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     Monthly horoscope >> November 2017  ___________

Oh boy, is November an exciting month for you! The planets are transiting in your deepest houses this month, and it is time for a change. Get ready, Aries. You are in for a wild ride!

Jupiter has finally settled into his position in your eighth house of transformation and regeneration, and will stay here until next November of 2018. This is a serious time of death and rebirth. While “death” may not mean physical death around you, a spiritual or emotional death is in the air. You may be holding onto ideas or things from the past that the Universe wants you to let go of. With Jupiter, the house of good fortune, in this particular house, you will be able to see how quickly you can bounce back. Understand that Jupiter in the eighth house is an excellent omen, yet a time of great change. What are the big aspects in your life right now? What are your core beliefs about yourself and others? If there are old energies, over the next year, you will be releasing them and entering into a time of renewal. This is an exciting time for you, adventurous Aries! While transitioning is always challenging, your strong-willed and independent spirit is totally up for the task. Pay extra attention to the ways in which you hold yourself back, and how you can let these negative parts of you go to make space for a more powerful you!

Venus has been in your house of partnerships since last month, and will be moving to your house of regeneration and transformation this month as well. Until the 8th, you will feel extremely connected to your partner and other relationships. Depending on the nature of your work and family life, you have probably been enjoying peaceful communication and loving company. This is a great foundation for the changes coming up. After the 8th of this month, when Venus transits into your eighth house, you will experience shifts in your relationships. While not all of these shifts may lead to break-ups or loss of loved ones, some might be strong and upsetting. It is important for you to remember that this transit destroys old energy to make way for new life. If there are issues that you are holding onto in your relationships, these will be forced to come out. If your relationship survives this turmoil, you and your close one will be stronger than ever! If it does not, then this relationship no longer serves you in the greatest aspect, and it is time to move on. You are fierce, fiery Aries! The stars know you can fall and get up stronger than before.


Dear Taurus, your November will be quite an interesting month. The majority of the planets are in your upper half of the hemisphere, signifying a serious focus on a career in your professional sector. You will also enjoy a plentiful love life, given that Venus enters your seventh house during the month. While you will be enjoying the fruits of your labor in a financial sense, it is important that you pay attention to your health this month, as you may experience small bouts of illness throughout coming days. Overall, Taurus, you are in for another excellent month, thanks to these lucky planetary alignments!

On the 6th, Mercury enters your eighth house of transformation and renewal. Mercury, your communication and financial planet, will encourage you to reevaluate the ways in which you manage your finances. You may need to talk to a financial advisor this month. This is probably a good thing for you! You are seeing some real monetary gains and may want to think about investing this new income. Make sure to include your partner or other confidants in this decision, as Mercury wants you to communicate with those in your life right now. Overall, finances will be stable and excellent this month, and you will not need to pinch pennies any longer! This alignment may also suggest that your partner’s finances will be steady as well. It is a good time to plan for the future. It is never too early to think about retirement, and you may want to look into these types of investments with your loved one.

Venus enters your seventh house on the 8th of this month. Your planetary ruler in the house of relationships will be extra auspicious for your love life, lovely Taurus! If you are single, you may notice an influx of admirers coming your way. Since you are flush with money this month, feel free to go out on the town! Setting dates and plans will be ideal. If you are in a relationship, November will feel like you have fallen in love all over again! Let your romantic, whimsical side take over. You and your partner may want to go on a long weekend getaway in a romantic setting. If you are married, this is an excellent month to renew your vows with your loved one. Thanks to Venus, love is in the air all month and will be until the 30th. Open your heart to the beautiful possibilities of love, sensual Taurus. While your libido will be strong throughout November, be mindful not to go overboard, as your health remains most important this month. Keep the sexual activity at a moderate level, but let yourself be free in the bedroom!


Jupiter is well into your sixth house of work and responsibilities this month and will remain here until November of 2018. He is wise and makes sure the work you are doing in your professional and personal life goes well. This kicks off your path of service and dedication throughout the entire month, dear Gemini!

Venus will begin in your fifth house this month. The fifth house is the sector of self-expression and creativity. Venus here makes for a wonderful alignment, as her beautiful and vibrant energy will inspire you to be the most stunning version of yourself! Your path here is aimed towards creation in a feminine essence. Anything you touch with seemingly be more beautiful simply by your influence. Venus wants you to be as passionate in your creations as you are in your relationships. Let yourself go and express yourself to the fullest! Whatever your creative outlet is, make sure you take time every day to practice your art. Venus’ planetary reign in the fifth house will keep you balanced and at peace throughout your artistic process. When she enters the sixth house on the 8th, you may transition from this creative path to more of a routine one. The sixth house embodies job and responsibilities. This includes the work you do in your professional life and at home. Venus brings her diplomatic energy wherever she goes, so this alignment will bring you joy throughout these aspects of your life. You may find that you are getting along more with co-workers, or are quicker to come to a compromise. At home, you will enjoy daily chores and common activities, finding that even they contain some beauty and happiness.

Mercury enters your seventh house of partnerships on the 6th of November. Mercury, the planet of communication, will encourage you to communicate more within your relationships. Mercury understands the need for openness and understanding, and this will aid you to communicate with compassion in your partnerships. This alignment may also give you a better handle on managing conversations between co-workers. People may ask you to mediate discussions, or even speak publicly, seeing how efficient you are at getting your point across. In your personal life, this alignment may manifest in the form of a mediation between friends who may not be getting along. You will be ideal here at identifying issues for your loved ones that they may be having with another person. They will turn to you for advice and clarity, as you have the keen ability to explain both perspectives this month!

Jupiter remains in your fifth house of freedom and self-expression, and he will be here until November of next year! You can look forward to his good fortune and intellect leading you into creative endeavors that may mean more than just artistic expression. You may find that you learn great lessons from delving deeper into your expressive nature. There is also a possibility here for your artistic passion for becoming more than just a hobby. Over the course of Jupiter’s cycle in this house, you may be presented with opportunities to do your passion for monetary gains. If you have been shifting your career focus, this may be a sign for you to commit to your art as a professional path. Take your time to consider the options, and know that the Universe has your back, dear Cancer!

The Sun will be in Scorpio, your fifth house, until the 22nd of this month. This alignment denotes an air of pleasure and fun. You may feel the need to go on an adventure, be silly, or do something that is a little daring! The Sun’s alignment here will make you more social as well, so you may be more inclined to attend parties or social gatherings. You will find that you are the happiest when you are being artistic and expressive. Now is your time to shine in whatever hobby or passion you have dedicated yourself to. While you are generally not the center of attention, quiet Cancer, you may feel like you want to be noticed and seen for your uniqueness this month. Your personality will be more whimsical and romantic this month, as you are in search of freedom and expression!

Venus begins in your fourth house for the month of November. Your fourth house of home and family enjoys Venus’ alignment here. This will manifest as a desire to create beauty in your home and family life. Whether it involves decorating your spaces, creating more meaningful relationships with your partners, parents, and children, or simply viewing your domestic life in a more positive light, this alignment is sure to create beauty wherever you go. You are naturally inclined to nurture as a Cancer, and Venus in the fourth house is extremely loving and compassionate. Feelings of needing to reconnect with your roots may also arise, and you may be inclined to revisit your past in some way. What lessons have you learned from where you came from? Is there anything you can let go of or choose to see in a new way? On the 8th of the month, Venus transitions into your fifth house of creativity and self-expression. Venus here will make you feel beautiful, inside and out! You may attract new people in your life, romantic and otherwise, due to your radiant energy. It’s important for you to be creative in whatever sense that means to you. Cancers love the water, so you may find it extra wonderful to swim and be surrounded by your natural element. This can sprout feelings of joy and creativity all on its own. Find ways in which you get pleasure out of life, and let yourself be free!

You will have an interesting month, dear Leo! Your energy will greatly focus on your personal life. Most of the planets are in the western portion of your chart, influencing your personal and domestic matters the most. This month also focuses on dealing with the past. The stars encourage you to examine issues in your family and close relationships, and understand how the present is a reflection of your past choices. Since last month, Jupiter has been in your fourth house of family, roots, and all things domestic. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and good fortune. He will be here until November of next year. This is an extremely lucky alignment for you. This planet influences your desires to grow your family unit and get back in touch with where you came from. This will inspire a deeper sense of identity and a desire to move forward in some way. You may find yourself getting ready to move again, or investing in a place that will be your new home for the long-term. If you are considering having children, November is a wonderful month to try! Jupiter creates luck on your side in this process. This alignment may also encourage you to dig deeper into your ancestry or lineage. Get inspired by this, and consider traveling to a “homeland” or new place that calls to you!

Venus begins in your third house this month. The third house is the communication sector. If you are dating someone, you may feel eager to get to know them better during this time. Venus and her harmonious nature will encourage you to ask questions about your loved one, that is much deeper than playful chit chat. If you are a single Leo, you may find yourself getting closer to friends, who also may turn out to be intimate partners in the future. Now is a great time to be social, as your outgoing nature shines among this alignment! When Venus moves into your fourth house of home and family on the 8th of November, your focus will shift from dating and friends to domestic affairs. You will feel inclined to create a loving, nurturing environment for your family. You may feel extra emotional and sentimental, recalling happy memories with loved ones and close family members. Memories from childhood may also arise here that you may need to process and let go of. It is a great time to make space for relaxing, calm moments at home. Buy a new house plant to renew the energy, or warm up your bedroom with essential oil mists. Venus brings beauty and peace wherever she goes, and this will be your motto for the home this month, dear Leo. On the 28th, Venus transits to your fifth house of pleasure and self-expression. This is where the lion loves to be! Venus brings her optimistic energy in your pursuits of pleasure and happiness. You may feel especially sexual towards the end of the month, and will want to channel your inner lion or lioness in the bedroom!

Lovely Virgo, you are predicted to be quite studious and curious during the month of November! Most of the planets are shifting from the eastern to the western part of your chart, and this is an opportunity to delve into more intellectual pursuits.

Jupiter remains in your third house until next November. Jupiter is the planet of good fortune. In the third house of communication, you are strongly influenced by the intellectual drive. You may crave learning something new and challenging. It´s not uncommon for Jupiter in this house to encourage people to learn a foreign language. You may also become involved in writing, reading, research, and heavy analyzing of a specific subject matter. This could present itself within your professional sector, but as this sector remains empty all month, these pursuits will most likely take place during your free time. Because Jupiter brings his good luck with him, you may apply for a higher degree in something of interest to you. Your work ethic towards a subject that you are passionate about will help you achieve your educational goals! The third house will be of great influence to you all month long.

The Sun also begins in your third house of communication this month. Your personality will be very tied to uncovering hidden truths about yourself and those around you. Again, this will manifest in an intellectual way. You may have the tendency to over analyze, and the Sun in this alignment will make this trait even more pronounced. Make sure that you aren´t going overboard, as people around you might be overwhelmed with your sudden interest in their lives. The third house also influences your immediate surroundings, and you may take pride in keeping up with the neighbors this month. The Sun shifts to your fourth house on the 22nd when we enter the sign of Sagittarius. The fourth house rules all things domestic and family-related. You will feel especially connected to your roots during this time, and the planets encourage you to contact your siblings, parents, and any other close relatives you grew up with. As you grow and change, the stars remind you to remember where you came from and to root yourself in your identity. You will get extra pleasure from the 22nd onward in tidying up your home space and making it inviting for guests and family. Channel your domestic god/goddess, dear Virgo! You may also connect with neighbors and find common interests among them toward the end of the month.

Jupiter has been in your second house since last month and will be there until November of 2018. You might as well be swimming in money! Jupiter brings his good fortune with him into this house of values and finances. You will see extraordinary monetary gains throughout the year. While you may not be seeing anything coming in quite yet, the planets are making this happen for you behind the scenes. Pluto, your financial planet, is moving forward and has been since September. This only adds to your luck in finances and income. You are one lucky Libra for the next year!

Venus starts off in the first house at the beginning of the month. The first house is where your identity and personality reside. You will notice that you emphasize beauty overall, and aim to please those around you. While you may feel a little vain this month, Venus is also your planetary ruler and she would never lead you astray from your truth! You are a beautiful creature and you should feel free to show off! Venus will ground you though and make sure that you get in touch with your deeper self and harmonious nature. You naturally want to help those around you and Venus will make this happen. On November 8th, Venus transitions into your second house. The second house rules your monetary affairs and values. You will notice a greater emphasis on saving money rather than spending during this time, as you will also evaluate how money can bring the greatest good to society. You are especially altruistic, and this alignment encourages you to think bigger picture. It is a great time to donate your time or money to charity and engage in giving back to your community. Venus ends the month in your third house when she shifts on the 28th. This house of communication will influence you to be more open with your loved ones. The planetary alignment encourages you to be your authentic self and to leave nothing on the table!

The Sun begins in your second house of values and material wealth. You may find yourself wanting to indulge a little and wear more expensive clothing or jewelry. Because your finances are predicted to soar throughout the year, the planets encourage you to splurge a little! Your personality and identity may be focused outward towards your physical appearance this month. The Sun transits to your third house of communication after the 22nd, when he enters Sagittarius. This alignment can bring some challenges with those around you, as you may feel the need to quell arguments before they even arise. Although you are peacekeeping, you must remember that differences of opinion are ultimately a good thing, as it drives us to grow and be challenged.

Dearest Scorpio, this month is quite fabulous for you! Many planets are in your sign at some point during the month, and you can look forward to feeling on top of the world in many aspects. Any planet in your first house shapes your personality in a big way. You are even more yourself this month for sure! This includes the emotional drama of being a Scorpio, but there are many positive attributes to these ups and downs. Jupiter has been in your sign since last month, and he will remain here until November of next year. Jupiter in Scorpio is passionate and intense. You may even feel more psychic or tap into your intuitive abilities at this time. You will attract people from all walks of life who are in need of guidance and healing. While your intensity of emotion remains fierce, Jupiter ensures good luck in your emotional ups and downs. You will benefit greatly from allowing emotional and spiritual transitions to happen, and trust that the Universe is on your side! You may realize your power to attract people with money is greater than ever before. Be careful not to abuse this gift, and you will greatly benefit from this alignment! Jupiter will give you confidence in social situations and also open you up to taking more risks. This may include traveling to a place you have never been, or taking a chance with a brand new experience. Don’t let this influence how you act with money, and you should be in the clear!

Venus moves into your sign on the 8th of this month as well. You may find yourself unintentionally involved in romantic affairs, as these will come in surprising ways! You may feel extremely sexual and sensual when Venus enters your house, and you are not afraid to show it off, either. Your sexual energy is a form of creativity, and physical beauty will be a top priority here. You will get great pleasure from doting over your physical appearance and perfecting it for yourself. Your efforts will naturally attract potential partners, as your energy will be radiant! Even though you are not an overly flamboyant person, you may find yourself dressing more provocatively or luxurious during this period of the month. If you are single, Venus may bring you love this month! If you are in a relationship, you and your partner will connect much more intimately, in a physical sense the most.

The Sun begins in your twelfth house this month. The Sun, which symbolizes your ego, has an extremely interesting alignment when in the house of the subconscious. You would rather be unheard and unseen while doing good deeds and being selfless towards others. Your compassion will be called upon during this time, and you will do anything to help the ones you love. On the other end of the spectrum, the Sun enters into your sign, first house, on the 22nd of this month. The Sun in the twelfth house is the opposite of the Sun in the first house. Matters will shift from working behind the scenes to assist others helping yourself get what you want! With Aries as the ruler of the first house, his action-oriented energy will make you driven and motivated to achieve your desires. While you are very focused on yourself, try not to get too worked up about what others think of you. You are going through your own process, and the Universe supports you the whole way!

Jupiter is also in your twelfth house and will remain there until next November. Jupiter in the twelfth house is what some would call magical. When you act in good spirits and do good deeds on behalf of others, Jupiter rewards you with good luck and fortune. You will enjoy making people feel good about themselves and your beliefs are strongly rooted in faith during this time. The concept of karma will be fairly evident throughout the year, as what you give to others will come back to you tenfold. It is important to not let people take advantage of you here, as you may overextend yourself in order to be there for others. Jupiter encourages you here to achieve your dreams and deepest desires. You will be open to many more opportunities for growth in the year to come, dear Sagittarius!

Venus begins the month in your eleventh house of friendships. You will get the most joy being with friends and people you genuinely love. This is quite different than a romantic endeavor, as your focus will be geared towards platonic socializing rather than dating. Being around your true friends will give you the energy and faith you need to see the beauty in the world. Venus transits into your twelfth house on the 8th of this month. This alignment indicates a shift from friendships to romance. You love being swept off your feet and engaging in dramatic gestures anyway, sparkly Sagittarius. This may show up in your romantic life. If you are single, a special person is around the corner. If you are in a relationship, Venus will ensure many romantic evenings throughout the month!

You are in for quite a serious month, dear Capricorn. Most of your planets are in the eastern hemisphere of your chart, which contains the first three and the last three houses. It is now the time to exercise your free will the most. You will be very self-motivated and assertive this month, taking action where it matters the most.

Jupiter has transited into your eleventh house since last month, and he will remain here until next November of 2018. This is an auspicious alignment for you, dear Capricorn! Jupiter will work to expand your circle of friends and open you up to deeper friendships. You might find opportunities for making money by joining alliances with a friend in a skill that you both share. Your personal achievements are also important in this sector, and Jupiter assists you in fulfilling your desires for the future. You may take a sudden interest in science, especially astronomy and physics, as these are more “other-worldly” than the other hard sciences. You will also be drawn to technology, as you see it as an extension of the human body. You will be able to employ your technological skills in a way that promotes your interests and studies. You may also invest in a new technology or buy replacement equipment for a job or interest of yours. Jupiter is also your spiritual planet, and he will encourage you to read more about religion, spirituality, and ways in which you can grow in this aspect.

Uranus has been in retrograde for sometime, but on the 4th, it begins to move direct. Progress is being made, and you are definitely on your way to seeing improvements in work and money! Uranus is your financial planet and you can expect your finances to remain steady, if not increase throughout November. While your career sector is not a major focus this month, you will definitely enjoy the perks of getting overtime payment or bonuses coming up!

Jupiter has been in your tenth house since last month, and he will remain here until November of 2018. While this planet of good luck is in the house of career, this does not mean you will see results without putting in the effort. The theme in this alignment is that you create your own luck, and the harder you work, the more success you see. Jupiter’s influence here will show you how to excel in what you are doing in your profession, but you must do the work on your own! You will be wise to include your colleagues in projects, as any luck you accumulate through your dedication will rub off on them. They will love you for it!

The Sun begins in your tenth house, your career sector, this month. You will crave recognition in your job, and will work extremely hard to become more of a leader in your vocation. Your determination to succeed will be noted here by your employer, and you may identify more strongly with your career this month. While you care about what others think, even if you do not receive the praise you desire, know that your hard work is paying off behind the scenes! On the 22nd, the Sun shifts into your eleventh house of friendships. This is where you thrive, dear Aquarius! You love to help others, and this alignment will be perfect for humanitarian efforts. You may be called on to assist in a crisis amongst friends and loved ones this month. It is also a great time to delve into charity work, as you love to give and be around other generous people. You will also hone in on your people-reading skills, and will know what others are feeling even if they don’t say it. This will make them confide in you and trust that you may be able to give them sincere advice. Your desire to help others is altruistic and is very in line with your personality this month!

Venus begins in your ninth house for November. This is the sector of philosophy and intellect. Venus values the love connection in this house, but also enjoys her freedom and independence. If you are in a relationship, you may feel the need to be more independent from your partner in certain aspects. You will feel extremely free-spirited at the beginning of November, and it will be hard to tie you down! If you are single, you will not feel the need to explore opportunities for love until later. This is the time to experience your independence and spontaneous nature. On the 8th, Venus shifts into your tenth house of career. Venus will influence your professional sector in a positive way, and people at your workplace will see you in a favorable light. You will be seen as intellectual and advantageous to your employer. You will also be able to work in harmony with others, and teamwork will be your strong suit this month. If you can take on projects with multiple people, you will shine! You will be subconsciously responsible for making your work environment a more beautiful space for all to thrive. Your influence on others this month is quite something special!


Jupiter has been in your ninth house since last month, dear Pisces. He will stay in this sector of philosophy and worldly pursuits until November of next year. With an increasing urge for freedom and expansion of cultural knowledge, you may feel inclined to book a trip soon. Travel for you may happen over the next year, so make sure to save up for your adventures! You may also be exploring new religions, cultures, and philosophies through reading and other intellectual sources. Jupiter’s influence in this sector is a positive aspect. You are hungry to learn all that this world has to offer and exert your independence. Because of your desire to seek knowledge and new experiences, your enthusiasm will be contagious, and others may want to follow your lead. Your emotional and intellectual freedom can be just as liberating as your physical freedom, so be open and honest with yourself and others about your ideas. Express yourself, and swim away, dear Pisces!

Venus begins in your eighth house of regeneration and transformation. This sector symbolizes the death and rebirth of all things. With Venus here, you take love and commitment very seriously. Your thoughts and feelings may be hidden, but you can see through others in an extremely deep way. While this can be wonderful for a romantic relationship, be careful not to scare your partner off with your sixth sense! Sometimes, when others do not show you how they feel, it is because they are not ready to be raw and emotional like you. You will throw your heart and soul into your most intimate relationships during this time. When Venus transits into your ninth house on the 8th of November, you will realize that you also value freedom in your closest relationships. Venus understands balance, and she brings this insight into the ninth house. While you may be exploring beauty outside of your relationship, this “outer” knowledge will be beneficial to your connection with your partner. The more work you do on your individual self, the more you have to offer in your romantic relationship. If you are a single Pisces, you may not feel the need to date this month, as you will be so focused on pursuing your independence. Enjoy this freedom while you can!

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