend a lot of money, rather let February be a month of saving. Failing this, the occurrence of irreparable financial losses is likely.

For people born under the Zodiac sign of Capricorn, in February 2017 the position of Mars will have key significance, because precisely this planet will be responsible for all their success. It is important not to forget the good old expression: no pain no gain. However, other things being equal, Capricorn will not be required to have make any superhuman efforts in order to achieve what he wants. In the work sphere, transition to a new position is likely, or at least an increase in financial assets, perhaps by means of additional work on the side. The "romantic front" will be pleasing, with quite a large number of prospects, especially for single Capricorns. It's not that they will have any advantages over Capricorns who have their own families - they will just have more opportunities, whether they like it or not. Of course we are talking about new relationships, and not necessarily relationships of an intimate nature. This could also be friendship, and even temporary mutually beneficial partnership. Now you should not even dismiss those possibilities which seem, to put it mildly, atypical. The combination of the moon and Jupiter means that you cannot stop for even a moment, otherwise there is the risk of losing that which you have already attained. Don't slow down unless it is particularly necessary, don't turn back to previous accomplishments, now you must only look forward.

For Aquarius February 2017 will be an original month in many ways, although the emergence of situations in which it will be necessary to act according to the already existent and well-used pattern is likely. Saturn, one of your key benefactors in the heavenly belt, will prove to be strong enough to completely block the negative influence of Mars, who has resolved not to allow you success in any sphere of life. With reference to the work sphere this means that you will suddenly feel like the situation has changed in a radical way. This will happen around the dawn of the second ten-day period. At roughly this time, the "romantic front" will also undergo considerable metamorphoses, although the priorities will be fundamentally different in this regard. Overall, this month could be extremely successful for you, if you are prepared to oppose the circumstances. No substantial problems are foreseen, but delays and slowing down in the implementation of projects could occur. The sun will suddenly stop helping you, and for this reason you should not establish unnecessary close relationships with the directorship, but in contrast, in the sphere of personal relationships, distancing yourself will be a mistake. In both cases the result could be most unpredictable, so you need to act with careful consideration.

Pisces in February 2017 could endure a number of quite ambiguous situations, which will be united by a common denominator: a positive ending. We are referring to the fact that the confrontation of Mercury and Venus in this sign will now reach a peak. However, with the support of Jupiter, your primary benefactor, the situation will level out dramatically in the second ten-day period of the month, so during this time it is better to plan the most important meetings. Overall, we are dealing with quite a calm period, the dynamics of which will not be permanent - the first ten-day period will prove to be bright, but controversial when it comes to the nature of the events which are taking place, and then quite abruptly things will settle down. In the third ten-day period there will be more developments, but they will be essentially brighter and more positive. In other words, if you are expecting a time which would allow you to implement your most daring and unexpected plans, the present stage will be more suitable than anything else for such ventures. Now fortune will clearly be on Pisces' side, although, of course, you should not neglect the elementary rules of safety. The primary risks connected to the position of Mercury are based on inattentiveness. Absent-mindedness and absence could result in irrevocable consequences.

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