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     Monthly horoscope >> January 2019  ___________

The love life of Aries in this month might be an emotional rollercoaster of happiness and melancholy. Married individuals might face some disputes. People living in a joint family may witness some differences due to a misunderstanding on a particular topic. Aries people may feel some differences and controversy in their friendship as well. As an Aries, you may feel some admiration for animals and birds, or feel like you want to own a pet especially an animal. Your overall health would be quite positive this month. Young generation may also feel like gaming. If you are suffering from any disease, the pace of recovery would accelerate in January. In recent past, if you had gone through any operation, it would prove to be successful. People doing the job might get the awaited promotion. It may prove a really good phase for people working in the sales department. People indulge in international businesses or having any import/export activates might get the chance of a foreign trip. January would be beneficial for businesses like cement, dairy, livestock breeding, etc. The financial condition of Aries would be quite well in this month. From an educational perspective, the first two weeks of this month are very effective, and if you are having any examination during this period; the chances of excelling it is very high.

This month has mixed benefits for Taurus. For health, the beginning of January may prove great for you. In the first week of this month your health may ameliorate and you may feel cheerful inside-out. If you are planning to visit a distant place, you may get positive signs. People desiring to visit a foreign country may visit one. Married couples would be able to enjoy their married life, but as a husband you may feel your pocket getting lighter due to expenses incurred by your wife. You both would share a great level of understanding in this month. You may also get a green signal for your love relationship. Itís also a golden period to confess your love to the person you love. If you are involved in an extra-marital affair, you may find some differences in your relationship. Businesses related to import/export, media, art, acting, film production, communication, chemical and oil would get benefits in this month. People working in these domains would also get some great progress. Your income may rise in January; you may also be able to invest your money. This month can be challenging for telecom, travelling, and call centre industries along with that the business of commissioning would get some hurdles. If your family has any disputes, it may get resolved with good communication. If you are facing any stoppages in work related to hereditary will, it may get solved during this period. If your money had stuck at a place, you may get it accidentally in January.

The first month of 2019 may come with new hopes and excitement for you. The first week would be very beneficial for your love relationship, career, health, education, and married life. Financially the month would be average. In terms of love and relationship, this month may give positive results. You may be able to spend some quality time with your loved ones. In terms of health and fitness, the month may give mixed results. At the beginning of the month, you would have a good hold on your health but may have to take care during midterms. Itís advisable for you to be cautious in your eating habits. For career, January is overall bright for you. You may have to work hard to reach milestones during this month. You may go for a business trip in January. You might have to reshuffle your investments. You may get many investment opportunities in this month as well. For your family and children, this month is pretty amazing and you would be able to spend some good time with each other. There are almost probabilities of your wealth to hike during January. You may also get benefits from your property investments. Your stars will support you with regards to your education.

For Cancer, this month would be average with respect to their health. You may feel some health issues related to stomach, liver, cold, cough or breathing during the first twenty days of January. The rest of the days may prove positive for your health. There are chances of new opportunities for employees; they may also get higher positions along with new responsibilities. If you would not get a promotion, the direction to gain the promotion may get clear during this period. You may have to go for a business trip, even there are chances of a foreign business trip. Though, businessmen will have to face the headwind. There are chances of losses being occurred because of your inappropriate or wrong decisions. You may also get strong competition from your competitors. Your income inflow during the first half of this month is pretty good, but you may find an imbalance in your budget in the second half of January due to some unavoidable expenses. You may receive some good news from your children. In the first fifteen days, your married life would go really well, but you have to take care of afterward.

The beginning of January may be a little weak for your family, but if you pass the first week with courage you would be able enjoy your family life with have great fun and happiness later on. In the last four weeks of this month, your children may progress in their education and career due to which your reputation would also rise. Your health would support you during the month, but you may have to take additional care in the midst of the month from health issues related to high blood pressure and gall bladder. In the last week, you may feel some itching in your eyes. Students may get great educational achievements during January. People looking for a job may get success in interviews but may have to wait for getting a job confirmation. People doing business may maintain their financial situation and would prevent any losses which would be their achievement for the month in such challenging times. The beginning of the month would be really great for your love and relationship but may have to face some difficulties by the ending of the month. Itís advisable for you to develop the feelings of dedication and letting go to overcome that. There are possibilities of you going for a long drive with your life partner. In the beginning, if you would not able to give quality time to your partner, but itís advisable to avoid any communication gap in your relationship.

During the first week of this month, you may have to be conscious about your health especially from the diseases related to digestion and back pain; rest of the four weeks may be pretty good for your health. Your productivity may increase. You may get success in your work. You may get new ideas for your business and your clients would increase as well. The first two weeks may give you some financial benefits. You may get good benefits from the stock market. The last three weeks may be tough for employees and businessmen in terms of finance and they may witness their income getting reduced. You may have to pay higher fees to lawyers for your court cases. In the first two weeks, you may see really good and happy time going for your family and relationship. Your children would make progress in their lives; other issues related to them get resolved. During this time you may face some mental stress and anxiety which may reflect on your health adversely. Students may have to increase their concentration power. It may prove unfavorable phase for higher and foreign education. Itís advisable for students to focus on their career rather than in love or friendship.

The beginning of January may come with a great alignment of your stars, which states a great phase for you; though the results may be average. You may face some hurdles in your work during the first week. For your personal life, the second and the third weeks may prove positive but you may feel some distorted feelings about your life during this time. The last week of January may bring some improvement to your professional life. You may incur some expenses after enjoyment and luxury during the beginning of the month. You may also be able to renovate your home. If your work or money has been stuck somewhere, the process may move forward slowly. For your love and relationship, this may prove to be a golden period, though during the third week you may find some stress in your relationship. People desiring to get married may get success. You may feel a little more emotional during this time. You may also help the needy people. Students would be able to concentrate and get progress in their study. A married couple would have a warm and sweet relationship during this time and would be able to enjoy their private moments.

This month may be really good for employees and businessmen. You may witness great success in your private job. People in Government job may get promotion along with a transfer. Businesses related to chemical, the stock market, petrol pump, and security may see a great time, whereas other businesses may have to work really hard to get profit. This phase may prove really positive for people doing sports or are involved in sports at in national or international level. Husband-wife may witness some petty fights during January. Itís advisable for you to avoid any differences or struggle in your relationship with your father. Your relationship with your brothers may stay positive; you may get love and support from their side. Your income inflows would be great during this month. Itís advisable for you to invest your money wisely as there are chances of it getting wasted on unnecessary things. There may be some family conflicts in this month. You may also plan a family outing to some religious place. The chances of buying property are very less during this month but you may get success after your hard work. Though, the profit would not match your expectations. Students may have to concentrate more on their study. Students in higher education may indulge themselves more in wandering around and enjoyment rather than in study. This time may prove positive for students wanting to go abroad for higher education. For romance and sex life, this month may give you average results.


For Sagittarius, January would be a month of mixed results. The beginning of this month would be really great, especially it may give great signs for your love, relationship, and married life. Students would also get positive results. You may have to face some tightness financially. There are chances of some family disputes or disputes related to your siblings during January. You may have to be careful during this month. There may not be any major changes in your business. The second week would prove beneficial for you in terms of finance and you may find new sources for your income. The second week would be great for your health as well. Your family disputes may get ended during this period. This week may prove average for students as well as for people having a relationship. Also, for your sexual life, the week is average. During the third week, you may have to take care of your health. You may get accidental monetary benefits as well as your property related issues may get resolved. Family conflicts may get peaceful. The fourth week may show progress in every aspect of your life. You may get a good return from your old investments. The last week may prove overall positive for married couples and students. The week would be very good for your family and personal life as well. Though, you may face some ups and downs in your business and financial condition.

This month would not be in your favor physically and mentally. You may face health issues related to eyes, ears or throat. You may also face issues related to your nervous system. Your physical health would not be too great during this month. Your productivity would reduce and you may face some failures. January may give you mixed results for your career and business; though employees may face some failures during the first week. As an employee, you may also get demotion or degradation. People wanting to get a job would get a negative result. The rest of the weeks would prove positive to them. People looking to get a job may get success; employees even get a promotion. You may go for a business trip to another city, state or even country. The first two weeks may be really progressive for businessmen, but they may have to take additional care during the last three weeks. You may face losses during that time. Your competitors may give you a tough time. Financially, this month would be negative for you. You may have to give huge fees to your lawyer for your court cases. You may not get any support from your banks as well. You may plan to purchase a new bike or car this month. Your self-propelled property may increase. You may renovate property created by your ancestors. For students, the first two weeks would be really positive; though the last three weeks would be really hard. For married couples, the month would prove negative for their marriage and sex life. They may also witness some disputes in their relationship.


The month would be really positive for your physical, mental, and economic progress. Be careful not to repeat the mistakes made in the past. Your reputation may rise in January. Your financial situation may ameliorate with each passing day. You may get benefit in terms of property during this month. You may get monetary benefits from your old investments or the money that was stuck somewhere. Your professional work related to a foreign country may get progress. This month is really great for your business as well. You would be able to develop your business by launching various schemes; your luck would support you. You may have to work really hard to get expected result in competitive exams. Students may get admission in their favorite school, college or university. You would have a great time with your family; though itís advisable for you to control your anger to avoid any conflicts. You may go on a religious trip. You may feel more frequency of guests visiting your home. If you would follow your parentsí or eldersí advice, you might get advantageous. Your love and relationship would be really great during this month. If you are planning to get married to your loved one, you may get success.

Your health would be really well during January which would benefit you by providing you a positive mind-set, and you would be able to go forward in any field with great confidence. Your spirit and fortitude may get stronger. Your productivity would increase and you may get success in your work. Itís advisable for you to take extra care about your eating habits as there are chances of you getting digestive or gastric issues in this month. In your career or business you may get average results. The first three weeks may not be in favour of employees; they may have to feel the burnt from their boss due to someone elseís fault. You may have to travel really far for your company during the last days of this month. Your dedication towards your work may get recognition. The first week may be really hard for businessmen, whereas the rest of the four weeks may be really good in which they would be able to move ahead with proper planning. You may get benefits from your foreign business. Financially, January would be good for you, so no need to worry about. You may get support from banks. You would be able to spend great time with your family. Married couples would be able to enjoy their married life to the fullest. Students wanting to study abroad may find this month average. During the first week you may feel least interested in your sexual life but the rest of the weeks would prove amazing for you.


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