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     Monthly horoscope >> January 2018  ___________

Representatives of the Zodiac sign Aries in January 2017 can expect substantial financial growth, although personal relationships, not work, will come to the foreground. Overall, it is fair to say that the better part of the month will be calm. This is only natural, even traditional, so to speak, as we usually celebrate New Yearīs on a grand scale, and it takes many people a long time to "come to themselves". The chief benefactor of this sign, the sun, will take an advantageous position, while Mars (the second most significant planet responsible for the fate of Arians) will recede into the background, but will not lose his effect. Overall, this gives us high-quality energy support and a whole "heap" of promising possibilities. To a certain extent, however, it is worth taking care of yourself, because Saturn, the key opponent of Aries, will be extremely strong and aligned in the most decisive manner. This can result in a few problems, especially if you act carelessly and do not pay attention to the all-too explicit "signs of fate", the unmistakable warnings taking shape out of the surrounding circumstances.

For people born under the sign of Taurus, January 2017 will be a rather successful, productive time. You will need to focus the better part of your efforts on the work sphere, while personal questions will recede into the background. Naturally, nobody is stopping you from doing otherwise, not even the complete opposite. However, if you go against the key astrological trends, prepare for the most unexpected (not necessarily negative) consequences. The moon, the benefactor of Taurus, will be your most faithful ally, and will help you to make necessary contacts. There would be significantly more positive trends if Venus, who is capable of influencing Taurus far more strongly, were to take the moonīs position. However, "the Celestial Princess" will be quite inert, and will not be able to help you in key situations. Instead, she will give way to the supremacy of Pluto, who is not traditionally configured in the most positive way towards the Zodiac sign of Taurus. The result will be ambiguous, and at certain moments the likelihood of a difficult situation arising will be high. But it should be emphasized here that at this current stage of your life there will not be any situations awaiting you which you will not be able to cope with.


Geminis in January 2017 can count on the high-quality support of their celestial benefactors, although of course this does not guarantee an impeccable combination of circumstances, and without your personal involvement, hardly anything in your life will take a radically positive turn. It is important to note that Mercury, the chief celestial benefactor of Geminis, will now become your key ally. In fact, Mercuryīs energy this month will be far from the strongest, but it will be enough to suppress the negativity of Jupiter, who will be striving with all his strength to get in your way. The bottom line is that you will have the support of the sun and Saturn, who both favor Gemini to some extent. In the end, your efforts will be evenly distributed between all the spheres of your life, without any specific or clearly pronounced priorities. Donīt despair if your plans suddenly fail and something goes wrong. The end will be positive in any case, even with regards to the most minimal efforts on your part. Furthermore, at certain moments the outcome of your action will surpass all conceivable and inconceivable expectations. Just be attentive and donīt let yourself rest in moments when it is vitally important to act. In general 2017 will be quite a dynamic time, and it will be easy, once you have missed an opportunity, to let your guard down, especially under the pressure of negative energy from Jupiter, who may still slip past Mercuryīs barrier from time to time.


For Cancer in January 2017 the fact that the moon will be his chief benefactor will be very important. For representatives of this sign, every ally will be extremely valuable now. This is worth taking note of straight away: under no circumstances should you retract from those who want to help you, even if it seems that this help is absolutely irrelevant. In general, it is not worth taking risks, not even after assessing all the likelihoods and possibilities. If you are unsure of anything, do not take a step forward, this could be risky. However, assuming that Cancers act after careful consideration, and with sufficient caution, the likelihood of arriving at an unsatisfactory result is simply eliminated. Furthermore, this month you will have quite a few opportunities to improve your standing in all areas of life. It may be necessary to try a bit harder than you expected, but the result will also seem brighter to you, of this there is no doubt. At this stage, the positions of Saturn, who is configured negatively towards your sign, and Mars, who also does not entertain "warm feelings" for Cancer, will give quite an ambiguous result overall. As this result could project onto every sphere of your life, it is important to maintain vigilance and not to take too many liberties.

For Leo, January 2017 appears to be quite a calm month, and in actual fact, compared to the dynamics of the following stages, the current time period will not be the most active. All the same, by no means does this imply that you will be unable to have a whole lot of vivid experiences! The sun, the key helper of this sign, will be as strong as ever. As most of the positive energy of the lord of the heavenly places will be focused on the personal relationship sphere, the work domain will recede into the background. Nevertheless, the basic trends hold to the same extent for both spheres. First of all, there is no point in thinking particularly hard about this. Far from all developments and situations will require in-depth analysis from you now. However, it is worthwhile to relax your control over your emotions. Trust me, this will benefit you, though of course there is no point in getting "hung up" over this possibility. Donīt let yourself be excessive, but as act freely as you are accustomed to, and as you consider necessary. Unfortunately, Pluto, one of the benefactors of Leo, will be configured quite aggressively towards those whom he is "in principle" supposed to help. This means that excessive emotionality will result in negative consequences. You need to be extremely careful in your communication with those around you.


For representatives of the Zodiac sign Virgo, January 2017 could be a successful month, although it will be necessary to make a little bit of effort for this. You must to take into account the fact that in the heavenly belt the main benefactor of Virgo is Mercury, and his energy this month will not always be explicitly positive, and his intensity may also not be enough. Nevertheless, there is no point in rushing to conclusions, because your sign will not have clear opponents (with a few exceptions) either. That is, in actual fact Mercury will not have anyone to protect you from. This means that the entire spectrum of potential options is exclusively in your hands. On the other hand, this does not necessarily imply that there are no astral trends whatsoever which would be worth taking into account in the context of the current horoscope. On the contrary, there are quite a few such trends. For example, keep in mind that it is logical to direct the majority of your efforts into the realm of personal relationships - this will lead to the most promising results. Focus on communication, make an effort to deal with the majority of conflicts through communication and diplomacy. Activate charisma, your natural charm - usually Virgos will have no problem with this. But you should not forget about the work domain, of course, although it is appropriate to devote significantly less time to it than was planned, because, to put it bluntly, it will not be worth it. On occasion the emergence of difficult situations is likely, associated with the position of Neptune. Donīt let yourself rest more than is necessary, laziness is your greatest enemy now, and the its consequences could lead to the demise of your hopes.

In January, Libras could get considerably lucky, but for this to happen it is necessary to "keep your eyes peeled". There are circumstances which might very well result in your advantage, however, and you might miss your chance if, when the time comes, you look the other way, or if you donīt do what is needed. Now Venus, your main heavenly benefactor, will be strong enough to help you in key areas. In the domain of personal relationships, you will still have to endure a striking situation, which will probably decide or, more precisely, predetermine your destiny once and for all, and there will be no turning back. Nevertheless, the stars give completely obvious advice: there is no point in hurrying in any event, because a decision made in a hurry is often a whole lot worse than a missed opportunity. There will be a new opportunity in any case, and sometimes it will not actually be possible to rectify the mistake. We are talking about a successful period time in your life, when every possibility could be maximally realized. You only need to bear in mind that Saturn, the helper of your sign who is second "in seniority", roughly speaking, will go over to the other side of the fence, and this point can by no means be called positive. You will need to monitor those around you, as there is a risk that you will be faced with betrayal (but only through personal negligence).

In 2017, people born under the sign of Scorpio can count on significant advantages in the fight against circumstances. There will not really be any critical developments this month. In other words, even the most difficult and seemingly unsolvable problem will prove to be completely solvable. As usual, everything simply goes back to the amount of effort you are prepared to exert. For Scorpio it is very important to understand to what extent victory is necessary for him in this or that direction. Here it is not worth putting special emphasis on any specific sphere of life. However, we are dealing with a time which is not inclined towards prompt action. That is, of course if you see a clear and definite opportunity, you should act. But if there are doubts and uncertainty regarding your own strength (or regarding somebody else upon whom a lot depends), then it is logical to make way for a "silent creation". In general, for Scorpio January will gravitate to a large degree specifically towards analyticity, and you could really learn a lot if you make an effort. True, you must take into account that, since the chief celestial benefactor of this sign, Saturn, will not take the most favorable position in the heavenly belt, several situations will unfold which are not to Scorpioīs advantage. If you "skip" a point, you will no longer be able to go back to it, so donīt be distracted by problems which do not actually have any significance for you.

In January 2017 Sagittarius will be one of many signs for whom the benefactor of the current year cycle, the Fire Rooster, will initially set a powerful energetic vector. That is, for people born with the sign of Sagittarius, this month will be extremely successful, just like all the following months of this year. It is important to remember that we are dealing with a genuinely high intensity, as even Venus, the primary benefactor of Sagittarius, will act at full capacity. Mercury, who is always negatively configured in relation to Sagittarius, will now take up an unsteady position, and the other helper of this Zodiac sign, Jupiter, will take a plainly neutral stance. All this means that you can expect certain difficulties, but they will not be all that massive and insurmountable, even if thatīs exactly how it might seem from the outside. Sagittarius is quite a determined sign, but you must remember that mere determination by no means always allow you to achieve the desired result. Nobody is saying that Sagittarius must slow down drastically, however, you must definitely reflect, and probably a good deal more than you are used to doing. The moon, negatively configured towards your sign, will turn excessively sharp movements to its own advantage without difficulty, so in every situation, take into account the individual characteristics, otherwise you risk suffering defeat.

Capricorn in January 2017 will be "on the crest", of this there is no doubt. Here it must be mentioned that we are talking about people who are not easily frightened. Their fate is not easy in and of itself, and difficulty strengthens them better than anyone else, so January will seem like a real paradise to them. In the beginning of 2017, Saturn, the chief benefactor of Capricorn, will take a neutral, or (but here the likelihood is lower) negative position. The situation is analogous with Mars, the benefactor of Capricorn who is second in importance (but not in strength). At the same time, the moon, who usually does not harbor any positive feelings towards Capricorn, will suddenly side with this sign, whereas negatively configured Jupiter will stick to his own opinion. Altogether, all this will paint a difficult but interesting picture. Capricorn will have to solve a whole succession of puzzles, and there will be no point in retracting from them even if it seems unrealistic to find a solution. Everything is possible! Act vigorously, clearly and even boldly. Be guided as little as possible by the opinions of those who are indifferent to you, but listen to the words of those who are close to you. The situation could develop unpredictably, but by no means does this mean that you need to change your predilections and life values in accordance with the world around, especially since this world is often blatantly wrong. Succumbing to the influence of the masses is the most significant danger for Capricorn this month. Donīt be hardened and egotistical, but remember that to go along "with all the others" is not your way. Mars and Saturn will endeavor to unsettle you and to bring about a result which is the exact opposite of your expectations.

In January 2017, people born under the sign of Aquarius can completely count on the most successful combination of circumstances. Despite the fact that the key benefactor of this sign, Mercury, will not take the most outstanding position, Saturn, another celestial helper of Aquarius, will surprise everyone with his extremely powerful and positive energy. In other words, the prevailing trends will be unambiguously positive, but this does not mean that all the benefits will come to you without any effort. These will, however, be honest, legitimate efforts, but you will probably achieve more than you expected, especially with regards to the sphere of feelings and emotions. The work domain will also be successful - higher profits are possible, and you may finally be able to commence with the implementation of the projects you have always dreamed of. This will be a good, productive time, and, most importantly, success will really be on your side. The positions of the stars are explicit in this regard, although they are also downright surprising. You should use the circumstances which have turned up to the fullest extent, in order to lay a foundation for later developments. The more focused you are in your work now, the clearer and more substantial the result you will achieve later. But this is not "work for the future", this is work for concrete, visible results, which will come about now. And donīt forget that Mercury, this "celestial merchant", is not on your side now. There is a risk of encountering financial machinations. It is better not to lend any money, and likewise not to get yourself into debt, otherwise you could lose more than you can imagine.


In January 2017, those born under the sign of Pisces should listen to their inner voice. Your subconscious will send you extremely straightforward signs now, and if you follow them you will be able to arrive at an unexpected but in all respects positive ending. This is due to the combination of Venus, your main celestial protector, and Jupiter, the key benefactor of your sign, who will not be extremely strong, but whose influence and support will prove to be a critical influence on the situation. In other words, you are guaranteed success, you just need to come and take it. As such, the current stage must be quite mobile - you will constantly need to move from place to place to achieve the most productive result. So it makes sense to take care of future prospects, in the sense that now special emphasis must not be placed on positions which generate a once-off benefit. Be careful! If there is a choice before you (and there will be, donīt doubt it!), the stars recommend that you choose "long-lasting" projects. Dwelling on temporary benefit, you will let Mercury "beat" you, and in future you will lose much more than you gain now.

In the work domain in January 2017, the emergence of quite a few funny situations is likely. If you work in an office, be prepared for funny things to happen with you and your colleagues practically the whole month. Of course, this is just a possibility, and not an absolute fact, but similar situations always bring the team together, even if there is a clearly expressed antipathy. By the way, it is precisely on your colleagues that you will have to rely to a unique degree this month. Only through collaboration with them will you be able to realize your long-standing intentions. For some this will be new office equipment, for others their personal cabinet, and some will progress seriously on the corporate ladder. Here it does not depend on your immediate needs. Pisces who work for themselves must not be guided by their allies, but by their direct competitors, because they will probably try to outflank you on every front now. A bit of attention will be required of you, as well as the desire to retain and grow your position. Work hard and even "defiantly", then they will be simply unable to "undermine" you. If you slack, however, Mercury will immediately "whisper" to your competitors that you are vulnerable. Donīt lose vigilance. Monitor unreliable staff members particularly attentively.

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