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     Monthly horoscope >> May 2019  ___________

May 2019 horoscope In May 2019, Aries will finally have to resolve all the issues that have caused strife in the past few months. These things will either lose their significance and disappear by themselves, or they will be resolved simply and with little effort. Now is the time to take on every possible confrontation and win them. Aries who do not have their own business will start to think about starting one. Important changes are likely to take shape with regard to personal relationships during this time-hold your head high and your determination will remain strong.

The first ten days of May 2019 for Aries will be important in terms of the transition of personal relationships to another level. Here, you need to make a volatile decision based on how it will be objectively better for everyone involved. Look for a consensus during these times. If you are not sure about something, involve other people, especially since there will almost always be someone nearby who wants to help. In general, though, be wary of new acquaintances as there is a risk of your sentimentality-especially your jealousy-getting involved and placing you in a difficult situation. Lonely Aries will have an easier time with this, although they also have their own risks associated with distrust of old friends. Drop doubts, be yourself and try to see those around you for who they really are-do not attribute to them subjective features. Now is the time to do whatever feels right in your career since no one will disturb you.

The second ten days of May 2019 will shift the focus from personal to work life. This means that you should solve any familial problems quickly and without focusing on them too much. Maximum emphasis should be placed on professional activity; here, you will have the opportunity to increase your income. Act independently if you have your own business-do not be afraid of desperate steps, but always have a backup plan. Mid-May is a good time for switching up the composition of close associates and advisers. Secrets should be revealed here and now. If you are a lower level employee, be sure to work together with colleagues so you have more chances to achieve your plans. In this case, it is not necessary to have a common goal-act as a leader, if necessary.

May 2019 horoscope May 2019 will be a relatively calm time for Taurus. This period is good for building up a good offense in the field of professional activity. If you want to start your own business, go all in and act confidently, but slowly. Competitors will not be able to oppose anything substantial from you, but your allies will be ready to serve-take advantage of this. Do not dwell on prospects, make a choice in favor of bonuses, and act promptly. If you work in an organization, be adaptive and do not rush things; when the right moment comes, use it. In terms of personal relationships, the first half of the final month of Spring will be stable, but the second half will be accompanied by unforgettable and spontaneous occurrences.

The first ten days of May 2019 will help Taurus quickly catch up with those who previously surpassed them. This is the most dynamic time of the month and the perfect chance to give things your best shot. Do not limit yourself-go for all your goals, regardless of the words and positions of others. Find allies among your colleagues if you work in a company. Do not act alone as you will only succeed as the member of a team. It is not necessary to take a leadership position; you will be an important (if not the key) participant regardless. If you have your own business, pay attention to those you usually donīt-the most remote offices, employees of the lower link. It is these areas that will require increased attention and possess the key to success. A profitable acquisition will be made in the familial realm; the period is generally good for spending money on yourself and loved ones. Here, it is important not to overdo it and clearly distinguish between those dear to you and those who are only temporary.

The second ten days of May 2019 will be a more creative and contemplative time for Taurus. You should not rush to conclusions, especially in the case of new acquaintances. Do not participate in conflicts that do not concern you. If your participation is required in a conflict, find out every relevant detail. This applies primarily to personal relationships. As for those with families, try to enjoy your relationship; spend the weekend alone with your soulmate. Financially, take every possible opportunity and do not stop at once one thing has been accomplished. No matter how successful mid–May is, remember that you are not omnipotent and still have weak points. Level them.


May 2019 horoscope
In May 2019, peacefulness and interpersonal skills come to the forefront for Gemini. Strive to mercilessly resolve any conflicts that arrive during this period. Do not aggravate the situation, call on your allies, and act as forcefully as possible. Important acquaintances are likely to be met on the working front, but much more important is how you can react to changes in the world around you-mainly you. Regarding love, things will be dim and multifaceted, but youīll definitely have the opportunity to strengthen your relationship.

The first ten days of May 2019 will give Gemini the opportunity to express themselves, quite possibly in a fundamentally new field. Try hard not to lose vigilance now even when it seems like everyone else is relaxed. For those who work at a lower level, now there is the possibility of alternative earnings or a change of place of work. Look at the world more decisively and do not neglect what you want for what you are told to do. You can act confidently and riskily, but should not rely only on yourself; rather, a comprehensive opinion of your nearest advisors and new contacts should be at the heart of your decisions. In the sphere of personal relations, do not allow yourself too much at the beginning of May. Everything in the family hearth will be stable and calm.

But in the second ten days of May 2019, it is clearly worth paying more attention to loved ones. Be sure to acquire the necessary skills and look to the future, not the past. Communicate with children in their language and try to make the older generation more progressive, even if neither shows much zeal for this. You will succeed during this time, you just need a close contact and a joint business that pleases you both. In the middle of the month, you might feel like the king of the situation, and in a certain sense this will be true, but do not overestimate your power. If you have your own business, pay attention to the technical side of things-it might be time to change something. If you work at a lower level at a company, take a look at the people nearby, start an important conversation with the management, and find new allies.

May 2019 horoscope In May 2019, Cancer will be provided with practically inexhaustible reserves of vital energy. Almost all of your strength will manifest itself through empathy and charisma, which can bring some difficulties to the family. These traits are beneficial to your career if your immediate supervisor is of the opposite sex. New acquaintances will benefit you if you realize their true potential. Do not allow yourself too much, but do not limit yourself beyond measure, especially if you are not currently in a relationship. Itīs better to direct your passion toward your soul mate, focusing only on your partner. Do not think about the past-live in the here and now.

The first ten days of May 2019 will provide Cancer the opportunity to rehabilitate themselves and strengthen their status in the eyes of others. Act confidently with regard to work; achieve your own by any just means. Now is the time to engage in a deliberate risk. If you have your own business, demand more in negotiations, but also be ready to make concessions. If you work at a lower level, prove to leadership that you are able to reach new heights. Behave calmly in the family hearth and do not impose anything on the household they do not want. But always demonstrate the advantages of your opinion.

The second ten days of May 2019 will make many people-Cancer or not-reconsider their viewpoints. In general, the middle of the month is optimal for financial investments or acquisitions. This is the time to buy land, build a house, or purchase travel tickets. Show dramatic participation with your romantic partner. Now is not the time for half measures; before you say anything, make sure that you have accurate information. Likewise, donīt move forward in professional activities, until you break ground and verify facts. You can do it yourself, or you can ask your colleagues. If you have your own business, continue to implement already laid projects; the time of new trends will come, so there is no need to bite off more than you can chew.

May 2019 horoscope In May 2019, Leo will be able to realize tasks quickly and in high quantities. Itīs recommended to observe a middle ground this month, to act confidently and without haste; donīt stagnate or engage in risk without good reason. The month will be particularly beneficial in terms of financial bonuses. For those who work at a lower level, there is a possibility of a premium or other material bonuses. To achieve this, you have to work hard. Those who have their own businesses will be no less successful, and familial Leos generally should not spend a lot of time at work. It is ideal to plan a vacation or at least go on a short trip. The final month of Spring will be a bright, romantic period.

The first ten days of May 2019 will help Leo understand themselves and create guidelines that will determine life in the coming weeks. This applies mainly to the working realm. Here, itīs advised to closely monitor business competitors. If some small projects were not completed at the beginning of May, they need to be quickly resolved now or forgotten forever-there will be no more time for these things. Set the bar as high as possible-to underestimate your strength is worse than overestimating it. For those who work at an organization, the beginning of the month will be more constructive, and you will definitely have a chance to prove yourself. Take advantage of all opportunities. Those who are not in a relationship will feel the love of friends and should reciprocate without delay. Familial Leos will be pleasantly surprised and have to adjust their plans accordingly.

The second ten days of May 2019 will be the most energetic and active period for Leo, so it is best to plan important transactions, new contracts, and large family events during this time. Those not in relationships are practically guaranteed to find a kindred soul during this time, be it a good friend or romantic partner. Itīs best to leave the house more often; family vacations would be preferable since they come with fewer risks and the opportunity to strengthen family ties. Take every opportunity you can to progress in the working realm. If you have your own business, advance in all directions, without forgetting about personnel or the technical side of the situation. Be immediately available whenever youīre needed and success will be inevitable.

May 2019 horoscope May 2019 will be great for expanding Virgosī horizons. Active Virgos will be able to achieve their goals. This month, Mercury, the activator and ruler of your sign, will be on your side. The successful location of this planet will be complemented by the favorable position of Venus, which will enter into coherence with Mercury and strengthen the solar energy. Because of this, you will have enough strength to solve all urgent tasks; moreover, you will see new opportunities and be able to get close to them without drawing attention to yourself-you will have to act carefully. Every option will be more or less productive, with no wrong choices. Work will require concentration, but it is better not to strain in personal relationships during this time.

Circumstances will develop as necessary for Virgos during the first ten days of May 2019. If you do not have time to seize every moment, remember itīs okay to miss things; forget about the minor things and focus on the main points. If you have your own business, be in control and do not allow any actions or decisions to be made and implemented without your participation. This is necessary in order to prevent a potentially critical error later on. Be open to communication and external development during this period; this is a good time for new alliances and thoughtful investments. If you work at a lower level, try not to stand out until necessary-you will recognize this crucial moment when it comes. Then you have to act alone, without allies. Stay late, work weekends, and do whatever necessary to achieve what you want. Personal relationships are expected to lead from afar. Virgos with children should pay attention to the relationships between their children and their childrenīs peers.

The second ten days of May 2019 will be especially successful in terms of restoring old connections. This can help both in professional and personal activities, so act as necessary. Those Virgos in romantic relationships should be more insistent and sure not to neglect their partnersī opinions. If necessary, give yourself time to concentrate. This will be an easier time for Virgos not in serious relationships; short-term relationships, long-term romances, and nothing at all are all possible during this time. Here the choice is entirely yours. If you work for a company, continue the trends that were laid down at the beginning of the month. Demand a reward for your hard work and do not back down, even if it seems hopeless. Virgos with their own business should act more subtly. Decide for yourself what is most important to you, and do not give in to obstacles.

May 2019 horoscope In May 2019, Libra will feel the support of their main patron, Eris, who will take a favorable position and enter into coherence with the sun. As a result, the potential negativity of Mars will be compensated and Libra will be able to deal with problems as soon as they arise. Libra will need concrete, confident, and aggressive steps to succeed during this period. Changes for which you cannot prepare are possible in your career, but they will be for your benefit; you will need flexibility and the ability to make decisions in a timely manner to succeed. In terms of personal relationships, single Libras will experience a calm month, while familial Libras will have the opportunity to make amends with or give gifts to their partners.

The first ten days of May 2019 will help Libra determine priorities and assess prospects. New acquaintances are likely, but take donīt take every new person seriously; many of them will be passing characters who are insignificant to you. Focus instead at work. Follow safety precautions on the job and do your work well, especially since management will reward the most productive employees. If you own your own business, then be generous and fair; this is a good time for personnel changes, but you donīt need to be zealous-if the department works perfectly on its own, then you shouldnīt interfere in it. Libra will need patience in romantic affairs, but it will soon be rewarded. Avoid ambiguities and state your intentions clearly.

The second ten days of May 2019 will supply what many Libras have long wanted. This could be a new position or the possibility of concluding a progressive agreement with a large company. You can count on fateful meetings, although there is no need to focus too much on this moment as everything should happen naturally. Your position within the family hearth will have a conceptual meaning; try not to support only one side, but point out the advantages of both positions and help find a compromise. If the situation concerns you personally, listen to all opinions, do not rush, and do as you see fit. You will be right, but donīt be arrogant. In mid-May, there may be a great opportunity to please your soul mate. Keep it a secret as long as you can; let the gift be unexpected.

May 2019 horoscope May 2019, under the influence of the astrological situation, will bring a lot of new opportunities and almost inexhaustible reserves of energy and enthusiasm for Scorpios. As a result of the position of Mars and Uranus, new acquaintances will be really important contacts. Be attentive and do not stop at a place where things are unclear. Working to understand things in every situation will give you experience, open up new opportunities, and tell a lot about those who are next to you. At work, large-scale financial transformations are likely, so be careful and take advantage opportunities. Regarding personal relationships, Scorpios should not be in a hurry to make things happen; on the contrary, theyīll have to push romantic partners to make a decision.

The first ten days of May 2019 will tell Scorpios how best to act in familiar situations that were previously handled poorly. Time is on your side during this period. If you have your own business, try to act consistently and be positive. For Scorpios working at a lower level, situations will evolve more dynamically. At the beginning of the month, you will definitely see an opportunity for alternative earnings or to raise your salary. Keep your hand on the pulse and be persistent, otherwise, the situation will not come to fruition. In terms of personal relationships, surprise your partner as often as possible. The beginning of May is not the best time for major acquisitions but is well suited for traveling.

The second ten days of May 2019 will be a slightly calmer period of the month for Scorpios. Here, you have to solve problems strictly as they come. No one will demand anything from you, so do not wind yourself up on the working front. Regarding personal relations, do not invent problems that are not there. If you have any disagreements with leadership, do not rush to develop a conflict; instead, think carefully about whether there is an alternative solution or you are wrong in your thinking. Within the family hearth, everything will turn out somewhat differently-here, if you decide to go first, you are unlikely to achieve what you want. Motivation is needed on both sides and the steps must be taken by both. Be frank but irreconcilable. There will be no wrong choices for lonely Scorpios, so act trivially or not-either way, you will still come to the desired result. Mid-May is a good time to pay attention to your health and the health of the household.

May 2019 horoscope In May 2019, Sagittarius will receive strong material support. Your activator, Eris, will occupy a successful position and will cooperate with Ceres, who is usually responsible for your decline. As a result, you will get the opportunity to achieve success literally in any direction; they will help you from the outside through all the people you know and the patrons you donīt know. But you should not pay too much attention to all these undercover nuances. If you have your own business, just do your job; the month is good for investments and financial transactions. If you work at a lower level, improve your qualifications and count on a new place-the effort invested will definitely pay off. On the love front, constant incidents, changes, and the emergence of controversial situations and other unpredicted moments are likely. Stay yourself and do not back down-this is your time.

The first ten days of May 2019 will result primarily in a unique experience. Those who have their own business will notice something important in an unexpected area. Do not neglect the opinions of the lowest-level staff. Those Sagittarius who work on a team can expect to be promoted, but they will have to work hard and actively. Stay late at the office, take work home, attract colleagues-do whatever you see fit, but become the best. You will be noticed, and if not, then at least new opportunities will open up. Try to judge with an open mind. Those not in a romantic relationship can simply enjoy life, as a lot of interesting things will happen now; dating and fleeting romances are likely. Get out of the house more often, keep up with your friends, have fun, and ignore outside suggestions. Familial Sagittarius will simply be happy, and worries will only strengthen the relationship with your partner.

In the second ten days of May 2019, something important will happen, and most likely it will be a whole series of events. Get ready to make crucial decisions with respect to your own relatives. If you are not sure, ask for advice, but do not postpone the situation as time is now playing against you. Regarding material profit, mid-May will be even more successful than the beginning of the month. If you are going to take a risk, do it now. In personal relationships, do not in any way provoke a soul mate; be careful and diligent. Those Sagittarius who are not in a relationship should not limit themselves beyond measure. Remember that a life without pleasure deprives us of too much.

May 2019 horoscope In May 2019, Capricorns will receive support from the moon, which usually limits your possibilities but will take a favorable position at the end of the month. Capricorns themselves, under the influence of planetary aspects, will not in all cases focus on activity and progress; at such moments circumstances will literally push you in the right direction. Do not sit back; instead, motivate yourself, set goals and move towards them. This is a good time for major financial acquisitions. Lonely Capricorns have every chance of a fateful meeting, and those already in a relationship will figure things out once and for all. This is a great month to start new projects and focus on self-improvement. Be active despite your own laziness.

The first ten days of May 2019 will be the most indulgent for Capricorns. Donīt worry too much over missed opportunities-they will come back around. On the other hand, with regard to your career, you may need to concentrate harder. If you have your own business, make a compromise, but do not develop conflicts. This is a great time for cooperation, but not when it comes to material gain. Here you do not need allies-you manage things yourself. If you work in an organization and are unhappy with the status quo, look for an alternative as this is the optimal time for the change. At the beginning of May, your romantic partner will persistently demand attention and it is up to you to decide how much time to devote to them. Try to be almost entirely focused on work by the end of the period.

The second ten days of May 2019 will help Capricorns reconsider their current position in such a way that provides the maximum benefit from occurring changes. You will have to constantly adapt to new situations, but this will not cause difficulties. Capricorn will be driven by friends, relatives, or circumstances. The dynamics of events are at their peak by mid-May, so try and be sure to get well-deserved advantages. From a business point of view, take advantage of opportunities, but read carefully between the lines and do not trust everyone. If you work in an organization, aim as high as possible. The period is good for changing qualifications and honing skills. On the love front, bravely meet any changes that may occur and do not fear responsibility. If you are sure you are right, there will be no barriers for you.

May 2019 horoscope In May 2019, Aquarius will be able to cope with pressing problems on all fronts at once. In general, this trend is fair for the whole year, but in May it will reach its apotheosis, and this should be fully exploited. Venus, the activator of Aquarius, and Neptune, your ruler, will take favorable positions, which will be strengthened by the moon. This will lead to you causing significant changes on the career front. For those who have their own business, the period will allow new and old contacts to help us build or implement some large-scale project. In terms of personal relationships, try to please your loved ones as often as possible. Non-members of your zodiac sign will be free to choose their own path, and familial Aquarius will have the opportunity to realize long-cherished plans.

The first ten days of May 2019 will be particularly successful in matters of the heart. This concerns not only close ties, but rather the more general emotional realm, so if you have long wanted to establish relations with someone or restore and strengthen old acquaintanceships, now is the time. Aquarius must act quickly and flexibly during this time. Do not impose your position on anyone, but adapt to the circumstances as necessary; connect the charisma and it will speed up the process. Do not be stingy, especially when it comes to relationships in a pair. With relatives, behave with restraint and tolerance; everything must be normalized in a way that doesnīt require you to take sides. In terms of finance, it is a good time for planning, though major acquisitions and investments are better implemented in the middle or at the end of May.

The second ten days of May 2019 will allow Aquarius to take the bull by the horns and confidently move forward. Count your actions in advance and take the most direct route to success. Try to visit some unusual places or meet interesting new people. If you have your own business, pay attention to the technical aspects and make sure that employees do not violate safety regulations as there is a small risk of work injury. If you work in an organization, look for opportunities related to your colleagues, but do not participate in hidden agendas. On the love front, sincerity is welcome, but not naivety; the sooner you remove your rose-colored glasses, the better for everyone involved

May 2019 horoscope In May 2019, Pisces will have many opportunities to change their current situation for the better. Venus, an activator of Pisces, will take a favorable position, which will be strengthened by the moon, and Neptune will suppress the potential negativity of Mercury, who is responsible for your problems and fears. As a result, leadership skills will suddenly appear in Pisces, and many situations will be solved in a completely different way than you are used to. This will benefit everyone. You will surprise many, and this will be an advantage because it will give you the opportunity to take advantage of situations and quickly do what you need. Donīt hesitate to use your talents. Look for an alternative career if leadership changes; do not rush to establish yourself, though, as your glory will precede you. If you have your own business, ensure stable control of departments that canīt seem to handle their tasks.

The first ten days of May 2019 will allow Pisces to quickly adapt to change. The aforementioned trends will be fair regarding your career but strive for new working conditions anyway. You are capable of more, you just need to believe it. If you work in an organization, try to change something, even if itīs a small something. In terms of personal relationships, defend your point of view, but do not push too hard as your partner will be especially vulnerable now. Thereīs a chance that an unforgettable surprise awaits you. The period is good for romance in all its manifestations. Do not dwell on the usual solutions. This advice is especially important for single Pisces seeking romance.

The second ten days of May 2019 will be the quietest period of the month for Pisces. If in the first ten days you laid the foundation for the development of a new situation, now you will need to let it stand. If you have your own business, pay attention to those questions previously asked, but donīt rush to find solutions. If you work in an organization, think about what you have already achieved and what you could still achieve. Regarding personal relationships, be persistent and keep looking for non-trivial solutions. In the Pisces family circle, unexpected joy awaits. Do not let others, even the closest allies, influence your decisions-you have to do everything yourself now. Now is a good time to plan large-scale actions, such as moving. Pay close attention to the younger generations, and do not strive to immediately get involved in the problem and help with advice. This is an effective and appropriate method for the here and now.

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