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     Monthly horoscope >> July 2017  ___________

For Aries, the second summer month, July 2017, will stand out as an ambiguous time, but bright and, in the end result - exclusively positive. The Sun will now be your primary celestial helper, and it will be supported by Venus, despite the fact that the latter is not usually the most positive with respect to the sign of Aries. Itīs important to understand that we are dealing with a dynamic time interval, that is, it would make sense to be mobile and active in several areas. If you work for yourself, July will be an ideal month for growing the profile of your enterprise. If you donīt have your own business, you will probably discover new means of income, which will be both pleasant and useful. In the sphere of personal relationships there will be even more possibilities, this could be in the form of a reassessment of existing relationships, or the establishment of completely new contacts. In any event, you have everything necessary to ensure that the result will be pleasing to you, and your allies and opponents will be surprised. You just mustnīt imagine that youīre some sort of superhero, because at the current stage Mars wonīt have the most positive influence on your life. His negativity will be activated if you decide to act on your own; if you choose a forceful, blatantly aggressive approach when dealing with matters. If something like this takes place, the outcome wonīt be to your liking.

With respect to the area of work, the above-mentioned trends should be seen in the following light. In July 2017, Aries could have quite unusual situations at the work place. You could be really unprepared for what awaits you, but thereīs clearly no point in losing heart or kicking yourself for it, even if it seems like youīve missed an opportunity. No such thing can happen in the first ten-day period of the month, but believe me, such understandings will prove to be illusory and will be entirely unrelated to the real state of affairs. The second ten-day period will please you with an objective view of the world around, and confidence in your own abilities. If you work for yourself, donīt hesitate to adopt some radically new methods, as conservatism will be of no use to you at this stage. If you donīt have your own business, donīt rush to dismiss unexpected opportunities, even if they seem unpromising at first glance. Be more attentive, because everything may have actually happened more successfully than it seems. But donīt be mistaken! Mars could easily "help" you to entertain wishful thinking, so double check everything, otherwise you risk losing your position.


For people born under the Zodiac sign of Taurus, July 2017 will be an unhurried and harmonious time. The dawn of the summer season will bring many things into your life which you previously didnīt have enough of. In particular, thanks to the favorable position of the Moon, youīll learn to control your emotions better, and youīll come to important agreements with your colleagues and partners. The communicative aspect will be important, although it wonīt take priority. At the current stage nothing in particular will take priority - all areas of your activity, all spheres of your life will have the same significance, and overall, this is a definite advantage. In the area of work it would make sense to focus on conservative positions, at least at the start of the month. Later, everything will change in the most radical way, but changes will be gradual, and you will have enough time at your disposal to make adequate decisions. Precisely for this reason, it wouldnīt make sense to force developments, as now "thereīs a time for everything" wonīt be so much of a motto for you. Itīs true that the Dark Moon could strengthen negatively aligned Pluto. This means that you shouldnīt rely only on your own opinion. You also shouldnīt try to deal with all the problems single-handedly, as this will lead to an unfavorable result.

In the area of work, July 2017 wonīt bring any fundamental changes into the lives of Taureans, but there will be certain, tangible progress, you wonīt argue about that. At the start of the month, as already pointed out, you will probably focus on positions of creativity. There wonīt be a reason to move forward at full speed, seeking to implement this or that project as quickly as possible. Taureans who work for themselves will concentrate on analyzing the positions they already have, and will turn towards future prospects only at the middle of the month. Those who donīt have their own businesses will pool up resources in order to have the opportunity to do something major, and more importantly - profitable, at the end of the cycle. Overall, the second half of the month will prove to be more dynamic, but not necessarily more successful. Your opportunities will be determined by the results you want to achieve. Now (as pretty much always), the main steering controls will be in your hands, so it would make sense to act carefully. You are virtually guaranteed success if you donīt slip up, and if you donīt strengthen the negatively aligned Dark Moon with your behavior. But for this you will have to act recklessly, rushing headfirst towards a goal which perhaps you donīt need at all. Be extremely attentive, otherwise you will ruin everything.

The primary planetary patron of Gemini, Mercury, will take on quite a profitable position in July 2017, which will, among other things, be supported by Venus and Uranus. This means that the second summer month will stand out for Gemini as colorful and promising, although the dynamics of the developments going on around you will prove to be a little less than during other periods. Of course, it would make sense to aim to make progress, but you must act in a calculated way, and not rush to conclusions. Circumstances will be on your side, wholeheartedly, but this doesnīt do away with the fact that your competitors are active, and your own mistakes, resulting from insufficient information, are also quite likely. In the area of work, the stars advise Geminis to act calmly and confidently. You must clearly envisage what you want, and then circumstances will unfold in a dignified manner. When it comes to personal relationships, ambiguous situations are possible, but they are unlikely to make you sweat; it will be enough to make your position known clearly. In general and on the whole, this will be a favorable period, which will allow your sign to achieve significant growth. There is a chance of moving to a new job or forming new "productive" relationships. True, there will be one nuance. The combination of Mars and Jupiter will prove to be extremely destructive, which suggests that there will be certain difficulties. Donīt allow problems to build up, deal with them quickly and in a timely manner, otherwise you will get stuck in a rut, and you wonīt be able to act effectively.

If we dwell on the sphere of business and finances in more detail, itīs worth pointing out that in July 2017 those born under the Zodiac sign of Gemini will have to experience several interesting moments. The first will, in all likelihood, make itself known during the first ten-day period of the month, the second a bit later - at the end of the second ten-day period. It could be something corporate-related or something similar, generally this will involve your relationships with colleagues, or if you donīt work for yourself - to a large degree with the management. Be yourself and make an effort to perceive everything in a positive way. Nobody is deliberately going to wish you evil, and whatīs more, an aspect which may not seem particularly reassuring to you initially will actually open up promising new prospects for you in the end. So keep your eyes pealed, and smile a bit more. If you have your own business, itīs time to think about expanding it, but donīt rush to bring your plans to life. Mars could get in your way if you donīt consider everything. Donīt allow ambiguity, donīt show your weakness to anyone, even allies, otherwise there is a high risk of losing initiative.


For Cancer, July 2017 will be a successful and promising time, and if representatives of this sign want excess profit and want to attain heights which they have never even dreamed of, they will have to make an effort. However, at the very least, you will have all the opportunities to do so. In most cases, circumstances will develop to your advantage, so it would make sense not to lose sight of your goals, and to keep moving forward in the previously determined areas. In general, Cancers who have a plan ready at the start of the month will definitely win. For many signs the second summer month will prove to be quite calm, but not for Cancer! You will have to deal with a lot of urgent matters, many of which will be far outside the limits of your competency. In the area of work, you should secure the support of colleagues and partners, because it would be better to overcome the coming challenges collectively, and as quickly as possible, in order to free your hands for the impending accomplishments. With respect to the "romantic front", there well be masses of opportunities, but the most important thing is that no inner-family conflicts are foreseen. That is, there wonīt be really massive conflicts, although minor disagreements could of course arise. Jupiter, your primary celestial patron, will be supported by Venus, and the position of the "heavenly priestess" is extremely important for you. The fact that the position of Saturn will be unfavorable will also have significance, especially in the future. This is precisely why you mustnīt get distracted by minor details, donīt slow down your progress because youīre uncertain of something. Stalling will be fatal for your plans.

In July 2017 the sphere of business and finances will offer Cancer radically new opportunities, but you donīt necessarily have to make use of them. In actual fact, at the current stage you will have quite an extensive selection before you, and there wonīt be any absolutely negative course of action, which is especially important for those who love to "experiment". Look deeply into the problems and decide what youīre comfortable with. If you work for yourself, you should pay special attention to your coworkers, if you have any. The current period will probably be favorable towards staff rotations. If you work on your own, then think about increasing your own qualification. Cancers who donīt have their own businesses can focus on personal initiatives. They will have enough time, energy and funds that, while they are completing their managerīs tasks, they will be able to implement their own plans just as successfully. In general, this time really could be extremely promising for you, and the result will allow you to attain outstanding positions. Just donīt under any circumstances get distracted by small details, otherwise aggressively aligned Saturn will push you towards mistaken conclusions, and progress could be delayed indefinitely.

The favorable position of Pluto, strengthened by the position of the Sun and Venus, will guarantee representatives of the Zodiac sign of Leo significant advantages against competitors throughout July 2017. In general, on all fronts without exception, you will now have the opportunity to achieve the results you want. Of course, the results will be directly proportional to the amount of effort expended, but all other things being equal, it will really be easier for you than under any other circumstances. In the area of work it is likely that situations will arise which are extremely favorable for business development, for establishing a radically new, powerful base. Fortune will be on your side, but this doesnīt do away with the necessity for increased concentration, attentiveness and adaptability. The ability to adapt to changing circumstances will be extremely important in this regard, because the dynamics of the stage imply a permanent change in position and direction. In the sphere of personal relationships, practically everything will go according to your plans, although deviations from the initial axis are likely, but weīll talk about this in more detail below. Itīs important now not to forget the fact that you also have enemies on the heavenly belt. For example, the position of Neptune hints at the possibility of an absolute crash. All you need to do for this to happen is to forget to be attentive, and to let egotistical motives get the upper hand.

The work front in July 2017 will be successful for Leo, at the very least because your celestial patrons wonīt allow you to make any truly critical errors. That is, you could, of course, slip up, indulge in wishful thinking, but the most damage that could possibly happen would be a setback to your previous positions. And this is a good fail-safe, especially if you understand what this means! On the other hand, donīt rush to take risks without sufficient reason, remember that fortune favors the prepared. In the first ten-day period of the month - make plans, in the second - act, and in the third - reap the benefits of your activity. This is quite a vague guideline, and the temporary framework could move significantly. Nevertheless, each individual trend will reflect the general prediction. For those who work for themselves, communication will attain special significance. The second month of summer will be favorable towards new alliances and agreements. If you donīt have your own business, act as you see necessary, but donīt forget about the position of Neptune. Donīt allow circumstances to get the upper hand, donīt allow dilemmas and difficulties which suddenly turn up to take all your time, otherwise you will risk losing the achievements you already have.

For Virgo, whose patron is Mercury, July 2017 could be an extremely promising time. Many things will become clear to you at this stage of life, and in comparison to the previous month, you will be aware of significantly more, perhaps more than ever before. With respect to the work sphere, this will give you incomparable advantages against your competitors. If you work for yourself, make an effort to act prudently, but quickly, since the lionīs share of circumstances will unfold as you need them to, even if itīs at the last moment. For those who donīt have their own businesses, the second month of summer will be an excellent time for all kinds of risks and ventures. Of course, you shouldnīt throw yourself headfirst into the deep end, but all other things being equal, you will be in an incomparably more favorable position than anyone else, and so sometimes it makes sense to rely on blind luck, especially if there is no other way out. With respect to the sphere of personal relationships, itīs important to point out that Virgo will also be helped by Venus now. This is an extremely positive aspect, which virtually guarantees success in the search for a partner. For those who are married, the support of the "heavenly priestess" will also result in certain bonuses, but there will be more about this below. Itīs also important to point out that the position of Neptune, supported by the Dark Moon, will not be, bluntly put, particularly favorable. This means that you shouldnīt get too hung up on problems. You mustnīt get stuck on only a few lines of existential reasoning, otherwise you will lose all your advantages and opportunities.

In July 2017 the work front will allow Virgo to achieve the desired results quite quickly. As already mentioned, at a certain moment it would make sense to take a risk, to unleash your emotions and see what comes of this. In any case, there will be a number of ways you could go about this, even if you havenīt managed to think them through to the end. If colleagues offer help - donīt turn it down, but be wary of unfamiliar "good Samaritans". The likelihood of deception is low, but it will exist, so itīs better to be on the safe side. It turns out that the dawn of the summer season will be a somewhat contradictory cycle for Virgo. But there is always the chance of victory, indeed at certain moments the likelihood of this will become a hundred percent, so it would be hypocrisy to bemoan your bitter fate. You would do better to look forward and not miss opportunities. Those who donīt work for themselves will now have the chance to open their own businesses. You must, however, enlist the support of (or ideally, partnership) other people! Due to the unfavorable position of Neptune, you wonīt survive on your own - donīt even think about it, otherwise youīll be sorry.

In July 2017, people born under the Zodiac sign of Libra can count on quite a successful resolution of all difficult situations. The thing is, Libras will now be supported by numerous objects of the solar system, including the lord of the heavenly bodies, and Venus. As a result, total success is likely in the sphere of personal relationships as well as on the work front. In situations where youīre just one step away from a victorious end, your planetary helpers will definitely give you the necessary impetus. If circumstances suddenly start to unfold in a bad way, you will definitely find a way out of the situation, once you have received clear or indirect (which is more likely) guidance. In other words, at the current stage of life you shouldnīt count on complete "freebies", but firstly, no truly critical situations are foreseen here, and secondly, with such powerful patrons you have nothing to fear. Of course, in certain situations it would make sense to be careful, since Marsīs position relative to your sign is not particularly favorable at present. This means that you canīt use blatantly dishonest methods in the process of achieving your goals. Donīt get involved in any risk ventures, especially financial ones - act directly and fairly, otherwise youīll be sorry.

In the area of work in July 2017 Libras will have every chance to get a new position, implement some massive project, find new work - in general, to establish a career for themselves. Focus on what you want to achieve. If your goal is exclusively income (and thereīs nothing bad about such a goal), thatīs one thing, but if itīs important for you to do something truly useful, then youīll have to work hard for it. But setting more difficult goals is one of the distinguishing characteristics of a successful person, and the second summer month will prove this to you with concrete examples. If you work for yourself, it would make sense to focus on large-scale, comprehensive progress. That is, you can start moving forward in one direction, but very quickly start to use all available areas. If we are dealing with Libras who work for somebody else, for them the most productive strategy will be to focus on current tasks, taking into consideration the ones which have already been implemented. This is very important, because now experience will help you to achieve what you want. And more - under no circumstances can you afford to make a mistake, not now. Act thoughtfully, consistently and honestly, otherwise you will only strengthen Marsīs position, and a good result will be under threat.

Saturn will be the key patron for people born under the sign of Scorpio in July 2017, which is actually quite natural. Your sign will also be supported by Uranus, and this already guarantees success in the majority of disputes. You personally will still have to work, so you shouldnīt expect someone else to do your work for you. This month it would make sense for Scorpio to focus on a synthesis of their own initiatives and real necessity. That is, for example, in the area of work, if you donīt work for yourself, you will have to allocate equal amounts of time to your own projects as to projects assigned to you by the management. Weīll take a more detailed look at this situation below, but you must understand that we are dealing with a vaster spectrum of opportunities and possibilities. You shouldnīt expect all external factors without exception to develop to your advantage now, but this is nothing to worry about. The dynamics of the period will allow you to negotiate your way between the various courses of action with ease, choosing the most optimal. This will be a particularly good time for Scorpios who are inclined towards adventures, although in actual fact there are not a lot of them. Itīs important not to forget that you also have blatant enemies in the heavenly belt during this cycle. In particular, the combination of Mars and Venus could become a serious threat to your peace and quiet, if you decide to act rashly, artlessly, or if you focus on excessively altruistic trends.

In the sphere of work in July 2017, Scorpio will have to make a choice, probably more than one. The most important aspects of this will be concentrated in the first ten-day period of the month, so thereīs no need to be constantly on edge. You shouldnīt pay too much attention to this aspect, but be prepared for the fact that your morally strong-willed basis will undergo a real test. On the other hand, this is unlikely to cause you any difficulties, especially since the reward promises to be useful. If you work for yourself, make an effort not to forget that you donīt just have competitors - you also have partners. Of course, your own well-being needs to have priority (otherwise why bother with all of this), but collaborative activities and cooperation with resources (including intellectual resources) always have a more extensive and profitable result - provided you plan properly, of course. If you donīt have your own business, it would make sense to divide your resources evenly between your current general tasks and some of your own ideas. Donīt avoid what the management offers you, since this is also important, and in the future it will give you new opportunities. And most importantly - donīt go looking for conflict. If necessary, cheat and even deceive, otherwise the combined influence of Mars and Venus could turn every argument into a real scandal, which is not what you need right now.


For people born under the Zodiac sign of Sagittarius, July 2017 will be a difficult but promising time. Thereīs no need to be frightened, since no truly challenging aspects or critical situations are foreseen, but it would make sense not to lose vigilance, as this will enable you to utilize the opportunities of the second summer month to the max. Your primary patron, Jupiter, will enable you to make it out of any confrontation with flying colors. On the whole, this will be a fickle stage, and periods of bright and powerful dynamics will interchange with stretches of time which can be described as absolutely peaceful and stable. Of course, everything here is extremely individual and itīs hard to determine with clarity exactly how the periods will alternate. In actual fact this wonīt be particularly important, because in any event you will be able to prepare yourself for what awaits you. Now it would make sense to trust your intuition, not only in the area of personal relationships. Even in the area of work, your internal, instinctive vectors must take priority. If you "think too much", rambling on about the problem, slowing down your own progress, the negatively aligned Dark Moon will strengthen the unfavorable position of Mercury, and you will be unlikely to attain the desired result.

The area of work in July 2017 will bring Sagittarius a lot of "bonuses", although you can be certain that youīll have to put up a fight for each one of them. This will definitely be an interesting, even profitable fight, an apotheosis which will be necessary right after the dawn of the second ten-day period of the month. Donīt doubt your own abilities - you have plenty of hidden reserves, and now itīs time to use them to achieve the most optimal results. Your competitors are unlikely to have superior forces to you. If you work for yourself, donīt slow down, move forward confidently and make an effort to find an alternative route. If we are dealing with a Sagittarian who does not have his own business, it would make sense to focus on external contacts. But you must understand the situation correctly: you donīt need help from the outside, you need additional space for maneuvering. Your primary enemy right now is your own doubts. Step up the tempo close to the middle of the month, as thatīs when your ability to work needs to reach its peak. But watch out for things which you could overdo. Mercury is entirely capable of tricking you if you are inattentive and decide to forget your past experience. Donīt take risks, donīt do things youīre not certain about, but donīt jump at every shadow either, otherwise your plans will suffer.

With respect to people born under the sign of Capricorn, July 2017 could be quite a colorful month, although it wonīt be unambiguous in all respects. The thing is, in addition to Saturn, the traditional celestial patron of this sign, Mars will now help it, although he is a sheer nightmare for all the other signs (at this stage). Overall, an unusual situation will develop, but it will inevitably be positive in the end. The bottom line is that you mustnīt be frightened by the fact that already at the start of the month many of your plans will not seem feasible, and future prospects will seem purely illusory. Donīt betray your positions, act as before - confidently and consistently. When it comes to work, a lot of interesting things await you, in particular, this could involve significant changes in staff. In the sphere of feelings and emotions itīs hard to say anything specific, since, knowing Capricorn, itīs difficult to guess exactly how he will react to developments. On the other hand - the stars predict success, at least you have everything you need for this. Sometimes you just need to look over your shoulders at the Dark Moon, whose unfavorable position could cause several difficulties to arise. Donīt take on too much, donīt be self-serving, otherwise you will lose everything you have.

Dwelling on work in more detail, itīs worth pointing out that in July 2017 Capricorn will be in demand. This wonīt necessarily involve technical aspects. In this regard, communication will come to the forefront, and many Capricorns will be all too happy that colleagues of the opposite sex will pay more attention to them. How to use this to your advantage? However you want! You could, for example, manipulate others, but - in moderation, so that there wonīt be any clearly negative consequences for those around you. In this regard itīs important to be aware of your responsibility, and if you are prepared to deal with the consequences - act. In actual fact this will be a successful month for people who donīt work for themselves. There is a chance of getting a raise, or getting a position which, though it might not pay better, is prestigious or desirable. Capricorns who have their own businesses can focus on the projects which have already been implemented. The dynamics of the period must be focused on developing the existing holdings, and it would be better to hold off on acquiring new resources. This is a universal strategy, which everyone will "tweak" for themselves. Just donīt get carried away with planning, since excessive calculations and wasting time will help the Dark Moon to confound your plans, and then your prospects will, metaphorically speaking, become hazy.


In July 2017 Aquarians will have the patronage of their traditional celestial helpers - Saturn and Mercury. There will be solar energy, but it can hardly be called dominant. This period of your life will most likely prove to be colorful and ambiguous. You will get what you want, but you will also realize many things, you may even understand that for many years you have been badly mistaken. This will also be a turning point, probably one of the most important. Donīt be afraid to accept yourself as you are. In the midst of the summer season, luck will be on your side, and you will be able to achieve your goals in the work area and the sphere of personal relationships alike. You wonīt lose, although if you really want to, put your hands down and step aside - such a course of action is also possible. In any other event, you have every chance, so you shouldnīt doubt yourself or your opportunities. Itīs important now to achieve the best possible result, and to gain experience during the current cycle. But be attentive, since ambiguous situations are likely due to the unfavorable position of Mars. Donīt back down if the difficulty of a task increases, donīt give your position to somebody who wonīt cope better than you, otherwise you will lose prestige and initiative.

On the work front in July 2017, you can expect significant transformations. Aquarians who donīt work for themselves could get a new job. The matter will either concern a change in work place or some purely technical changes. You must definitely utilize this, however, otherwise you will miss a good opportunity to improve the comfort level of the work process. And itīs precisely comfort which will directly influence productivity. This should also be remembered by Aquarians who have their own businesses. The time has come to think seriously about transformations in the area of staff. It may be that you were wrong in some area, and now the ideal moment to set the situation straight has come. Of course, you shouldnīt rush to make such decisions, because the situation could have nuances between the lines. On the whole, this month will be successful for you, especially if you are able to determine the right guidelines for yourself. Itīs possible that one of your colleagues or business partners will help you with this, so you shouldnīt decline when you are offered an unofficial meeting or the chance to take part in a corporate event. Just control yourself, since familiarity or a word out of place will enable negatively aligned Mars to take the situation into his own hands. Be relaxed, but restrained, otherwise nothing will work out to your advantage.


In July 2017 the Zodiac sign of Pisces will have as much luck as they are ready for. In actual fact, we are dealing with quite a favorable period which will, however, have a number of significant nuances. The combined effect of Venus and Jupiter will allow Pisces to get out of any difficult conflict with flying colors, and there is the possibility of critical success. That is, at the same work place you may not only get a new job, but even jump a few levels at once, to your competitorsī serious surprise. In the area of personal emotions, single Pisces could easily meet their fate, in the most direct sense. In this regard it must, however, be taken into consideration that we are not necessarily dealing with love (although this is also possible), this could also be friendship, some kind of emotional unity, especially the relationship of a student and a spiritual mentor. This will be a good, progressive stage, which will tend towards confident but not hurried movement forward. True, due to the unfavorable position of Mercury, strengthened by the Dark Moon, there could be serious problems. If you donīt set your priorities properly, if you decide that outsidersī problems are more important than challenges with your loved ones (and precisely such situations could develop), instead of success you can expect a total collapse.

If we dwell on work in more detail, itīs appropriate to point out that in July 2017 Cancers who do not have their own business really could open this business. This is not a particularly good time for spontaneous experiments, but a properly planned sequence of actions will definitely lead to a positive result. Thatīs precisely why itīs worth taking a risk now, if you have had thoughts about something similar for a long time. Just donīt let yourself be lazy. This stage will be peaceful and quite calm, so you really could decide that itīs necessary to move in the way assigned by the management, without being particularly distracted by external possibilities. Thereīs nothing bad about this, but nothing particularly good either, to tell the truth, so it may make sense to reassess your positions. Those who have their own businesses can focus on their colleagues and business partners. Outside help wonīt get in the way now; cooperation will enable you to achieve much more productive results. Just donīt forget that you also have quite a strong, but passive (from time to time) enemy in the heavenly belt this month. Your inability to make the necessary decisions quickly, staying in one place, or being unprepared for changes will play into Mercuryīs hands, and then you can expect not an increase in earnings, but a radically opposite trend.


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