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     Monthly horoscope >> March 2018  ___________

For Aries in March 2017 it is logical to rely on the following planetary combination. The sun, your primary benefactor, will not let you back out from the most appropriate strategy, while Saturn will grant you perseverance and steadfastness. We are talking about a period in your life when you must weigh every word clearly and make an effort to have as much control as possible in your field of responsibility. This doesnīt mean that you have to become an absolute "dictator", taking an overtly dominant position. You will just be more acutely aware of the responsibility which rests on you, and this is good, because such metamorphoses usually take place with people who are on the verge of a really far-reaching achievement. This statement concerns work-related aspects of your life and the sphere of feelings to the same degree. However, in keeping with the basic predictions, you must put a big emphasis precisely on the area of family and personal relationships. You should not leave your career and business unattended, but it is better to postpone categorical decisions in order to avoid big trouble. Here we should also point out the position of Mars, who under normal circumstances is one of your benefactors. The red planet will be strong and confident now, such that you should not take unnecessary risks, especially when it comes to monetary funds (in one way or another). Finances can now count on progressive development, but, first of all, not in the volumes that you expect, and secondly, taking into account certain characteristics, and paying better attention on your side.

For people born under the Zodiac sign of Taurus, March 2017 will be a month of new achievements and surprising, unforeseen situations. At the current stage of life you should trust your intuition more often, having minimal information. Rely on allies only in the most extreme cases, otherwise you will not implement the resources which need to be "developed" right now, because they will lose their real value. And there will be quite a lot of these resources, as Saturn, who under normal circumstances is quite drastic towards your sign, will take your side now. The alliance of the moon and Venus who "have your back covered" is an additional advantage. Of course nobody is going to do the "dirty work" for you, and in general there is no point in shifting your responsibilities to others now, although there will be opportunities to do so. Act as you usually do, only become a little bit more persistent and active. Activeness will be to your advantage, especially in situations when it is not clear what must be done next. This will be a good time; it could change a lot for the better, but it will also have its own "pitfalls". Among other things, the negativity of Jupiter could lead to conflicts in the work sphere and in the family, if you donīt stop a problem right at its inception. At this stage prevention will prove to be several times more effective than even the most speedy resolution, so make an effort to outstrip your opponents, look forward, and plan ahead.


In March 2017 Geminis could get really lucky, because their primary celestial benefactor, Saturn, will take up a strong positive position. Unfortunately, as a sign of the element of Air, Geminis will not be able to have additional support, but the available advantages will be enough for them. In the first spring month they will defeat their adversaries, and all other things being equal, they will easily be able to take their own business to the next level. Those who work for somebody else, and not for themselves, will also receive certain advantages, which we will look at below. It is hard to say which side of life it is logical for Geminis to focus their attention on. Those born under this sign will experience quite a balanced stage, devoid of clear negativity, but possessing certain energetic impulses which indicate possible prospects in a practical sense. It will be necessary to make an effort, to work by the sweat of your brow, as they say, but you will be able to achieve what you want many times faster than you planned, in spite of competition and opposition. It is true that you will have to be careful in some areas, due to the position of Mars and the moon. This combination will not be the most positive, and thus in the second half of the month risks will appear, connected to the making of agreements, contracts and the forming of alliances. You must approach these matters with the highest degree of caution, and consequently, without haste.

In March 2017 Cancer will be supported by the moon and Saturn to a special degree, and as such a powerful combination is actually surprisingly exceptional, representatives of this Zodiac sign can completely count on extraordinary events, developing in a positive way. It is important to note that at the dawn of spring in the year of the Fire Rooster, those born under the sign of Cancer will sense an influx of vital energy which they will want to implement to a large degree on the aspect which concerns their personal life. There is no point in resisting such desires, but by no means should they forget about work. Make an effort to give the "romantic front" a slight advantage over the sphere of career and work. At the current stage critical emphasis must be put on high-quality, well thought-out decisions, which, even if they do not affect efficiency, will still allow you to form a really solid foundation. In fact, you will need this foundation in the very near future, and thus important decisions taken at the beginning of the month will get a real embodiment by the middle of the period, and will allow you to achieve more. The stars recommend not to trust new acquaintances, but it is definitely necessary to engage, as without this you will not make progress. Just be attentive, as now the influence of Mars, who is inherently your primary benefactor, could be destructive to a large degree. In order not to be put at risk, you must follow what is going on around you attentively. The more information you have, the more contacts and communicative channels, the more advantageous the position will be. If you isolate yourself, you will lose that which you have already attained.

For Leos, March 2017 will be a clear and positive time, oriented towards complex development in all spheres of life. The sun and Pluto, your main benefactors, will work together closely now, which will ensure a favorable confluence of circumstances. It is important to note that your attention will be divided fairly evenly between the sphere of work and that of personal matters. The absence of "energetic imbalances" means that success will be the natural result of your active performance, but only active - those Leos who suddenly decide to rest might not reach such a bright ending. On the other hand, for your sign, the beginning of spring will naturally be a time for the implementation of scheduled plans, that is, at this stage the intensity of your efforts will increase, shall we say, automatically. But you mustnīt imagine that everything will keep rolling forward, and that no particular efforts will be required of you. In certain situations the influence of Uranus could be extremely negative, which could give rise to ambiguous situations. You will immediately understand what we are referring to, as soon as you encounter these "attacks". Under no circumstances should you be "fooled" by the provocation; act according to your abilities and donīt chase after illusory prospects, otherwise you will lose all stability, which will result in imminent loss.

In the sphere of work in March 2017, people born under the sign of Leo can count on significant financial growth. Some will be able to move on to a new position, and for those who do not work for themselves, this will mean, first of all, a higher and more prestigious position. If you are prepared to expand your area of responsibility, if you want to work more and, accordingly, to earn more, the stars will meet with you, and already at the dusk of the first ten-day period you will understand clearly what the circumstances require. In the second ten-day period the world around you could be quite destabilized, but this will not affect your work even to the slightest degree. It is important not to let yourself give up at the first sign of danger. Those Leos who have their own business will be able to take a step back at any moment in order to weigh their options. There is nothing strange about this, gathering strength is an important point on the road to victory. Those who do not work for themselves, as already mentioned, could have a new position, and it is possible that this increase will be quite unexpected to you personally. That is, at the previous stage there were no clear presumptions of this, but for this reason the situation will be twice as pleasing. Due to the position of Uranus, it will be necessary to save your strength in the third ten-day period of the month. Donīt let yourself lose focus, thus losing your sense of direction. Even with total success, keep vigilance, otherwise you could become the victim of an accident.

In March 2017 people born under the sign of Virgo will not encounter situations which they will be unable to resolve. At the current stage of life, victory will be the natural outcome of competent and timely work, although, of course, this doesnīt mean that the "cornucopia" will open wide for you. Well, you will agree, it wouldnīt be interesting otherwise. A permanent increase in profit is now foreseen in the work sphere, or the most radical change in direction, which will result in a more promising position. Below we will dwell on this point in more detail, but in the broadest outlines it is important to understand the following: be guided by your own progressive reasoning, donīt be afraid to act in the most proactive way; even risking everything at certain moments, you will be able to achieve the results you want. Whatīs more, these results will really go beyond your expectations, and this also concerns the "romantic sphere", where the principal deviations from the work sphere will only consist in the fact that it is right to put emphasis on less confrontational methods of resolving problematic situations. That is, you must act more calmly and not so recklessly. Mercury will be wholeheartedly on your side, which is very good, but Neptune in combination with the negative position of Mars could mess it up, so to speak. There is no point in leaving room for chance, even risks, so plan retreat options, otherwise you could stumble, and then you will have to reap completely different "fruit".

In March 2017 those born under the Zodiac sign of Libra can count on the support of their celestial benefactors, but they will have to do the lionīs share of the work independently. Saturn, your primary helper in the heavenly belt will completely neutralize the negativity of the moon, and Venus, fortunately, will change her unfavorable position to a neutral one. This means that now it is not only necessary to resolve immediate problems, but also possible. The opportunities will not rain down "heavenly Manna" on you, but no force majeure is foreseen on the horizon. It will make sense to put special emphasis on the "personal front", whereas the work sphere will recede into the background, but (this is important) donīt lose your relevance. You should not forget how important communication and timely completion of small-scale tasks can be, and also the avoidance of seemingly minor hassles. At the current stage this is very important, because you need a clear mind and free hands, and if you get bogged down in small things, you canīt count on a successful outcome. Overall, the first spring month will be promising and quite successful, especially when it comes to the implementation of old (possibly already forgotten) initiatives. Just be careful "digging up the past", as now even perfect mistakes could "hit you on the head" with renewed force, due to the position of Mars. Draw conclusions more carefully, especially about people you donīt know or are poorly acquainted with. If you donīt, you will seriously risk putting your allies in jeopardy.

For people born under the sign of Scorpio, the first spring month, March 2017 will actually be quite successful, especially when it comes to the work sphere. The situation could unfold quite dynamically, that is, you will encounter new circumstances literally every day. The reason for this is the difficult "relations" of Saturn, your primary benefactor, with the moon. Nevertheless, there is nothing bad about this, you will just need to get used to the fact that every new moment of time will require new patterns from you, new plans, according to which you will act. Originality will be welcomed, but you shouldnīt reinvent the wheel, so to speak. If you already have complicated measures worked out in order to resolve this or that task, there is no point in trying to turn around and consider something unusual. This way you will spend strength which could still come in handy. Remember that the efficiency of your actions is the most important thing now, and not any subjective assessments. Aside from that, the above-mentioned moon, cooperating with Mars, who will suddenly revert from a loyal friend to a fierce enemy now, could bring you quite a few problems, if you donīt notice this potential negativity in good time. Keep a heightened level of vigilance even when everything is developing ideally. Situational readiness is key to success, but excessive relaxation will definitely lead to failure.


Those born under the Zodiac sign of Sagittarius can count on comprehensive support from their celestial benefactors in March 2017. We are referring to the fact that Jupiter and Venus, two planets who exert a large degree of influence on the lives of Sagittarians, will not only be strong from an energetic point of view at this stage, but will also take up an exclusively positive position. At certain moments it could even seem to you like the world has changed, irreversibly and for the better. Of course far from everything will be such plain sailing, but you will be lucky, and thatīs a fact. You shouldnīt pay attention to those who are openly jealous of you - with their negativity they will just be digging their own grave, but you will be completely safe from it. In the work sphere there is quite a high likelihood of an increase in profits or of receiving a new position. In the sphere of feelings and emotions, single Sagittarians and those with families can both count on the realization of their most cherished desires. Of course, you will have to make an effort for all of this, it would be unfair to receive everything immediately without any efforts on your side! Aside from that, in no event should you let yourself become isolated, removed from the world. Mercury will take advantage of this immediately, and although he is not particularly strong, he is capable of bringing you quite a few problems. So be communicative, and open to everything new, otherwise you will lose the positions you already have.


In March 2017 Capricorns will fight against circumstances and win systematically, carrying a surge of positivity into their surroundings. In actual fact, for these same Capricorns this will be quite a surprising trend, but the position of Saturn, their primary celestial benefactor, will determine their current stage of life in precisely this way. The sphere of personal relationships will blossom in radically new colors. If you abandon old relationships, it means that this is really necessary. If you make new friends, it means that you deserve this. In any event, you must make forward progress, turning back to the already trodden path as infrequently as possible. The work sphere will be subject to a nearly analogous trend, which will likewise offer you certain progress on the corporate ladder, or at least an increase in your resource base (probably in the form of external projects). It is hard to say to what extent this month will be fundamental to your whole life. But one other thing is quite clear: we are dealing with a successful confluence of circumstances, with an opportunity for good fortune which you will seize by the tail. We should just point out the position of Mars, who may prove to be the most dangerous aspect of March. In no event should you let yourself stay still or give in to emotions. If you are overwhelmed, if you lose control over your life even for a minute, the results are unlikely to be pleasing to you.


In March 2017 there are unlikely to be situations which Aquarius will not be able to get out of. In this regard it is important to mention two points. Firstly, thanks to the exclusively positive positioning of Saturn and Mercury, your key benefactors, conflicts will be minimal in number. Secondly, in most cases circumstances will unfold to your advantage, which canīt be anything other than pleasing to you. This is not, of course, the panacea for errors, but with such a development each "mess" can be cleaned up quickly and painlessly; it will be enough to make a bit of an effort, and to really want it. In the upcoming month, motivation will be a determining factor which it makes sense to fasten your attention to. In the work sphere as with the sphere of personal relationships, a whole range of possibilities will deploy themselves in front of you, doors that are ajar or wide open, but (and this is fitting) far from every door will prove to be necessary for you. Sometimes a wide selection can also become a problem. In March the influence of Mars, your primary celestial antagonist, in combination with the position of the sun, will not allow you to make use of all your resources, so you will have to act wisely. Calculate every step you take, and move forward only when you are confident in yourself, otherwise you will get lost in the labyrinth of domestic problems.

In March 2017 Pisces will be supported by Venus and Saturn, despite the fact that the latter does not usually entertain particularly warm feelings for representatives of this Zodiac sign. Overall, such an unusual duo will give you quite a few opportunities, most of which will prove to be really surprising and important experiences. This statement largely concerns the sphere of personal relationships, while the work sphere, without losing the intensity of changing developments, will give way to some extent to the "romantic front", when it comes to clarity and contrast in what is going on. In other words, now most of your attention will be focused somehow or other on processes going on within your home, and also between you and new acquaintances. And this is only fitting, considering how strong Venus is. Overall, the first spring month will allow you to truly transform your life, and to a large extent those who are ready for change will benefit. The conservatives will also get certain "bonuses", but not so far-reaching. It is important to note the position of Mercury, your sole antagonist this month. Be especially careful with finances, as there is a risk of machinations and risky ventures, which will result in situations devoid of a positive ending.

Pisces who have their own business will encounter a multitude of opportunities and events in March 2017, which could succeed each other quite quickly along the course of your life. But far from all of these will prove to be really important, especially when it comes to your creative projects. Now the stars recommend that you do not get distracted from scheduled plans, because a clearly thought-out strategy will be more successful in any event than a complete rush without the necessary preparation. Be attentive towards staff politics, donīt allow the resignation of specialists who are really necessary to you. Be communicative and open, as it may be that now is the time to become the "good cop". Those who do not work for themselves can be confident that the management will not put before them unsolvable or even objectively difficult tasks. On the one hand, this will give you an opportunity for unplanned work. At the same time, you will free up time for what you really want to do. Just be careful with investments. Due to the position of Mercury, far from all of your ventures will be successful now. In general, specifically for Pisces this month will not be the most favorable for starting a business. Remember this.

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