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     Monthly horoscope >> April 2017  ___________

Aries, a representative of the element of fire, is highly likely to be at the center of rapidly developing events. The situation is unlikely to catch you unawares, but it would be best to be prepared for any turn of events right from the beginning, as this will allow you to avoid potential problems, and it will strengthen your position. The Sun and Mars will be the primary helpers of people born under this sign, and they are quite a powerful combination, all the more since we are dealing with the traditional celestial helpers of Aries who are used to working in tandem, roughly speaking. This means that in the work sphere as well as the sphere of personal relationships, you can be in your element, attaining the envisaged goals with relative ease. In this regard it’s important to understand that to a large degree the difficulty will be determined by factors which have not been taken into account. In this sense the second month of spring will be extremely illustrative, it will really teach you a lot, and let you realize and accept many things. This will concern the “romantic front” in particular, where new horizons will open up in front of you, in the literal sense, and you shouldn’t think that this won’t affect married Arians. On the contrary, they will have a wider scope for all kinds of experiments. In general, there will be opportunities, all that’s left is to make use of them. Incidentally, Venus won’t be particularly favorable towards you now, so the stars advise you to avoid grandiloquent speeches and blatantly pretentious behavior. Now you need to work on the outcome, not on the image, and don’t forget this, otherwise the influence of the “Heavenly Priestess” will ruin all your potential.

Taurus, as a representative of the element of Earth, can count on the total support of his main traditional patron – the Moon – in April 2017. In actual fact the younger sister of the master of the heavenly expanses is not very well suited to the role of helper for the Earth sign, especially at moments of its activity, but the favorable position of the Sun will rectify all “imbalances”. As a result, Taureans can completely count on having a dynamic and colorful time. Now it’s important not to forget who you are and why you are moving in the direction you have chosen for yourself. The understanding will give you the chance to use the available opportunities twice as productively. However, the second month of spring will be far from “philosophical” for you, on the contrary, such considerations will recede into the background, as a backdrop for your actions. Waiting for the best moment won’t work out, and if you don’t see this point yourself, it means that there is reason to seriously reassess your worldview. Be considerate when you decide to manipulate people, and you actually do this, even to the slightest degree. The position of Venus could turn your achievements to your disadvantage. However, this will only happen if you are not confident in yourself, and you let doubts stop you one step away from victory. If you have decided to act – act, otherwise you will lose.


For people born under the Zodiac sign of Gemini, April 2017 could prove to be a month which stands out from all the previous and subsequent time periods of the cycle patronized by the Fire Rooster according to eastern tradition. It’s likely that the second month of spring will be virtually the richest and most colorful for the year as a whole, and you need to be ready for this. Already from the start of the first ten-day period of the month you will feel a burst of strength, but you won’t initially understand why you need it, since it will seem like nothing has changed fundamentally. In actual fact, many fundamental processes will simply be hidden from you (for your own good) for the time being. You’ll understand soon enough that this is necessary, so you probably shouldn’t expect any difficulties in this regard. You will have to work, there’s no doubt about that, but it will be enjoyable work, you can be sure. The exception will be situations when you have already been doing something for a long time and you can’t get it right. But this is your own problem, and the stars have nothing to do with it. Be careful in the third ten-day period, when you will have to make responsible decisions. Act swiftly, but don’t forget to think, don’t let yourself be lazy or treat your job carelessly, otherwise Venus and Jupiter, whose position is not particularly favorable towards you, will quickly reduce all your promising opportunities to a minimum.

For people born under the sign of Cancer, April 2017 will definitely be a fateful month. Now the key celestial benefactor of Cancer, the Moon, will take on an energetically powerful, extremely favorable position, which will provide you with total protection for all areas of your life. But it’s one thing if circumstances don’t prevent you from moving towards your chosen goals, and another thing altogether whether you do what you planned. In this regard nobody is able to help, all the responsibility rests on your own shoulders. But for Cancer this will be a delight, because now his vital energy will simply go off the charts. That is, you can rest assured that you will have enough strength to overcome any difficulty, especially since no really critical situations are foreseen. When it comes to work activities, you really could get a new position, and in general you could change your workplace for a more promising and profitable one. The “romantic front” will surprise you, but in a good way, as it will force you to think about “eternity”, without forgetting about earthly matters. Pleasant hassles could be connected to some large-scale developments, see more about this below. It’s important to point out that there will always be a fly in the ointment, as usual. We’re referring to the influence of Jupiter, who is usually quite close to Cancer, but now he will switch sides. In this regard, don’t even think of trying to resolve problems with brute force. Only diplomacy! Otherwise you risk running into problems you can only dream of.


In April 2017 Leos will come to important conclusions which will enable them to realize their most promising ideas in the near future. The second month of spring is envisaged to be quite bright and unusual, but with respect to the current sign it is more likely to become a month of thinking and contemplation. This doesn’t mean that no meaningful developments will take place – on the contrary, you will have to face numerous situations in which your professionalism and willpower will bring you significant achievements. The Sun, siding with you, will be abnormally strong, and its patronage will allow you to overcome any ambiguity. It will be enough just to be yourself, and not to slow down too much in the process of reflection and the search for solutions to urgent problems. In actual fact, you can totally allow yourself to go with the flow, that is, don’t force developments, it’s possible to move forward – not according to your own plan, but by accident, shall we say. Sometimes it’s quite on point to hand yourself over wholeheartedly to your fate, as this will invariably give you a unique experience and open up new opportunities. Although, of course, everything is relative, and you won’t be able to make any decisions with absolute certainty. Aside from that, you shouldn’t be blatantly lazy, otherwise your critical opponent, Pluto, will bring gloom and unfulfilled hopes into your life.

For people born under the sign of Virgo, April 2017 will stand out as quite a peaceful time, which will, however, like the rest of the year of the (Red) Fire Rooster, be full of all kinds of developments. In comparison to other stages, however, April will not be as dynamic. The key representative of this sign, Mercury, will put you in a creative mood, gravitating more towards theory than practice. There’s nothing wrong with this, especially since now many signs will prove to be susceptible to the same tendencies. This is a good time for planning and formulating ambitious projects. Nevertheless, if you feel prepared to act, if the object of your adoration is within arm’s reach, and if according to the rules it’s already time, it means that it’s time to do this regardless of any celestial trends. Nevertheless, Mars, who has suddenly come onto your side, will help you to resolve the most severe conflicts, particularly family related ones. You will be able to deal with many potential problems as they arise, and this is good, because it’s easier to prevent a difficult situation than to sort it out once it’s already developed. This observation is true of all areas of life. Don’t emphasize pure communication or constant talking, since networking without clear actions will affect you negatively due to the unfavorable position of Venus.


For those born under the sign of Libra, April 2017 will prove to be an atypical month in many respects. This is because during the blossoming of spring you will be met with powerful support not only from Saturn, your primary celestial benefactor, but also Mars, who in his usual position is quite skeptical of you (to put it mildly). This will be a surprising time, full of significant achievements. Nothing and nobody will stop you now from moving towards the goals you consider important and necessary. In no event should you stop halfway down the road. You must act powerfully, boldly, sometimes without looking back. It’s obvious, you see, that Fortune will favor you now. On the other hand, you will face situations which will be impossible to deal with on the spot. That is, sometimes (more accurately – rarely) you will have to plan ahead more than you work, in a tactical, short-term sense. All areas of your life will be balanced and promising. Due to the unfavorable position of the Sun and Pluto, there is a risk of sudden problems. Nobody is safe from accidents, but in this regard, in order to minimize your risk, it will suffice to maintain vigilance and to not relax ahead of time.

In April 2017 Scorpio won’t have so many allies left on the heavenly belt, but this won’t stop him from achieving exceptional results. The second month of Spring is highly likely to bring you a lot of positive emotions, arising from the fact that you will finally resolve the most long-standing conflicts. At the same time, it will be hard not to pay attention to the situation’s prospects. Aside from the fact that you will really be able to overcome all challenges without difficulty, the stars will allow you to realize your boldest and most large-scale plans. In fact, for your sign April could in many ways be the peak of your activity, not only in the work area. In this regard no extraordinary methods are required, it will even suffice to keep your level of concentration at its natural, shall we say instinctive level. Nearly everything will work out on its own, especially if you manage to maintain the trends you had at previous stages. But be careful, since due to the position of Mars there is a chance of fixating on the resolution of a task which is actually not so important, while really significant developments pass you by.

Thanks to the fact that Jupiter, the key benefactor of Sagittarius, will be able to cooperate with Mars, people born under this sign could get lucky in April 2017. What this means is that circumstances will unfold to your advantage, especially when you don’t expect this. Of course, this doesn’t guarantee you success, if you yourself don’t make any attempts to change the situation for the better. But all other things being equal, all the advantages will be on your side. In the work sphere, you are unlikely to get a new job, but you will be able to improve your financial standing, and that’s a fact. Aside from that, you will have a number of secondary opportunities which will allow you achieve significant results overall. The “romantic front” won’t be distinguished by radical positions, so with sufficient flexibility you will easily be able to get the attention of the people who deserve this. In fact, this will be a very good time, both productive and promising, you just need to make proper use of its characteristic features. Incidentally, we won’t forget about the position of Venus, who will be your primary antagonist at this stage. In this regard you shouldn’t try to be better than you really are. Hypocrisy is unacceptable, unless of course your goal is total failure.


For people born under the Zodiac sign of Capricorn, April 2017 will seem to be quite a peaceful time, although in reality we are dealing with a period which, according to its energetic and eventful dynamic is unlikely to cede to any other stage of the current annual cycle. Nevertheless, the combined positive influence of Mars and the Moon will create conditions under which Capricorn will really be comfortable. Critical situations will give you a wide berth, and challenges will be easily overcome. That is, you essentially won’t notice any of the problems which usually would have had prominence in a certain period of your life. This particular second month of spring could be a month of rest for you. Many will now gather their strength, focusing to a large degree on future prospects. But you could also get a lot done in April! You must at least adjust for the fact that for your sign (as for many others) this will be quite an original time. In particular, in the work sphere you must act without haste, but confidently. And on the “romantic front” it makes sense to take an active stance, so to speak. Such a position implies the highest level of alertness, but it won’t allow you to take action if the actions are not triggered by anything. In general, this will all be quite new for Capricorn. Just don’t be formulaic in your thinking, don’t play by anyone else’s rules, otherwise the negative influence of Jupiter could intensify, and then you’re in for serious problems.

In April 2017, people born under the Zodiac sign of Aquarius will sense on themselves the gaze of Mars, a planet which in its normal position is not their benefactor. Nevertheless, this month the situation will play out in exactly the following way: The “Red Warrior” will be on your side, and so you should adapt to circumstances which will be most unusual for you. First of all, Fortune will require from Aquarius confidence and adaptability, because circumstances will change with frightening speed. Still, there won’t be anything destructive in them, not even potentially; that is, in the end everything going on around you will enable you to find personal fulfillment. The level that you will achieve will depend on how clearly you envision your own path. With respect to the work sphere this will mean that at the start of the month, at least towards the end of the first ten-day period, you will have to have a clear plan according to which you will be able to quickly and clearly bring to life the project which seems most important to you. For the sphere of feelings and emotions, the situation will develop analogously, but not identically. In this regard, circumstances will be on your side only indirectly, and so you will shape the reality around you completely. There won’t be any difficulties, but remember the position of Pluto, who could ruin your plans now, if they aren’t properly thought through.

For Pisces the second month of spring could be quite an unusual time. First of all, in April 2017, the Sun will be your key benefactor, which is out of character for your sign. Secondly, the influence of circumstances on your life will be minimal, which will give you greater freedom to act than usual. This will have the result that many situations in which you are not relying on yourself will require the closest attention. That is, your area of responsibility will suddenly grow, and you will have to work to the limit. But you mustn’t be afraid, because in reality this will involve positive trends, which will change your life in the most radical ways. It will be enough just to focus on your ultimate goals and everything else will start to work out, sometimes a lot better than it has thus far. The work sphere will literally break out in a series of new opportunities which you hadn’t paid any attention to earlier for some reason. Of course you shouldn’t jump straight into the deep end, you must first make sure you know where the bottom is… The situation will develop in a roughly analogous way in the area of personal relationships. There’s no doubt that now many single Pisces will find their fate to some degree. There is a good chance that this will involve love, but it could also be friendship, which, you will agree, is also very important. But be careful with your desires. The unfavorable position of Venus could bring spontaneous negativity into your life if you don’t control yourself.

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