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     Daily horoscope  ___________

Aries today will be engaged in internal and external self-improvement. You will get rid of a pimple on the face or some other flaw, which, except for you, is not visible to anyone. Then you decide to enrich your inner world by doing some reading. Picking up a novel by a very popular author, you'll take a few selfies, then publish them online (while saying, I know a lot about good literature). There is a possibility that you will not even open this novel, as you will be distracted by comments on this photo.

Taurus this day will have a lot of dubiously-pleasant experiences. Part of the joyful news will come to you at a time when you are busy doing your professional duty. You will learn that one of the employees, whom you do not tolerate in spirit, will soon be dismissed. In the evening, you will receive news that your uninvited relative's visit will not take place yet. In fact, only the negative and the troubles of those people who are unfriendly to you will please you today.

Geminis are advised to spend May 24, 2018, dealing with the affairs of their household. This advice is especially relevant for Geminis who have children of high school age. Help the graduates prepare for the last few events, and do not forget to constantly support them emotionally. If the child asks you to go with them tomorrow to the prom, do not refuse (emotions that you experience during this event are priceless).

Cancers will spend many hours today in the walls of some state institution. While you are solving this issue, a new difficulty will arise in your life. Over the phone you will be informed that the purchase you wanted to make for a very long time is not possible yet because of the absence of such goods. Do not panic, and do not try to find exactly the same goods in other stores in your city. This is dangerous, because the risk increases that you will run into a cheap copy or a fake.

The Leos will remember May 24, 2018 for both pleasant and exciting experiences. You will receive joyful emotions at the moment when you are informed about the increase in your salary. In the evening, you, as if on wings, will rush home, and be very surprised to see the sad faces of your household. As it turns out, they all are sad that your pet is seriously ill. You, of course, will also experience anxiety about this, and finish this day at a meeting with a qualified veterinarian.

In the life of Virgo there will be a spicy situation. Your regular partner, accidentally taking your phone, will find some compromising correspondence in it (it is possibly the same message which your obsessive suitor or fan sends in excess). You, of course, scold yourself, for not removing them in time, and then you will long strive to prove your innocence of secret romances. Fortunately, your partner will give you another chance, but grumbling still will not stop.

Libra on May 24th will want a big change in their personal life. You suddenly decide that your constant partner does not give you romance and love, which you really deserve. However, your attempts to find all of the above on the side are fraught with very big problems. Your spouse will be informed of the fact that you are standing on the verge of betrayal, even before you find yourself at home. You will face a very big problem if you do not take into account this prediction and do not change your behavior.

Scorpios today should not pause during his sentimental monologue. These pauses will sober you, and your emotional speech will cease to be so penetrating. Speak, spill everything that happens in your soul, and the person to whom your monologue is delivered will certainly hear you. They will understand that no one but you will give them so much love, and they will decide that you two are made for each other. So, you will finally begin the romance, which was your most cherished desire.

Sagittarius will like everything in the scenario of this day with one small exception. You become angry when you learn that for a group project, performed by you in collaboration with non-professionals, everyone will receive a reward except you. Of course, you will not dutifully remain silent, watching the reigning injustice. After hearing your protest, the boss will say that he was really mistaken, and that the main reward for this project was intended for you, and not for your fellow co-workers.

Capricorns are going to be in tedious negotiations today. The outcome of this conversation will determine whether you get money to develop your brilliant business idea or not. Presenting this project to a potential lender, argue not only about the facts. Naked figures hardly inspire anyone, but your audience will be inspired by those emotions with which you will present your offspring. There is only one path - do not stop what is felt inside of you when you think about your endeavors.

Aquarius today will be able to successfully pass a complex internal corporate exam. When you return home, your relatives will understand by the glee on your face that today you are triumphant, and now you want to celebrate this victory. A spontaneous party, organized in your home, will attract a lot of attention from the neighbors. Some of them will sneak over to join the feast (this will make your mini-party even more fun).

For Pisces this day will pass quite positively. The only thing that will annoy you slightly is the slowness of your work partner. In the evening, this person will decide to apologize to you for their unprofessionalism and invite you to spend time in their favorite coffee shop. After this conversation, you will reach the following verdict: you decide that this charming person is perfect in everything except their professionalism. You decide to "suck it up", becoming a personal mentor for them.

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