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     Monthly horoscope >> May 2018  ___________

May 2017 horoscope
For the Zodiac sign of Aries, May 2017 will be a positive and promising time from all angles, despite the fact that, to be honest, you wonīt understand even half of whatīs going on around you. The Sun, your key patron, will take up an extremely favorable position at the current stage, largely caused by the external planetary combinations. This means that the work sphere will be protected from failures related to circumstances, whereas the "romantic front" will provide you with many fundamentally new opportunities. Now itīs important not to get hung up on the problems. Look forward and go in the predetermined direction, even if there are many aspects which hold you back. You shouldnīt worry if you have to turn down somebody old and long outdated, so to speak. The end of spring is often a fateful time, and this year your Zodiac sign really could experience the truth of this axiom. In fact, almost all external factors will play into your hands, so it would be a sin not to take advantage of the situations. On the other hand, Saturn and Venus, who traditionally donīt foster a positive attitude towards you, will keep their eyes pealed. This means that you canīt afford to make elementary miscalculations, and you canīt be careless with things that are actually very important to you, otherwise you will lose all your opportunities.

If we focus more specifically on the work sphere, May 2017 will be particularly favorable for Arians who have their own businesses. Such people will easily be able to overcome the ambiguities which await them and the dawn of the first ten-day period of the month. In this present case it doesnīt make sense to rely on your past experience, since now everything which is left behind will no longer have any significance; you must focus only on future prospects. You will have to make a little bit of an effort, but you will be thrilled with the result, the position of the stars in this respect can be interpreted with certainty. That is, significant efforts "here and now" really could result in you getting into a completely stable and confidently dynamic work routine. Itīs hard to find a person who wouldnīt want this, right? But donīt be alarmed, despite the fact that this sounds purely fanciful. It must also be down your alley to have a holiday one day. Well, that day has arrived! For those Arians who donīt work for themselves, their celestial benefactors have prepared quite a few interesting situations. Be prepared for the fact that you will laugh a lot while at work, and this will have a positive effect on your ability to work. New acquaintances are likely, and in the long run - new jobs. Just donīt forget to keep your cool, donīt talk or act in excess, otherwise the influence of Saturn will grow exponentially, and then youīll be in for trouble.

For Taurus representatives, who are particularly favored by Venus and Moon at this stage, May 2018 will be a very, very critical time but in a positive context. Now, you definitely should not be afraid of strong emotions, any changes should be welcomed, even - and perhaps especially - if you are not ready for them. This is a good time, which will show to others, and more importantly to yourself, what you are really capable of. On the other hand, responsibility can scare you, and you could end up crouching under a table, but then don't be surprised by the outcome. Decide for yourself what you really want, whether it is a transition to a new position, an increase in income, new relationships, or an opportunity to keep everything as it is (which will lead to literally nothing in the end). This month, strong emotions will apply some pressure on you, and you are the one to decide how this pressure will affect you, how you will perceive it, and what future you will see for yourself and for the people around you. In fact, there is not a single drop of philosophy or metaphysics involved in that decision, and everything will happen in a quick and natural way without much thinking involved. Some Taurus representatives might not even realize that they have made a choice. Of course, it will happen the other way if you are aware enough. It is not necessary to be in a hurry when trying to make important decisions, but pausing too much will also cause some troubles. This doesn't mean that you have to strike a balance in between; it means that you can choose a convenient tactic and level out its disadvantages along the way.

In the usual position, Eris is responsible for the decline of the zodiacal sign of Gemini, which is not a good thing, but rather, a bad one, because instead of helping, Eris will be trying its best to hurt Geminis, by trying to ruin all their plans. But, in May 2018 this interesting planet will change its traditional preferences and will play on your side. Eris will be joined by the "heavenly leader" of the water element, Mercury, as well as by Gemini's main patron, Ceres. As a result, the second spring month can become quite meaningful for you, especially if you try and allow yourself to accept change. To some extent this period will also test you because you will have to adapt to new conditions. Usually Gemini does not "suffer" from excessive conservatism, but now the changes happening in the surrounding reality can be really meaningful, and some of them can even shock you (not necessarily in a negative way). From the perspective of work life, you definitely need to show as much activity as possible. Over time, 2018 will gain momentum, and May will turn into the starting point for truly vibrant and dynamic activity. As for the sphere of personal relations, Geminis are recommended to control themselves and not to give way to some especially violent emotions. It is necessary to maintain existing positions at all costs, and only then start thinking about the future, and about the upcoming prospects. After all, if you do not have a solid foundation, even the most beautiful and magnificent building will not stand for long, from a purely engineering perspective.


For Cancer, May 2018 will be a significant time, at least in the sense that your sign will have a chance to change everything. And when we say everything, we mean everything. You can, of course, apply some half-measures, but the results will be proportional. In general, the positions of your exalting planet, Jupiter, and the main heavenly patron of your sign, the Moon, will be strong and stable enough so that you have everything you need. Now it is possible and even recommended to look back as often as possible, assessing what has already been done and what was intended to be done but never worked out. Do not neglect the opportunity to return back to some painful or sensitive experiences. If fate repeatedly brings you back to what has already been done, it means that you are doing something wrong over and over again. You are probably making the same mistakes betting on the wrong things. So stop blaming fate and pull yourself together, finally understanding your true desires. Cancer is a very unstable sign, and you can literally have seven Fridays in a week, but that does not mean you cannot concentrate or get things done. Perhaps you just did not try to do something or did not want to try, and May will give you the opportunity to fix everything. Most likely it will be all about some purely personal moments, which you might never pay sufficient attention to. Your friends might help you in this situation - they will always tell you what was wrong. But remember that their opinions are subjective, and they can also be wrong no matter how hard they try.

At the end of spring, Leos will acquire a couple of strong patrons. It will not only be their traditional heavenly helper, Pluto, but also Uranus, who usually tends to be against Leos. This does not mean that in May 2018 all of the circumstances will be on your side, but the advantages of this period are obvious. At the beginning of the period you will have to find a balance between various spheres: between personal relationships and work life; between the wishes of leadership and your own aspirations; and, between family dilemmas and your peace of mind. But, you have to make sure that you don't upset the balance if you don't want to end up with anything happening at all. In May, you really will have to make strong-willed decisions, but it will not be as difficult as it might seem from the outside. At least you will have the proper motivation, which can either arise itself, or you can push forward deliberately, finally allowing yourself to leave behind the hated office chair. In addition, this period is incredibly good, we can even say ideal, for self-improvement. You can try to improve yourself in all directions: professional sphere (meaning training), personal life (special moments), hobbies, or even some spiritual qualities. The whole period can be characterized by its overall complexity. You cannot take a step forward only in one direction, and it is worth noting that each of your thoughtful and carefully pre-planned actions will lead to some results in several spheres of your life.

In May 2018, Moon will act as the main "celestial leader" of Earth elements, but will also be joined by traditional Virgo's patron Mercury, promising a lot of interesting things for your sign. First of all, it should be noted that it is logical to put the emphasis on the sphere of feelings and emotions. Even at work you will have to rely more on some feelings, although here the situation can be extremely unpredictable. Nevertheless, it will be enough to keep yourself together. Although, it won't be the easiest thing to do because in a lot of situations the circumstances will be acting against you. Nothing significant - just some of your plans will have to be postponed. Also, Virgos are recommended to treat their current situation in the most thoughtful way possible. For example, if you are deciding whether you need your current relationships, or to what extent you can make your partner happy, you will have to make a choice in response to this question. This choice needs to be as prompt as possible, or you will risk finding yourself with nothing at all, and all by yourself. That is why, despite its rather unusual status, May retains its dynamic characteristics in relation to Virgo sign. You have to act in any case, so it's better to prepare in advance. And you should not be ashamed of your own decisions, even if they are purely independent, for it is much more important that you yourself believe in them.


Being under the influence of Saturn in May 2018, Libras need to get the hold of themselves in order to prevent some critical mistake from being made while they were planning something. The fact is that at this life stage everything will be not as harmonious as it may seem; in fact, everything is different. Your "heavenly leader" will now be Mercury, so try to focus on the working direction, where you have to make some very responsible decisions. In the field of personal relationships, it is realistic to either leave everything as it is, or allow the situation to develop independently. It is not necessary to actively interfere in the course of things, although in a certain situation doing so can allow you to help other people to see everything better. Nevertheless, right now your sign doesn't need to be on a mission of helping everyone around you. Think about yourself, think carefully before actually starting to waste time and energy on something. It is important to note that the "thinking phase" should not last for too long, because May is a bright and a dynamic month, and if you spend too much time thinking, none of the prospects will be realized in the near future. Do not hesitate to change, but in general try to be the one who initiates changes. It does not matter how it happens - the very fact and the result are what is important.

For Scorpios, May 2018 will be an extra-successful period. First, their main patron Uranus will occupy a particularly confident position, and his beneficial influence will be indisputable. Secondly, Mercury is the "heavenly leader" of the water element, and this is another plus for the Scorpions, who sometimes can't control their emotions. By the way, it is now worth putting special emphasis on self-control. Many situations will be resolved in an ambiguous manner: uncertainty may settle in you, because not all your actions will lead to concrete results that are visible right here and now. That's why you should not give way to panic, depression, or any other negative emotions. Otherwise, you can simply lose all of your potential, which will be at very high levels now. Of course, you will have to fight for a place under the Sun, but it is definitely worth it, and there can be no doubt about it. The stars recommend playing only familiar games and only on the fields which you yourself choose. If everything is done correctly, there will be no need in risking, and some questionable adventures will pass you by. Planned-out and confident work will bring results, while all sorts of freaks and tricks will just add problems. On one hand, everything is simple, but there are some unknown twists and turns that emerge within most simple situations.


Sagittarius, who represents the element of Fire, will not have a "heavenly leader" this month, which could become an additional source of vitality and luck. On the other hand, Eris (the planet-ruler of your sign Eris) will occupy a dominant position in the heavenly vault in May 2018, and this will surely affect you. You will have everything you need to keep moving forward, but do not push your luck. No matter how good the situation is, do not forget to look around. It is very important now, because Mercury (your main antagonist) will not be strong enough to attack you openly, but can come up with some covert dirty tricks while you are busy with your own affairs. Do not be afraid: this situation is simply a probability that can only become a reality as a result of your own inattention. Do not be driven away by some overly intense emotions; even if you really want to use some strong vocabulary, it is better to restrain yourself. The things above refer to your working sphere - things will be a little different in your family life. It is important to note that it will be much more productive to concentrate your entire attention on the working sphere. This will give you the opportunity to make all your plans come true, or at least lay a powerful foundation.

For those born under the sign of Capricorn, May 2018 will be a calm period, quite promising and successful. It is important to note that now the "heavenly leader" of the Earth element representatives (to which Capricorn belongs) will be the Moon, which is usually responsible for damaging your sign, but at the decline of spring, it will suddenly become your faithful ally. As a result, your positions in the working sphere will be strengthened, but in order to move forward, you will have to try harder. You should try harder primarily in trying to upgrade yourself. This is good, because for Capricorn, May is an ideal time for improvement, and not an only professional improvement. Now you will find a new hobby, or return to a long-forgotten one. You can demand as much as you like at this stage, although you cannot achieve the maximum from the world around you - this is not required. In the first days of the month you will just get used to your new condition, and some Capricorns may even be disappointed. After all, for most signs this month will be extremely dynamic, while fate has prepared fewer events that can surprise you. This is not something very negative, so if someone was expecting a fascinating end of spring, then he should not be too surprised by not getting it. But, you can still easily solve any problems and achieve any goals using May's potential to the fullest.

In May 2018 Aquarius representatives can achieve something only at work, while in the sphere of personal relations there is a high possibility of nothing happening at all. It is important that in addition to the Sun, which is usually responsible for your sign's descent but now will turn into your major ally, Mercury, the "heavenly leader" of the air element, will also help you. That is why a majority of favorable circumstances will be focused in your financial sphere. Strictly speaking, this is unlikely to cause any difficulties; you will just know that now it makes no sense to concentrate a lot of strength, attention and nerves on those directions that are unlikely to be promising. Don't act in an overly frivolous manner, even though the circumstances seem to allow you to behave in this manner. It is necessary to focus on the most important things without losing your focus. Or, later, even the most insignificant deviations from the plan can damage your projects. In general, this is a good time, almost ideal, for completing all the current tasks and identifying new milestones. Now you can enter into new contracts, and look for new allies. But at the level of personal relationships, it's better not to change anything (even if you really want to).

Being naturally protected by Venus, Pisces will find themselves in a favorable position from any point of view in May 2018. There are no outstanding situations to be experienced in the near future, but there will be many interesting things going on, and in general, the period promises to be very troublesome. In the field of personal relationships, some unexpected progress might be made, and you probably will be able to greatly help out someone close to you. And, this not particularly bright event will repeatedly pay you back. In financial terms, it is better to avoid any large expenditures, but you can invest in new projects without fear of losing those investments. At this stage you will have the opportunity to plan everything out (or almost everything) in advance, practically eliminating all uncertainties and overly-alarming situations. The main thing here is to avoid over-thinking. Don't think too hard about the true meaning standing behind the things happening. First, this over-thinking won't get you anything, but you will lose time, which could be used much more productively. Secondly, a critical look and self-analysis will only lead to some type of sorrow, and right now you do not need to feel depressed, so look at the world in an open and optimistic way.


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