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     Monthly horoscope >> September 2017  ___________

For the Zodiac sign of Aries, September 2017 will be an exceptional time, at the very least because its key patron, Mars, will be strong on account of the “heavenly patron” of the sign of Fire (of which Aries is one). In other words, no you will get double support which is highly likely to show itself in circumstances. What this means is that you will act according to the envisaged plan, invest effort and funds in the realization of what you’ve planned, and at the critical moment, when you lack some minor thing, everything will suddenly develop in your favor. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should count on someone or something watching out for you. On the contrary, September must be an extremely active, powerful and confident month, directed at work. It’s appropriate to point out that the saying about chasing two hares will not be applicable to Aries at all. You will have both the resources and the opportunities to go in multiple directions at once, and so you won’t have to make a “hard choice”, wandering from side to side, as it normally goes. On the whole, the start of autumn could bring Aries victory, both on the “romantic front” and in the area of work. But it would be wrong to forget about the position of Venus, this sign’s primary enemy. The “heavenly priestess” will be strong now, but her aggression will be shown to the greatest degree only if you make a mistake: if you deal with something on your own, have doubts, or choose to retreat. Any of these courses of action will lead to the activation of unfavorable trends.

In September 2017 People born under the sign of Taurus will find themselves in a situation which will be characterized by an extreme level of potential. The thing is, the Moon, your key planetary patron, will take a dominant position in the heavenly belt because its energy will be at its maximum intensity. Specifically for you, all of this will lead to opportunities, a whole ocean of possibilities, which you will, however, still have to make use of. In other words, you will have to distribute your resources properly, investing only in the most important directions. This may not be easy, but no dramatic challenges are foreseen, especially since the “heavenly leader” of your element, the Sun, will help you in a difficult situation, there’s no doubt about it. As far as developments which could take place on the “romantic front” are concerned, here it would make sense to focus on your own feelings, your instinctive feelings. Reason must traditionally yield to the pressure of emotions, although, of course, everything is relative. Bluntly put, you should not allow situations where you are governed by only a few feelings. A little bit of rationality won’t get in the way, especially since you will encounter aspects which will require a concerted analysis. But we will dwell on this in more detail below, now it’s just important to understand that you will have the chance already at the start of the season to get a bright and successful start. Although the position of Venus implies a certain likelihood of failure, it’s right to point out that this likelihood will only exist if you start to doubt yourself. If you decide to renounce your ambitions, if you forget the reason you are moving forward, towards your goals. In the event of such a development, a collapse is guaranteed, since there is no favorable current for a ship without a course.

For people born under the sign of Gemini, as for representatives of the element of Air, September 2017 will be quite a stable stage of life, focused on strengthening the existing positions and the unhurried attainment of new ones. In this regard, it’s important to point out that the current “celestial leader” of the element of air, the Sun, will cooperate with Saturn, who is Gemini’s primary helper. Altogether, this combination will give a surprising characteristic: in order to really mess something up, you will have to do nothing, that is, nothing whatsoever! Under any other circumstances, you are guaranteed consistent success, confident movement from one position to another. And this doesn’t only concern the area of work, although the business sphere will stand out as being particularly dynamic in the first autumn month. You shouldn’t be afraid of the possibilities, even if they seem unnecessarily large-scale. You will cope with any situation, you just need to believe in yourself. Unfortunately, there’s always a fly in the ointment, and this role will be taken on by Venus, who will decide to spite a lot of signs. It’s important to act with definitiveness, not to tolerate ambiguity, and not to deceive others, otherwise the “heavenly priestess” will be activated, and then success will be less likely.

For people born under the Zodiac sign of Cancer, September 2017 will be a productive time, focused on new achievements. It’s important to point out that the Moon, the primary patron of Cancer, will take on an extremely favorable and powerful position now, which guarantees an exclusively favorable confluence of circumstances. This does not, of course, mean that you won’t be able to mess anything up. Mistakes are likely, and several could be fatal, but in order to do this, you would have to make a considerable effort. On the whole, we’re talking about a month which will let you move on to the next level. For some, this will involve a new job, others will probably take the relevant step and will decide to get married, whereas others will have to think about “eternity” and come to an important conclusion. In any event, you will attain some specific end result, and you shouldn’t stress out if the end result does not correspond completely to your assumptions. For Cancer, the start of the autumn season traditionally brings a lot of surprising aspects along with it, but in this regard, it’s important not to forget about the unfavorable alignment of Saturn. If your position is fragile, if you lose your self-confidence and start to change your opinion wildly, then the lord of the rivers of time could cause you serious damage.


In September 207, Leos can count on an extremely favorable alignment of their primary celestial patrons – the Sun and Pluto. At present, neither of these planets will take on a dominant position in the heavenly belt, but their combined impact will be quite powerful, and more importantly, productive. That’s exactly why the first month of autumn will have a whole range of characteristic nuances for Leo. In particular, it would make sense to focus on the total dynamics. In other words, if a problem stands before you, you must not deal with it statically, but by moving, for example, going out to events, or organizing meetings with people could shed some light on the situation. It’s hard to say anything more specific in this regard because we are dealing with extremely unique aspects. This concerns the sphere of personal relationships and the work sphere equally. At the current stage of life, it would not make sense to clearly differentiate these two spheres, because they will be intertwined like never before. You just have to make a deduction for the unfavorable alignment of Uranus. This planet will be incredibly strong right now, but it won’t move from its position if it is not pushed towards this. You can pull the trigger with your egoism, or by indulging your patently selfish interests.


For Virgo, September 2017 will be quite an ambiguous time, but you shouldn’t be frightened by this statement. The thing is, your primary planetary patron will not be, to put it mildly, in its best form. We will dwell on this aspect in more detail below. It’s important to point out that powerful allies, the Moon and Neptune, will help you to pass any tests with flying colors. In addition, there is a real chance that you could move your achievements to a fundamentally new level. For some people, this could involve exclusively work-related achievements, but others could take a broader look at the matter, and achieve even greater results. Circumstances will develop in their own way in any particular case, so it would make sense not to be formulaic, but rather to act as originally as possible. Don’t pay any particular attention to what is happening elsewhere, if you don’t want to trip. Nobody is going to risk confronting you now, and you need to make use of this – at least with respect to creating the image you need. Everything will work out for you, you just need to believe in yourself. Dawdling in one spot, or the inability to make a decision will activate the potential negativity of Mercury (the patron who will now decide to play for the other team), and in this case, it will be hard to predict the end result.

In September 2017, the Zodiac sign of Libra is advised to act persistently, but carefully. Your key celestial benefactors, Venus and Saturn, will support you the entire month, but it can’t be said that their positions will be particularly strong. On the whole, right now quite a standard position will develop around you, that is, it effectively won’t be the stars or any planetary combination that forms your life right now, but you yourself. However, in this regard, it’s important to point out that circumstances will have a significant role, but you will be able to turn even the most unfavorable external factors to your own advantage, or at least get around them. In the area of personal relationships, this will prove to be quite a calm period, which means that you’re unlikely to have to deal with any fundamental problems. The sphere of work and finances will require a certain level of concentration, but the end result will also be simply incredible. However, in this regard, it would be appropriate to remember Mars, who will, in all likelihood, be strengthened by the position of aggressively aligned Uranus. You shouldn’t try to deal with matters forcefully, but you mustn’t slow down too much either. If you do either of these, the red planet will seriously complicate your life.


For people born under the sign of Scorpio, September 2017 could be an extremely favorable month. What will this be caused by? At the very least, by the fact that not only Mars, Scorpio’s primary celestial patron, but also the moon, who under normal circumstances is quite radical towards representatives of this sign, will “play” on their side now. In other words, right now virtually all the external factors will unfold to your advantage, starting from circumstances, and ending with the decisions of competitors (or other enemies). This does not, of course, exclude the possibility of difficult situations emerging, but it reduces it to a minimum. So now it would make sense to be as proactive as possible, and sometimes it will even be profitable to take risks when you only have minimal information at your disposal. When it comes to the area of work, the risk will really be minimal, although we will examine several nuances in more detail. In the sphere of personal relationships, the first month of autumn will prove to be too active for you, but right now it’s hard to imagine circumstances which you won’t like, so there’s nothing to worry about here. The only thing is that you mustn’t forget that Venus, who in her normal position is not very friendly, will be especially strong right now. So be careful when showing your emotions, don’t trust people you don’t know, and learn to keep a tight rein on your tongue, otherwise the “heavenly priestess” will create many problems for you.

In September 2017 the Zodiac sign of Sagittarius can count on the successful completion of all current projects and tasks, but with certain reservations. The thing is, among all your key patrons, only Jupiter will remain “in formation”, but his energy at this stage will be exceptional. This means that you will have to do the lion’s share of the work yourself, although there’s actually nothing bad about this, especially if you take into account Sagittarius’s determination and his outstanding capacity for work. A number of radical changes are likely in the work sphere. They will involve you only indirectly, although by showing your own initiative, you could turn everything around. The extent to which this will be appropriate and profitable for you – circumstances will tell. On the “romantic front” no significant problems are foreseen, although interesting and even amusing situations relating to your family are likely. On the whole, this will be a favorable cycle which is quite likely to give you valuable motivation, and powerful impetus for future development, although momentary bonuses are also likely. It’s just important to point out that Venus and Mercury will be extremely aggressive now towards your sign. This means that you shouldn’t take risks, and under no circumstances should you work with large sums of money. Stressing out is also completely out of bounds for you now, otherwise complete success could easily turn into a complete collapse.



In September 2017, people born under the Zodiac sign of Capricorn will get plenty of unique chances (no exaggeration here). This is related to the fact that your key patrons, Saturn and Mars, will be in an extremely favorable and energetically powerful combination. In the area of work, you will sense the influence of such a powerful planetary duo already during the first few days of the month. This could put you in a brief state of shock, but you will quickly come to yourself and understand what the advantages of the coming cycle are. New opportunities will open up before you, but the important thing is that you will have to get the motivation and resources in order to make full use of these opportunities. Of course, you shouldn’t count on success, because nobody is going to make your decisions for you, and it can’t be said that this will involve any radical changes. On the other hand, this will definitely be a positive and productive time, although its positivity will be of a complex nature. September will be the ideal time for resolving family conflicts and dealing with arguments which have plagued your family for a long time. However, at this stage, some developments which are not the most favorable are also possible. The position of Mercury implies that you shouldn’t invest funds anywhere now, you shouldn’t trust risky venture proposals, and you shouldn’t brag about your successes, otherwise the “lord of earthly and heavenly trade routes” will bring significant problems into your life.

For people born under the Zodiac sign of Aquarius, September 2017 will be a successful and productive month, although it’s natural that the lion’s share of decisions and the responsibility for them will rest directly on your shoulders. This means that there won’t be any “handouts”. On the other hand, the position of Saturn, your main patron, unambiguously indicates new opportunities. What’s more, circumstances will often unfold to your advantage, in ways your direct opponents will not expect at all. In short, you can’t complain! When it comes to work, the first month of Autumn will enable you to implement old projects which you may even have forgotten about. But this won’t be a return to the start, it will be a proclamation of the primacy of an impeccable classic, and you will learn a lot right now on account of “reminiscing”. In the sphere of personal relationships, significant metamorphoses are likely, but they will not concern you directly. These will be changes going on with your loved ones and friends. Of course, this will require certain actions from you, but more about this below. It’s important to point out that even with all the positivity of the present stage, due to the unfavorable alignment of Mercury and Mars, you will sometimes have to act very cautiously. Don’t rush to make important decisions; focus on teamwork, otherwise, everything could become significantly more complicated.


Jupiter, the key patron of the Zodiac sign of Pisces, will take on a strong, confident position in September 2017. That’s why in broad terms the start of the autumn season will be absolutely successful for Pisces. Of course, there will be certain nuances which you should take into account in order to avoid potential negativity and to get the result which satisfies your desires the best. Nevertheless, at this stage of life, there’s no need to make any particularly exceptional efforts. In the area of work, the current initiatives will get the needed development, you’ll have to make a bit of an effort, but at the end you will definitely attain the results you need, and along the way (and this is very important) you will help other people to move forward in this area. The sphere of personal relationships is unlikely to evoke any concerns, although during the first ten-day period it could seem to you that everything is developing in an extremely risky way. Don’t let this bother you because everything will definitely work out for you. The important thing is to believe in yourself. By the way, confidence in your own abilities will be one of your primary weapons. The unfavorable position of Mercury in combination with the patently aggressive alignment of Venus could undermine your positions, but a purely negative result will only come about if a lack of confidence or decadent attitude prevails.

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