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     Monthly horoscope >> July 2018  ___________

As a representative of the Fire element, Aries will remain without additional support in July 2018, meaning that it will not have a "heavenly leader" - a planet that could help solve a pressing problem in a particularly critical situation. However, you should not care too much about such a state of affairs. Firstly, your exultant planet Sun will not lose its importance and will continue having a significant influence on your destiny. Secondly, Eris who usually is not particularly positive toward your sign will practically turn into your best friend because of its general position. You cannot help but just be happy about it because Eris' position will contribute positively to your love life (which we will talk about in more details later). You will feel enormous inflows of energy right from the beginning of the month. It will feel like a volcano exploded somewhere inside. The main thing here is not to miss the moment. If you want to act, just act without fear of being disturbed. You should act doing something in real life; words will not really help here at all. Do not lose heart despite the opinions of others; it is quite possible that they are just jealous. Meanwhile, the situation will be developing in the best way possible, and you'd better catch the luck right away. This is a great month to deal with family related problems. It is also a good month to dare to take a very risky step at work.

July 2018 will be a particularly successful time in terms of personal relationships for those born under the sign of Taurus. Now, the happiest, strongest feelings will not be random, they will be accompanied by a powerful response, which will largely depend on you. The main patron of your sign Moon will now be strengthened by its successful all-star position, which elevates the priority of the sensory sphere over everything else. On the other hand, Pluto, that is in charge of expelling Taurus, will also receive special bonuses, but his influence is unlikely to be strong enough to send significant problems to people who are purposeful and ready to do anything to achieve what they are determined to achieve. In other words, self-reliance and a high level of adaptability will be the keys to victory. Now, strict adherence to principles should step aside; it will not help you, and it can even harm you. On the other hand, you should not try acting with too much freedom, or you do that at your own risk. At this stage, it makes sense to act rather than to sit doing nothing. It would be also wise to follow a simple rule: do the same things as others, just try to do them better. In this case, the word "better" may become synonymous with the word "faster". Time will not play in your favor, but you can at least try making it one of the less significant factors in defining your success.
July 2018 is not the best time to expand business for Taurus representatives. On the other hand, nothing prevents you from being at the very center of events and solving purely diplomatic issues. This month you can find a very strong new ally who will help you to exceed your own expectations in the future. However, it is worthwhile to watch your back: there is a probability that one of your closest acquaintances may harm you just out of jealousy. Do not disregard the advice of relatives: you yourself might be a little biased in evaluating your own risks. Nevertheless, now it is good to make money in some unconventional ways. It is especially relevant for those Taurus representatives who are business owners. July 2018 may become much less dynamic for those persons who work for someone else, but they are still unlikely to have no chances. Try to work in rhythm, develop a strategy and act in accordance with the circumstances, trying to predict the steps of others (especially of your leadership) beforehand. At some point you can take a chance, but first prepare a "plan B", Otherwise, you may not be able to retreat safely if the initial tactics prove to be unproductive.


In addition to its usual patron, Ceres, Gemini will have another unexpected ally in Eris, who in the usual situation is quite aggressive towards Gemini. Such a powerful tandem will have an equally amazing effect. The current month will be bright and literally crowded with various events for Gemini representatives as well as for the other signs. There will be a certain opportunity not be missed out on. Do not neglect those things that were always regarded as precious to you. You should also try not following the crowd; do not parrot mainstream opinion, as it is much more important what you think about a particular phenomenon or event. This period will not be straightforward, but it does not matter what motivates you as long as it energizes you. If there is a desire to change your place of work, go ahead and do it. If you think that your current relationship will lead to nothing - well, it is time to sort this out. But do not put the emphasis on emotions, let the mind and feelings work together - only this option can lead to a finale that will go along with your wishes and goals. In general, at this stage you will not encounter any obstacles that you cannot overcome. Even your main heavenly antagonist Jupiter will not be strong enough to interfere with your plans. If you relax too much and start acting feebly, the situation will stop rewarding you, and the result will change to the exact opposite of what you want. You might be able to afford that type of outcome in other cases, but not now.

Cancer sign representatives will have to work hard on themselves in July 2018. This is an extremely positive thing to do, because the second summer month is ideal for any kind of personal changes. The Moon will be on your side, and this is not surprising, because Moon is one of the main protectors of your sign. Another consideration is that now the influence of the Sun's younger sister will be especially strong due to its interstellar position. Therefore, it is definitely not necessary to engage in self-criticism and overly intense self-discovery at this stage. It is better to open up to the world, hoping that it will do the same for you. Just do not sit around waiting for someone's response, and do not pass on the initiative, otherwise the situation will get out of control. This is a powerful, positive time, which tends to be brightly dynamic. But, thoughtless actions, or some actions performed for essentially selfish reasons, are another story. It is not enough to do good things for yourself, it is important to understand why this is necessary for everyone around. After all, if your ultimate goal is self-satisfaction, then you will very quickly run into an obstacle unable to move. The second summer month may even be somewhat philosophical for you from this point of view, although it is clearly not worth it to dwell on overly-deep thoughts. Adhere your own moral and ethical code, which has been guiding you well for a long time. And do not forget that changes are particularly good only when they are under control.

Pluto has been acting as the main opponent to all the zodiacal signs over several months, but in July 2018 this tendency will not be true for Leos. As a representative of the Fire element signs, you are left without a heavenly leader, but Pluto will still retain its initial status as your personal patron. This means that if there is an opportunity, there is no straightforward way to use it. In the workplace, there is likely to be an increase in profits or quite possibly a sudden performance bonus. Nevertheless, it is clearly not worth counting on luck; the more labor you invest in the implementation of your projects, the bigger your achievements will be later. As for the sphere of personal relationships, you will have to act twice as forcefully, but only if you are trying to change everything for the better. This is a recommendation primarily for single persons. However, there are some other developments related to Leos with families. In general, the second summer month will be an active one for your sign as well as for the other signs, and hardly anything will be able to knock you out of sorts. Nevertheless, you need to learn how to focus not only on your own achievements, but also on actual circumstances. A special emphasis should be placed on communication. Although it is not necessary to strive to reach something for yourself, the so-called "common good" can turn into a good target, too.

In July 2018 Virgos will have no patrons among the planets occupying a dominant position at this stage. But, the positive impact of Mercury, which is traditionally the main assistant of your sign, will be added to the impact of Venus. Usually the Heavenly Priestess is against Virgos, as it is the planet responsible for the fall of this sign. But in the second summer month, it will play the role of the "heavenly leader" of all Earth element representatives. As a result, this time will be moderately dynamic for you. It is possible to achieve the desired position in terms of your work, but you cannot do the same in the sphere of love without outside help. Do not jump to one side or the other; it is better to take a position somewhere in the middle. This position can be very demanding and dangerous, but understanding the rules of the game, you can reap some major benefits. At this time you should not be afraid of trusting people, especially those whom you have known for a while. People are worth trusting sometimes. Neptune, which is responsible for expelling your sign, can easily cooperate with Pluto if your actions are excessively selfish or insincere. Exhibiting those behaviors, you can end up with an outcome that will not be that appealing to you. So, adjust your behavior properly before it is too late.

July 2018 promises to be interesting and hopeful for Libra representatives, only because your main patron Eris will occupy the dominant position in the heavenly bend for the entire second summer month. Saturn will also not leave you alone, but with a strong planetary combination, you should be ready for some unusual developments. For example, you are recommended to hold back in expressing your anger. Even if you are right, this does not give you a right to raise your voice or to spray out negativity in any other way. Have you ever noticed how bad you look when you're angry? Believe me, there is nothing good about it. You should try solving this problem ahead of time, especially since July will indeed prove to be an extremely successful period in terms of personal change. You will end up with nothing remaining in one place, but confident attempts to move forward might bring some incredible results. The main thing is not to be afraid of doing something relevant to your position. In other words, if you are really better than others, do not be ashamed of your skills for fear of making someone else feel uncomfortable. This is your personal ability, and there is nothing wrong with using it. Also, this month is good from the point of view of solving various conflicts within your family. But, do not shoot from the hip, and do not make decisions under the influence of emotions. Time plays in your favor, so let yourself cool down, otherwise, you risk losing control.

July 2018 might turn into an exceptionally successful period for Scorpios. On the one hand, your main heavenly patron Mars will play the role of the leader to all Water signs, and Moon that usually has quite a negative impact will now be your first ally in relation to its interstellar position. Their combo will result in the following things: You are likely to achieve indisputable victory at work, although it would be a good thing to work hard and prepare an action plan in order to achieve these desired results. Right now the winners will be those ones who clearly know what they want and how to achieve it. Your financial situation will be moderately stable. You will maintain your current financial status with a minimum of effort on your part. However, if you decide to try harder, superior profits are likely, especially for business owner Scorpios. As for the sphere of love, the situation here will be twofold, but more positive for single Scorpios. They need to stay loyal to their own beliefs and to stay true to themselves. Being insincere and trying to butter up someone will not result in anything good for you. Meanwhile, persistence and an even tiny bit of aggression will do much to benefit you. The main thing is not to allow yourself to be overly flirty and let things get out of hand. This is a very fluid time, and a lot of things can be forgotten or forgiven - a lot of things, but not all of them.

The second summer month will be an unquestionably unforgettable period for Sagittarius representatives. The fact is that in July 2018, Sagittarius' leading planet Jupiter and its exultant planet Eris will both occupy exceptionally good and energetically potent positions on the heavenly bend. Nevertheless, while promising some pleasant bonuses, this period also includes some peculiarities that need to be taken into account, assuming you want to win. First, remember that now the emphasis will be on emotions in practically any situation. The senses and emotions dominate, and even in work-related questions one has to rely first on intuition, and only then on logical reasoning. Nevertheless, this period is especially good for both personal and professional growth. The main thing is not letting yourself do anything that you will end up regretting afterward. Going a little crazy can be good at certain times. But for now, when feelings will triumph over mind, you should not add emotional fuel to the fire of any already unstable situation. In fact, nothing complicated is required from your side; you should act in the way you always act. At work, some troubles are possible, but they are unlikely to be significant. Although, if sometime previously, you prepared something important, standing out in this way or that, you can now expect some pleasant surprises. Just do not relax in advance; this is only the beginning of your journey that can later result in the realization of your dreams.

In July 2018, Capricorns will be assisted by usually un-supportive Moon in addition to its main patron, Saturn. The second summer month will reconfigure this satellite and allow you to achieve significant results in conquering human souls and hearts. This period will be especially successful in terms of starting a new relationship. It is likely that Capricorns with families will discover something new, especially if their desire is mutual. You will have to stand up for your own interests at work, but it is advisable not to go so far as open conflict. The period may be slightly less or slightly more successful, but your sign is clearly advised to act in any situation. In other words, other things being equal, choose the option that promises some positive things right here and now, if your direct participation can be a factor in resolving the issue. Do not shift responsibility onto someone else; take care of everything yourself, but at the same time try to be reasonable in assessing your own capabilities. The situation where you bite off more than you can chew is probably even worse than doing nothing. However, some truly faithful friends can help here. Do not worry if something does not work out on the first attempt. The second summer month will definitely help you to stabilize everything. The main thing is not to shut yourself out from the rest of the world. Try to breathe freely!

Aquarius will receive special bonuses from his traditional patrons Saturn and Neptune. The first one will provide you with a powerful charge of energy, and the second one will motivate you in the exact amount needed. As a result, the second summer month will be very bright and promising. It is important what choice you now make; things will depend on this choice for many years to come. It is unlikely that July will become a fate-defining month, so it is better to call it significant. A lot of things will depend not only on you, but also on those who surround you. Thus, Aquarius representatives with superior communication skills and many friends will definitely benefit. In addition, it makes sense to take into account the fact that this is a very good time to start something new. It is recommended to complete all your old projects and turn your eyes to new ones. Do not be proud, and admit your failure if the situation is out of control. This is unlikely, but if something like this happens, it is better to act immediately, so you can instantaneously neutralize any potential negativity. In general, this is quite an active, positive, impressive time which will help you test yourself in a variety of situations. And, if your moral principles are frankly inadequate, then this period may turn into a series of trials that have only the one common effect of making you a better person.

In July 2018 Pisces will rely on Jupiter, who in the usual position plays the role of this sign's leader. Now it will also turn into the main adviser, assistant and all other roles, because there will be no other allies for your sign. Actually, you will not need them, because as Pisces will now be the only sign, the second summer month will be quite a relaxing time, when there is no need to do anything in emergency mode. The main thing is not letting yourself get confused. Other people might have thousands of problems, hundreds of worries, dozens of new promising ideas ... You also will have many opportunities to make even your most daring plans come true, because this month is good for all signs without exception. In terms of the financial sphere, opportunities will follow from your desires. Does this sound like something from a fairy tale? It might, but in reality this is the way it usually happens. The issue is more about us not being clear about our desires. Nevertheless, in July 2018 the stars will provide Pisces with a unique chance, so you must enjoy it to the fullest. The desire to do as much as possible in as little time as possible will end up negatively. On the other hand, it is not worth holding yourself back without any adequate reason, otherwise you can be left behind without anything at all. Everything will be in your hands regarding personal relationships. Circumstances will push you in the right direction.

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