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     Panditji's prediction on sensex comes true  ___________

BSE may come down further to 14,200

Pt. Raj Kumar Sharma

The Mumbai-based "astro-finance specialist" Pandit Raj Kumar Sharma, known for his predictions on the BSE, Euro, the Dollar, and bourses like the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, NYSE and Nasdaq, is a columnist in two German financial magazines, Die Telebrose and DM Euro. Pandit Sharma has conducted seminars in companies like BMW, and is on contract with many multinational companies for an annual fee of around $5,000. The Columbia shuttle disaster, Sensex crossing the 6,500 mark, the Congress victory in the last Lok Sabha elections, and Manmohan Singh's prime ministership, are among his predictions that came true.

Predictions from 22nd March 2008 – 10th April 2008.


  1. BSE may come down further to 14,200. It may keep on fluctuating between 14,200 – 16,500.
  2. NSE may also come down to 4,250 & may keep fluctuating between 4,200 – 4,850.
  3. Gold may slip further by $ 50 in the international market. It can come down to $ 835 per ounce. It will keep on fluctuating between $ 835 - $ 900 per ounce.
  4. Silver may also come down to $ 14 per ounce & will keep on fluctuating between $ 14 - $ 17 per ounce in the international market.
  5. Oil will also come down to $ 94 per barrel & will keep on fluctuating between $ 94 - $ 102 per barrel in the international market.
  6. DOWJONES will also keep on fluctuating between 11,600 – 12,500.
  7. NASDAQ may also come down to 2,100.
  8. Asian market will also keep on fluctuating. There will be a solid volatility in the Asian market.
  9. European market may show some courage and against all odds may gain 10 % - 15 %.

NOTE: It’s better to see the actual bottom of this market. A major event which can influence the market is the nuclear deal, where the CPM can take its own decision & go against the UPA government. Due to this event, the market can be extremely volatile. So it is better to wait & watch till further predictions.


  1. In the US elections, the two prominent candidates Hillary Clinton & Obama Barack will have a neck-to-neck fight & whoever wins will win with a margin of one or two votes. But the winner will most probably be Obama Barack, and it may take some time for the final decision, like last year’s election results in Germany.
  2. Between April 2008 – Aug 2008, there can be a mid-term poll in India, in which Congress will lose to BJP & Advani will be the next PM of India. But after one year of Advani’s prime-ministership, Narendra Modi will take over as prime minister & will remain as PM for only a period of one year or one & a half years. But after that, whenever elections happen, which is possible from Nov 2010 – Nov 2011, the Congress will return to power & Rahul Gandhi will become the youngest PM of this country & he will complete his full term.
  3. Gillani has been declared as the Prime Minister of Pakistan, but according to the horoscope of Asif Ali Zardari, he will be the super prime minister of Pakistan & he will be controlling power in Pakistan.
  4. As far as Raj Thackeray’s horoscope is concerned, he will become more popular & after 2010 it is possible that he may join the coalition of the ruling party of Maharashtra.
  5. Vilasrao Deshmukh will complete his term.

NOTE: All the predictions are based on astrological calculations. And neither Sify nor RK Sharma will be held liable for any of your actions based on these calculations.

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